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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 1 Recap

As night fell and the lights came on, the streets of Shanghai were still crowded with people. Chen Shan stepped up the accelerator to shuttle in the traffic, and wanted to rush to the hotel to meet Lin Qingkun as soon as possible. Chen Shan’s husband, Sun Lei, repeatedly reminded her to drive slowly. Their daughter, Sun Yuantian, was still in the car.

Chen Shan didn’t dare to slow down. She had to race against time to meet Lin Qingkun before her competitor Li Yu. When she hit a motorcycle, she braked urgently, and the car behind slammed into it before she could react. Chen Shan’s nose was hit and bleeding, and Sun Yuantian was also sprained her neck.

Chen Shan is the gold medal lawyer of the famous Jiecheng Law Firm in Shanghai. She has been conscientious and conscientious since she joined the office for 15 years. She is busy like a clockwork machine. Do your best to take care of Sun Yuanxiang.

60 hours ago, Jiecheng Law Firm held its 15th anniversary celebration. General Manager Zhou Jiakai delivered an impassioned speech and solemnly introduced the gold lawyer Chen Shan. Before she took the stage to accept the award, Chen Shan specially came to thank the teacher Bai Mei for her cultivation. Bai Mei refused to toast her on the pretext of taking traditional Chinese medicine.

Chen Shan announced in public that she had been in the law firm for 15 years and had won the gold medal lawyer trophy five times. She questioned why Zhou Jiakai had not let her become a senior partner. Zhou Jiakai hurriedly explained with a smile, and announced that the law firm’s new regulations must be It is possible to join the senior management of the law firm only after getting a brokerage firm, and colleagues are fighting for Chen Shan.

Chen Shan saw Bai Mei and Li Yu chatting and laughing from a distance, and came directly to Bai Mei to reconcile. Bai Mei reminded her to lower her posture, otherwise she would be replaced by a newcomer sooner or later. Liu Feng revealed to Chen Shan that Lin Qingkun, the new manager of Ruikai Securities, can become a senior partner as long as he catches this big client, and then Liu Feng told Li Yu the news.

Chen Shan did not dare to delay, and immediately brought assistants Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian back to the law firm. They searched for all the information of Lin Qingkun and learned that Lin Qingkun had attracted several major clients for Ruikai Securities, and was called a super rocket. Chen Shan is determined to win, and wants to use this order as a stepping stone for senior partners.

Thirteen hours ago, Sun Lei got up early to make breakfast, helped Chen Shan choose clothes, and repeatedly told Chen Shan to go home early tonight to accompany her daughter for dinner, and Chen Shan agreed. Immediately afterwards, Sun Lei sent his daughter to school first, then sent Chen Shan to the law firm, and then drove to work.

Chen Shan was fully prepared and wanted to pick up Lin Qingkun at the airport. She met Li Yu at the elevator entrance. Li Yu and his assistant left in a hurry. Chen Shan suddenly received the news that Lin Qingkun had changed itinerary and came back ahead of schedule. She immediately took Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian there. Airport. Sun Yuantian came home from school and learned that Chen Shan couldn’t go home for dinner after working overtime tonight. She was very upset and called Chen Shan secretly. Chen Shan promised to accompany her to breakfast tomorrow.

Xiaomi saw the news of the parent group on Chen Shan’s phone, Knowing that Sun Yuantiao’s Wan Defu Primary School had six children with food poisoning, Chen Shan immediately called Sun Yuantiao. Sun Yuantiao wanted her to come back and pretended to be sick. Urging Sun Lei to send Sun Yuanqiao to the hospital, Sun Lei repeatedly explained that Sun Yuanqiao was joking, and Chen Shan was worried.

Lin Qingkun was in a situation on the plane and might have to land in Jinan. Chen Shan asked Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian to go to the airport first, and she turned back halfway to see Sun Yuanqiao. As soon as Sun Yuantian ate a few mouthfuls of food, he complained of a stomachache.

Sun Lei was in a hurry and hurriedly took her to the hospital. Sun Yuantian secretly took the birthday present she prepared for Chen Shan. Chen Shan received another phone call from Xiaomi on the way, and learned that Lin Qingkun’s flight arrived at 7:40. Chen Shan was in a dilemma. She wanted to go back to see Sun Yuanqiao, but was afraid that she would miss the pick-up. Go to the hospital to see Sun Yuanxiang.

The doctor took Sun Yuanxiang in for an examination, while Sun Lei sat beside him and waited. He saw Lin Jing’s mother, Wu Min, a classmate in the next class with food poisoning, called her husband Lin Qingkun to cry. Sun Lei greeted her and bought her a bottle of water. Shan came in a hurry, and she told Sun Lei not to agree to the school’s conditions and defend her daughter’s rights. Cheering on Lin Jing, a classmate who just transferred, Chen Shan was anxious and angry, Sun Yuantian gave Chen Shan a birthday present, and Chen Shan left in a hurry without saying thank you. When Chen Shan saw the birthday present Sun Yuantian gave her, she felt mixed feelings. She called Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian to pick up Lin Qingkun. She wanted to go home with Sun Yuantian.

Wu Min came to Sun Yuanqiao, and asked her to persuade Lin Jing again. Sun Lei recognized Wu Min as the parent of the student who was crying in the hall just now. Sun Yuantian stayed by Lin Jing, who had just finished washing his stomach, and kept making him happy. . Chen Shan came back later, Sun Yuantiao was very happy, and happily followed her and Sun Lei home.

As soon as Lin Qingkun landed, he saw his wife Wu Min’s phone number. He just hurriedly went back and learned that Lin Jing was hospitalized with food poisoning. He was anxious to go to the hotel for a meeting and couldn’t get out, so he asked the secretary to visit the hospital. Seeing Lin Qingkun coming out, Li Yu hurried up to meet him and wanted to take Lin Qingkun to the hotel. Lin Qingkun politely declined. He had already called a car. Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian also ran forward to welcome Lin Qingkun. Lin Qingkun wanted to take a look at their plan, which was in Chen Shan. In his hand, Xiaomi didn’t, and Lin Qingkun took the hotel’s courtesy car and left.

Chen Shan received a call from Xiaomi and learned that Lin Qingkun was returning to the hotel by car. She hurriedly accelerated to chase, and the rear-end accident happened before the story. The driver of the car behind came down to find Chen Shan’s theory, and Chen Shan was pleasantly surprised to find that Lin Qingkun was there. In the car, she ignored the injured Sun Yuanxiang, wiped the blood on the corner of her mouth, and took out the plan to Lin Qingkun, who asked her to deal with the injury first.

Sun Lei witnessed what Chen Shan did. He gritted his teeth in anger, took a taxi and took Sun Yuanjing to the hospital. Chen Shan then rushed to the hospital and learned from Lin Jing’s mother that Lin Jing was poisoned by eating small sugar balls containing botulinum toxin, and Chen Shan asked her for food packaging.

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