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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 2 Recap

The doctor did a detailed examination for Sun Yuanqiao. Fortunately, she was fine, but the soft tissue contusion only made Chen Shan and Sun Lei feel relieved. They took Sun Yuanqiao home. Sun Yuanqiao finally said good night to Chen Shan, and she happily agreed. Do not close your mouth. Chen Shan settled her down and started searching for information about Xiaotangwan overnight.

Sun Lei had been in a cold war with her. She tried desperately to find a topic to reconcile with Sun Lei. Aggrieved, she worked hard, not only to realize her self-worth, but also to make their father and daughter have a better life. Unexpectedly, Sun Lei threatened to divorce, and Chen Shan moved out of the law to talk about the matter.

Sun Lei made it clear that he and Sun Yuanqiao didn’t need a luxurious life, they just wanted to live a normal life as a family. Sun Lei felt that Chen Shan was like a machine that only knew how to work, and had no humanity at all. Chen Shan was very sad. She felt aggrieved, but she couldn’t stop. Chen Shan picked up the computer and went to the study to continue searching for the information on the small candied meatballs. She couldn’t help but think of the warm scene when Sun Lei pursued her, and her heart was mixed. Sun Lei made a bowl of longevity noodles and sent it to Chen Shan, and Chen Shan was warm in her heart.

Lin Qingkun met with the general manager of Xiaotangwan Company. The two talked very happily and soon reached a cooperation agreement. Lin Qingkun came to the hospital very late. Wu Min had already exposed the fact that Xiaotangwan was poisoned on Weibo. Lin Qingkun advised her to delete the Weibo so as not to affect his cooperation with Xiaotangwan. Wu Min was furious. In order to sacrifice Gu Linjing’s life and safety, Lin Qingkun had nothing to do. He was about to arrive in Hangzhou early in the morning, so he hurriedly said goodbye to Wu Min and left.

Chen Shan came to the law firm early in the morning, Zhou Jiakai scolded her without question, and insisted that Chen Shan had a rear-end accident in order to get close to Lin Qingkun. Lin Qingkun called Zhou Jiakai last night to complain, Chen Shan repeatedly explained that she was just in a hurry, not at all. Knowing that Lin Qingkun was in the car behind, Zhou Jiakai didn’t listen at all.

He worked hard for three years to cooperate with Lin Qingkun, but Chen Shan made a mess. Zhou Jiakai gave Chen Shan a lesson and asked her to suspend her work and reflect. Chen Shan couldn’t bear it any longer. She condemned Zhou Jiakai and Bai Mei for their black-box operations. She should have disclosed Lin Qingkun’s information in a fair manner, so that she and Li Yu could compete fairly.

Chen Shan knew that Xiaotangwan had been on the hot search because of the poisoning incident, and the stock exchange would be held for two years. Their company was not allowed to engage in private equity funds. She stayed up late last night and made a response plan. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingkun sued her for being black. Zhou Jiakai actually took anger at her, and Chen Shan threw the copy into a shredder and destroyed it.

Li Yu persuaded Hu Xiaotian to join her team and promised to give him a better development space. Hu Xiaotian agreed. Wu Min was interviewed by reporters and told the truth about the poisoning of small sugar balls with dried meat. Lin Qingkun saw the interview and called to complain about Wu Min. Wu Min just wanted to defend Lin Jing’s rights, but she ignored Lin Qingkun.

Seeing the plan submitted by Chen Shan, Lin Qingkun took the initiative to call to see Chen Shan. Chen Shan was disappointed with what he had done and vowed never to cooperate with him again. Sun Lei applauded Chen Shan and hurriedly cooked for her. Next to help peeling garlic, she suddenly thought about climbing Mount Tai with Sun Lei again. Sun Lei agreed and persuaded Chen Shan not to work hard for work. Chen Shan was worried that his salary could not afford Sun Yuantian’s tuition.

The house was rented out, and they moved to a small house next to it. Chen Shan promised not to talk about work within three days, and wrote a letter of guarantee on the spot. Lin Qingkun called Zhou Jiakai to be held accountable and asked him to send an excellent lawyer to assist Xiaotangwan in listing, otherwise the contract would be terminated.

Zhou Jiakai came to Bai Mei to discuss countermeasures. They both felt that Chen Shan was the most suitable candidate, but Zhou Jiakai scolded Chen Shan away, and Li Yu took the initiative to ask Ying to take over Lin Qingkun’s case. Zhou Jiakai couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so he had to let her After going to do it, she also told Lin Qingkun’s hotel in Hangzhou that Zhou Jiakai was still worried, and Bai Mei asked him to invite Chen Shan back.

Hu Xiaotian called Chen Shan early in the morning. He had successfully penetrated into Li Yu and told her that Li Yu went to Hangzhou to meet Lin Qingkun. Chen Shan was not interested in it. Zhou Jiakai personally came to the door with a large bag and a small bag to admit his mistake to Chen Shan, but Chen Shan turned him away. Zhou Jiakai had to follow the other owners upstairs, knocked on the door of Chen Shan’s house, and also used the banner of visiting Sun Yuanqiao, Chen Shan Don’t buy it at all, and force him out. Zhou Jiakai admitted that Lin Qingkun did not speak ill of her, and promised to make her a senior partner this year as long as Chen Shan helped Xiaotangwan go public. Chen Shan was immediately tempted and asked Zhou Jiakai for Lin Qingkun’s itinerary in Hangzhou.

Chen Shan canceled Taishan’s trip and wanted Sun Lei to accompany her to Hangzhou. Sun Lei wanted to stay and take care of Sun Yuantian. Chen Shan admitted that she had worked so hard for work these years and had almost no time to chat with Sun Lei. , and also took out the card of the bare-ass child that Sun Lei gave her when she was in college. Sun Lei promised to accompany her to Hangzhou and let her parents come to help take care of Sun Yuantian. Chen Shan packed her luggage overnight. Along the way, Sun Lei was searching for food near the hotel. Chen Shan asked him to contact Lin Jing’s mother to find out her compensation claims against Xiaotangwan Company.

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