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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 28 Recap

Since the Marquis has feelings for Wu Shiyi, he should consider the other party instead of tying the other party to his side if he can’t get along well. After Zhang Yingnan’s remarks, the Marquis had no reason to keep Wu Shiyi, saying that he would do it. Wu Shiyi’s contract expires tomorrow. After seeing Lan Qi, Mr. Zhao called her immediately and said that the treatment he offered was very generous and important to the company, but Wu Shiyi was worried that the Marquis was in a low period. She needs someone to accompany her, and she can’t leave for the time being.

Mr. Zhao advised Wu Shiyi not to refuse in a hurry, and think about it carefully. This is a good opportunity for both her and the company. The Marquis answered the phone in front of Wu Shiyi, saying that Chen Chen called and said that he wanted to sign a contract with Shenzhen, and he was leaving soon, so it was too late to sign the contract. Because he had to deal with Chen Chen a lot, he might not be able to continue to hire Wu Shi. one. After the marquis left the play in a hurry, Wu Shiyi made it clear, but his heart was full of disappointment, and finally decided to accept Lan Qi’s job.

There is no money in the company’s account. In the past, it was always from Hou Zhirong’s personal account, but now it is inconvenient. In the name of Hou Zhirong’s poor health, Mr. Ma made his own decision to borrow usury. Qian Qian received Wu Eleven and was discharged from the hospital. That day, the Marquis said that he wanted to come back, but now it is like this. In fact, they are very disappointed in their hearts. But in fact, the Marquis didn’t go to Shenzhen at all, and instead hid in the next room when Wu Shi returned to pack his things.

Frankly speaking, Wu Shiyi was very worried about the Marquis’ situation. Although as a bodyguard, she should not have feelings for her, but after so long, she seemed to be used to being with the Marquis, watching him grow from naive to mature, sometimes even in a trance. I thought it would be nice if it could go on like this.

Qian Qian was actually very moved when the Marquis came back to see Wu Shiyi despite Chen Chen’s pressure, but now that the Marquis chose his future and gave up Wu Shiyi, he was also a little disappointed. However, separation is not necessarily bad. After all, the Marquis is young and unstable. This result may be the best. After listening to these words, the Marquis was still unable to speak, and stayed in the room and watched Wu Shiyi leave.

Wu Eleven will go to work the day after tomorrow, and she will be with four team members. The hotel environment is also good. Wu Eleven will have a very comfortable working environment this time, and Qian Qian will be very happy for Wu Eleven. In fact, if she and Lan Qi get back together Not bad. Wu Tianyi wanted to invite Lan Qi and Wu Shiyi to dinner, and insisted that Zhang Yingnan come over to help with the cooking.

Zhang Yingnan came to the dilapidated house he rented for the first time after the divorce, and was very disgusted, but Wu Tianyi kept the house clean. . When Wu Shiyi came back for dinner, he was surprised to see Zhang Yingnan and Lan Qi, but they had a good time eating together. Lan Qi mixed the atmosphere and served Wu Shiyi with vegetables. Wu Shiyi is going to go to work soon. The air is good and the environment is good. Wu Shiyi can be a vacation.

Lan Qi and Wu Shi decided to come to eat and get together on Saturdays. After the meal, Wu Shiyi sent Lan Qi to leave. Today, Zhang Yingnan’s willingness to come shows that there is still a possibility of their remarriage. The two still want to work harder to match. Zhang Yingnan felt uncomfortable after drinking, and kept holding Wu Shiyi’s hand to say how good Lan Qi was. Wu Shiyi wanted her to stay tonight, but Zhang Yingnan had to leave no matter what she said.

The marquis was drunk and was carried back to the room by Haixing and the doll. Haixing couldn’t bear to take a picture and wanted Wu Shiyi to see how he was in pain, but he didn’t say anything, just called Qian Qian and said out the truth. Wu Shiyi posted on his Moments that he wanted to start over, but Qian Qian posted a “I miss you” Moments.

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