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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 4 Recap

Chen Shan ordered two bottles of Moutai, forced Lin Qingkun to drink it, and wanted to avenge the drunk Sun Lei. Lin Qingkun had to do as she did. Chen Shan provided Lin Qingkun with the investigation results of the small candied meatballs. She first ruled out the possibility of fake and shoddy, and then She went to the foundry to investigate and visited. The production line of the small candied meatballs was completed by an assembly line, so the food quality problem was ruled out. She also dug out the packaging of the small candyballs in the school trash can and found that the outer packaging was damaged.

Chen Shan suspected that during the logistics process The pollution caused, Lin Qingkun couldn’t help but admire her, and asked her to help Xiaotangwan go public without telling Sun Lei, and Chen Shan insisted on helping the victims to defend their rights.

Early the next morning, Lin Qingkun called again to persuade Chen Shan to be a lawyer for the listing of Xiaotangwan. Chen Shan asked him to find other lawyers. Lin Qingkun asked her to read the latest online report. Toxic bacilli, so it was confirmed that the company was not responsible, and Sun Lei had nothing to say when he saw this. Lin Qingkun begged Chen Shan to reconsider, and Chen Shan agreed to cooperate with him.

Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun officially signed a contract, colleagues congratulated Chen Shan together, and Zhou Jiakai was full of praise for her. Chen Shan announced the results of the investigation to the parents of the victims immediately. Wu Min strongly protested. She insisted on suing Xiaotangwan Company and left in a fit of anger.

Chen Shan hurriedly chased them out and asked the reason hard. Wu Min had to admit that she wanted to use this lawsuit to let Lin Qingkun return to the family. Chen Shan felt that this was just a stopgap measure and could not fundamentally solve the conflict between their husband and wife. Wu Min just wanted to let Lin Qingkun return to the family. Lin Qingkun goes home, even if he acts like a good father in front of Lin Jing.

Lin Qingkun called Chen Shan to find out the progress of the matter, and urged her to get it done by noon tomorrow, otherwise it would affect the next step. Chen Shan personally came to the school to pick up Sun Yuanqiao and brought a cake to Lin Jing. Unexpectedly, Wu Min took Lin Jing to visit Sun Lei’s pharmaceutical factory. Chen Shan immediately took Sun Yuanqiao over there, and she repeatedly reminded Wu Min Think twice, or face a counter-suit from the Little Sugar Pill Company.

After the visit, Wu Min invited Chen Shan, Sun Lei and Sun Yuantian to play at her house. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingkun was at home. Wu Min was ecstatic and felt that her method was effective. Chen Shan excused herself for not coming in, so she called Lin Qingkun to be held accountable, complaining that he should not compromise with Wu Min, and Wu Min would think that her threat was effective.

Sun Lei told Wu Min about his drinking with Lin Qingkun in detail, and confirmed that Lin Qingkun had already ignored the listing of Xiaotangwan Company. Wu Min was skeptical. She went to Chen Shan to confirm, but Chen Shan did not answer directly, and reminded Wu Min not to Go his own way to avoid being counter-sued. Wu Min called Lin Qingkun aside and admitted that she wanted to use the little sugar pill incident to blackmail Lin Qingkun, and then found a sense of existence.

Lin Qingkun hugged her tightly, persuaded her not to think nonsense, and vowed to put her and her children first. Wu Min was moved. Tears filled her eyes, and the two couldn’t help embracing each other deeply. Sun Lei felt relieved when she saw this scene, but Chen Shan couldn’t be happy. She knew that the beauty and warmth in front of her were supported by lies.

Lin Qingkun invited Chen Shan’s family of three to eat hot pot. Sun Lei and Lin Qingkun had a good drink. Wu Min called Chen Shan aside and promised to sign the compensation letter. Chen Shan encouraged Wu Min to rely on her own ability to get real satisfaction. That night, Wu Min dressed up and wanted to spend a good night with Lin Qingkun, but he was already sound asleep. Chen Shan tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. She witnessed Lin Qingkun deceive Wu Min into signing with a lie, and she felt more and more that Sun Lei was innocent and cute.

Wu Min got up early in the morning and was disappointed to hear that Lin Qingkun kept calling and arranging work, but Lin Qingkun was right. As soon as Chen Shan went to work, she learned that Lin Qingkun asked Xiaotangwan to postpone the payment of the first payment. She came to Lin Qingkun for a theory. Lin Qingkun warned her to work professionally in the future and not bring her husband and children.

Chen Shan forced Lin Qingkun to pay as soon as possible, otherwise she would Sue him for breach of contract, Chen Shan made it clear that her service was very professional, and warned Lin Qingkun not to attack her with insulting language, otherwise she would sue Lin Qingkun. The preparations for the listing of Xiaotangwan Company officially began, and the next month was closed work. Lin Qingkun wanted to take Chen Shan with him, but Chen Shan refused to take a car with him.

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