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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 26 Recap

The doll swayed beside them unwillingly, and was driven by the starfish to get the garlic. The doll slapped the garlic on the table angrily and walked away angrily. Qian Qian hurriedly stopped Hai Xing from helping her pick up garlic, and she didn’t eat garlic.

When Hai Xing went to get the hot sauce, the money took the opportunity to pay for it, and the doll immediately came up and said a number, sneering at her. When Hai Xing came back, he found that Qian Qian had left and asked the doll if he had said something. The doll slapped the table in a rage and lost his temper, and then ran away.

Wu Shiyi took the Marquis to his alma mater Sports University. The Marquis was at a loss until he came to the boxing ring to understand that Wu Shiyi wanted to motivate him in this way. The Marquis is obviously not Wu Shiyi’s opponent at this time, and has failed many times. Wu Shiyi told him that no one’s life is smooth sailing.

If you give up when you encounter setbacks, you will never succeed. The Marquis knew Wu Shiyi’s good intentions well, and he did not want to give up. Bao Xiaohan returned to Zhirong Construction again and said that the document had been investigated clearly, so of course he wrote it off. Hou Zhirong had a dinner today and specially asked the secretary to tell Bao Xiaohan to wait for him.

The baby got angry and wanted to leave. Brother Tian helped Hai Xing to keep him, and Hai Xing also grinned and apologized to her. Doll cried and said that she could no longer scold her because of the coquettish and martial arts child. Hai Xing was not happy, and the two almost quarreled again. If it wasn’t for Brother Tian coaxing her, Doll wouldn’t go back.

Wu Shiyi was not afraid of danger in the execution of the mission. President Zhao awarded her second-class merit, and rushed to her with pride and honor from the bottom of his heart, and announced that Wu Shiyi was promoted from three-star to four-star team member.

Wu Shiyi said that protecting others’ lives with one’s own life cannot be judged by its worthiness, because loving one’s own career is just a duty. Standing in the audience, the marquis also applauded and proudly applauded Wu Shiyi from the bottom of his heart, and told her what happened and thanked her. Both Marquis and Wu Shiyi believe that not everything can be measured by money, and this is also the biggest difference between him and Hou Zhirong.

Wu Shiyi helped the Marquis to find a part-time job as a substitute English teacher, chased after him and persuaded him to go, at least to prove himself and to make money. After such a good talk, the Marquis agreed. Mr. Chen has been holding goods all the time recently, and Hou Zhirong knew that he was for Chen Chen, so he couldn’t hang himself on a tree. Marquis, who has experience studying abroad, speaks well in class, and Wu Shiyi is also very happy to hear it. The Marquis, who came back from the lecture, ate a lot of food. Wu Shiyi praised him for his good performance in front of Hai Xing. It would be a pity not to be a teacher!

The blind date Chen Chen met was not satisfied, instead he was thinking of the Marquis, although he felt that he was not very good. Chen Chen went to Haixing’s restaurant again. The Marquis didn’t know what she was going to do, so he went downstairs with a sigh. Wu Shiyi didn’t follow, just monitored their every move on the monitor. Chen Chen didn’t come here to find fault, but to introduce the project to the Marquis in Shenzhen, and specifically told Wu Shiyi not to take him there.

Wu Shiyi was not surprised, after all, she didn’t want to go on business with Chen Chen, so she could just talk to President Zhao. The Marquis had been retreating all day today to concentrate on designing the plan. Wu Shiyi could only carefully place the noodles next to him, only to find out that he hadn’t eaten at all at night. Early the next morning, the Marquis hurriedly finished his breakfast and set out with Qian Qian.

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