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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 3 Recap

Li Yu took Hu Xiaotian to Hangzhou by train. She called and asked someone to delete the negative news about the small sugar balls and pork jerky on the Internet. Chen Shan and Sun Lei also took the train. Li Yu believed that Hu Xiaotian disclosed their itinerary to Chen Shan. , taught him a hard lesson, Sun Lei learned that Li Yu was Chen Shan’s competitor, so he bought a pair of poker, played tricks in advance, and then called Li Yu and Hu Xiaotian to play Truth or Dare together.

Chen Shan was selected twice in a row. She chose the truth and the big adventure respectively. Li Yu couldn’t wait to know the purpose of Chen Shan’s trip to Hangzhou, and forced Chen Shan to hand over the computer so that Hu Xiaotian tampered with the data in the file. Immediately after, Li Yu was selected.

She chose to tell the truth and kept claiming that Bai Mei and Zhou Jiakai asked her to take charge of Lin Qingkun’s case, and persuaded Chen Shan to give up as soon as possible. Returning to the team with her computer, Li Yu was immediately dumbfounded. Unexpectedly, Hu Xiaotian played Infernal Affairs for her. Hu Xiaotian also guessed that Sun Lei had played tricks on poker in advance, and asked Li Yu to tell the real purpose of the trip.

The train arrived in Hangzhou soon, Sun Lei went to the hotel to check in, Chen Shan took Hu Xiaotian to find Lin Qingkun, Li Yu then came to meet Steven, the owner of Xiaotangwan Company, in the name of an alumnus, and Steven personally came out to pick him up. Li Yu, let Li Yu be the lawyer for the listing of Xiaotangwan Company.

Chen Shan was unwilling to give up. She learned from Hu Xiaotian about the evidence Li Yu had, and found that she had not collected the information and demands of the six victims. Hu Xiaotian found out that the parents of the victims were broadcasting live online, and they disclosed that their children were eating small sugar balls with dried meat. Regarding the poisoning, Chen Shan sent a message to remind Lin Qingkun not to publicly apologize or accept any compensation claims before finding out the truth.

Li Yu accompanied Lin Qingkun and Steven to watch the live broadcast. She suggested a public apology first. Lin Qingkun received Chen Shan’s message, and he insisted on finding out the truth and then talking about it later, and he only wanted an irresponsible result. Chen Shan took off her high heels and climbed over the wall, broke into the conference room to find Lin Qingkun, and announced in public that she could help Xiaotangwan to defend her without responsibility.

Sun Lei learned from Hu Xiaotian that Chen Shan helped Xiaotangwan go public. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth and jumped over the wall in a fit of anger. He was not allowed to help Zhou and forced Chen Shan out. Chen Shan repeatedly explained that the ultimate purpose of her work was to find out the truth. , Sun Lei didn’t listen at all.

He saw with his own eyes the pain of Lin Jing’s poisoning after gastric lavage, forcing Chen Shan to make a choice, and Chen Shan was in a dilemma. Lin Qingkun came out after hearing the news and admitted that the victim Lin Jing was his son. He reminded Chen Shan to be professional and not to be influenced by personal feelings. Steven also came out. Walking away, Chen Shan asked Lin Qingkun to wait for her for an hour.

Chen Shan came out to chase after Sun Lei. Sun Lei thought she gave up on helping Xiaotangwan go public, but Chen Shan came to persuade him. Chen Shan advised Sun Lei not to be impulsive. He couldn’t completely deny Xiaotangwan’s dried meat on the basis of unilateral test results. Angered and angry, she left without looking back. Chen Shan didn’t know how to balance the relationship between family and career, and she was lost again.

Lin Qingkun called to urge Chen Shan to make a decision, right? Before Chen Shan could answer, Sun Lei brought the video posted by Lin Jing and Wu Min in the circle of friends, and Wu Min made the cake by himself. Thank Chen Shan and Sun Lei for their help. Hearing this on the phone, he urged Chen Shan to make a decision again. Chen Shan immediately decided to help Lin Jing and other victims defend their rights. Sun Lei couldn’t shut up happily, Chen Shan was very angry, Sun Lei tried his best to make her happy and took her to the Have a meal.

Li Yu insisted that Steven make a public apology first, and then pay compensation to quell the incident, otherwise it will affect the company’s listing process. Lin Qingkun asked Li Yu and the others to continue the meeting, and he went directly to Chen Shan and Sun Lei. Sun Lei witnessed Wu Min crying and calling Lin Qingkun. He thought that Lin Qingkun was a ruthless person.

Lin Qingkun repeatedly explained that he rushed to the hospital as soon as he got off the plane, but Wu Min did not forgive him. Lin Qingkun wanted to see how Lin Jing recovered. Sun Lei showed him the video from the circle of friends. Lin Qingkun was very distressed. He admitted that he lacked love for his family because of his work. The more we talk, the more speculative.

Sun Lei and Lin Qingkun enjoyed the wine, and Sun Lei used the wine to complain that Chen Shan only cared about work and didn’t care about his family. He felt sorry for Chen Shan, and Lin Qingkun also cried about the grievances in his heart, claiming to give up the job of helping Xiaotangwan go public, but he kept pouring Sun Lei drank, Sun Lei was invincible, and soon he drank too much, and the more he talked, the more excited he became, and finally burst into tears, he hurried to the bathroom to wash his face.

Lin Qingkun took the opportunity to ask Chen Shan to defend the rights of Lin Jing and the victims of the children, but he still insisted that the Xiaotangwan company was not responsible. Chen Shan didn’t want to hear him say this, so she pulled Sun Lei back to the room in a fit of anger.

Chen Shan settled on Sun Lei, and received a message from Lin Qingkun. Lin Qingkun asked her to meet to discuss the matter of defending Lin Jing’s rights. As soon as Chen Shan met, she exposed that Lin Qingkun was acting in front of Sun Lei. Lin Qingkun found that Chen Shan could not act in front of Sun Lei. The right choice, let Chen Shan make a decision now, Chen Shan insisted on helping the victims to defend their rights, and Lin Qingkun had no choice but to give up.

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