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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 25 Recap

Sorghum, Jiang Weixing, and Niu Mancang hid in the backyard for dinner at night, and used their proud craftsmanship to reproduce Gao’s braised chicken. Since Gu Yinye didn’t like this kind of small group activity, he didn’t participate in it.

Everyone was used to it and talked about their graduation development. Niu Mancang majored in division chief, and wanted to go to the military department in the future, but he heard that it is difficult to get along with the organization, so I am afraid he still has to join the company. As for Jiang Weixing, he went in the direction of writing a book and publishing it, and this was the way to do news, and there were entanglements and contradictions.

Compared with the two of them who prefer to return to stability, Gaoliang resolutely chose reconnaissance, which is also the most risky and familiar profession, so he planned to return to the army to lead troops, and Gu Yinye did the same. After all, his original intention to join the army was Yehuo. Lian will also work hard for Yehu Lian.

On the eve of graduation from the Army Academy, two exercises were arranged, representing the red wolf, which symbolizes actual combat reconnaissance, and the white wolf, which examines animal instincts and will to survive. Sorghum, Xia Lin and others chose the red wolf, lurking in the wild for more than 100 hours, cooperating with each other to subdue the hunters, and their performance was extremely outstanding.

On the other hand, Gu Yinye, who is not good at reconnaissance, chose the white wolf and stayed in the woods for many days. Whenever a “savage” broke in, he could easily solve it. Either eat the beef jerky that others carry, or rip off other people’s. The pants were thrown into the fire. In the end, the warriors who played the “savages” all came to complain to the chief, claiming that if they went in again, they might not be able to keep their ears, because Gu Yinye was so brutish, he made a stone knife and swallowed mice in front of them.

After three years of hard study, both Gaoliang and Xia Lin have completed the investigation major. Gaoliang has achieved the only outstanding student certificate in the team with outstanding performance, marking a successful conclusion to his military career. Originally, the leader of the headquarters asked for Sorghum by name. Unexpectedly, Li Shaobing interfered, and Sorghum ran to question in anger. Only then did he learn that the deputy commander of Army A, Zheng Yuan, had instructed in advance that he was not allowed to go anywhere, and he had to return to Zhao in full.

Because of this, Li Shaobing lied about Sorghum’s schizophrenia, which hindered his bright future, and at the same time took out a certificate as compensation, which meant that he could skip the hurdle of being a second lieutenant and become a lieutenant directly after graduation. On the other hand, Gu Yinye insisted on walking his own way, giving up regular exams, and unplugging his own weaknesses in the exercise. Li Shaobing also praised him.

Jiang Nanzheng learned through chat that Gaoliang had rejected Han Chunyu, and through this period of time, her thoughts gradually matured and grew. That night, the college students gathered in the dance hall for the last time. Han Chunyu was completely relieved of Sorghum and accepted Xia Lin. The two danced happily on the dance floor.

Early in the morning the next day, Jiang Nanzheng went to Gaoliang’s dormitory specially, laughing and joking that he had said before that he would pursue himself publicly. In fact, as early as a few days ago, Jiang Nanzheng had heard that Kaoliang is now very knowledgeable about love and how to pursue girls, so he was very curious whether Kaoliang used these methods on her.

Sorghum believes that the matter of men and women can be regarded as a war with a clear goal. Attack, pull and defense are essential, and strategies and skills are obvious. So when Kaoliang heard the question raised by Jiang Nanzheng, he seriously said that if he could, he hoped to use the atomic bombs of the world to blow up Jiang Nanzheng’s heart.

It was these words that made Jiang Nanzheng a little shy, and felt that he was no longer the stunned young boy before, and became slick. The two left school together, and went to the seaside, nostalgic about the past. Gu Yinye was assigned to Yehuo Company as he wished, so Sorghum couldn’t help telling Jiang Nanzheng the secret that Gaoliang had kept in his heart for many years, hoping that she could understand Gu Yinye’s difficulties in choosing to break up.

Three years later, Song Jianshe, who was already the commander of Corps A, while congratulating Zheng Yuan on his appointment as commander, also applied to transfer Gaoliang from the deputy reconnaissance company commander back to the 720th regiment to serve as the company commander of the 9th company. Originally Song Jianshe should go to the teacher Chen Dashan, but the other party repeatedly stated that he needed Zheng Yuan to nod and agree, so he came to Zheng Yuan by leaps and bounds.

Now that the Red Arrow exercise is just around the corner, and the nine company is the protagonist of this exercise, Song Jianshe immediately thought of the strong sorghum. Besides, he has been the deputy company commander for four years, and he has been squatting for too long. If he is not promoted, he will make progress in the future. suffer.

At the same time, Jiang Nanzheng came to visit Gaoliang, causing the soldiers to watch the gossip, and tacitly exchanged glances with each other. Jiang Nanzheng plans to continue his studies after that, and although Gaoliang clearly stated that he wants to pursue Jiangnan Zheng, Jiang Nanzheng did not express his position, but thanked Gaoliang for always being so good to her.

On the way to Jiulian, Gaoliang met a soldier of Jiulian who suffered from heat stroke, Wang Xiaolei. After inquiring, he found out that they were fishing by the river during the holiday. Back at the familiar Lao Jiu Company, Gaoliang first went to see Chen Dashan. How could he know that his butt was still hot, and he wanted to accompany Zheng Yuan to the playground to watch the soldiers training.

However, after Zheng Yuan’s inspection, he found that the Nine Company had a big problem. Sorghum also emphasized that before the Red Arrow exercise, he should add a few more training sessions, and he did not shy away from contradicting Chen Dashan. That night, Zheng Yuan talked to Gao Liang alone and told him how to be a qualified company commander.

Before leaving, Gao Liang couldn’t help asking Zheng Yuan whether Jiang Nanzheng had a new boyfriend. After getting a satisfactory answer, he was relieved. Early the next day, Qin Hanyong came to the 700th Regiment and found that Li Shaobing had also invited him to go to the grassroots level. Gu Yinye, the current company commander of the Yehuo Company, got the news and immediately ran to meet Qin Hanyong.

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