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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 24 Recap

Because of Gu Yinye’s guilt towards the old monitor Zhang Fei, he really couldn’t bear Axiu to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the family alone, and he also wanted to help Zhang’s family and take care of Zhang Fei’s mother, wife and children. Gu Yinye made the simplest decision in his life, and at the same time he was the firmest. He took the initiative to break up with Jiang Nanzheng, but it caused great emotional fluctuations in the other party.

Jiang Nanzheng suspected that Gu Yinye was in love, but Gu Yinye neither admitted nor denied it, but just sat beside him silently. Because of Gu Yinye’s attitude, Jiang Nanzheng finally realized the seriousness of the situation, crying and accusing him why he would back down and give up at this time, but when he looked at his clenched hands, he couldn’t bear it, and finally understood no matter how he asked. , he was determined not to speak.

Gao Liang saw Jiang Nanzheng leave sadly, so he questioned Gu Yinye why, and punched him, and the two fought hard on the playground in the rain. Gu Yinye truthfully told himself the real reason for marrying Axiu, because Axiu gave birth to Zhang Fei’s child, and he wanted to take care of the child for Zhang Fei to grow up, so he wanted Gaoliang to take care of Jiangnan Zheng instead of him, and he must keep it secret.

Early the next morning, Gaoliang called Jiang Nanzheng, but the other party avoided answering, so he asked Han Chunyu for help. Han Chunyu learned about the reason why Gu Yinye and Jiang Nanzheng broke up, and admired Gu Yinye’s courage, and promised to find an opportunity to comfort Jiang Nanzheng. At the same time, after confirming that Gaoliang did not receive the letter, he mustered the courage to confess to him. It’s a pity that Gaoliang has someone in his heart, so he decisively rejected Han Chunyu, not wanting to give her any hope.

Because of this, Han Chunyu willingly let go, but did not force the relationship between the two, and even encouraged him to find Jiang Nanzheng quickly. On the other hand, Jiang Nanzheng had been hiding from Sorghum since he was separated, until the class where Kaoliang was stationed for training did he meet him.

Xia Lin took the initiative to confess to Han Chunyu, saying that she had confused her letter to Gaoliang and read it out of curiosity and jealousy. Originally, Xia Lin was supposed to give it to Sorghum, but considering that it would make the other party misunderstood, she told Han Chunyu herself that she knew that she was a righteous person and would not think in the wrong direction.

In the evening, Gu Yinye walked to Jiulian alone, passing by the stream, he couldn’t help but stay in a daze, his father’s words echoed faintly in his ears, telling about the military as an ancient profession, after the death of his comrade, the generation of soldiers. This kind of thing that he takes care of his wife has happened for thousands of years, both in China and abroad.

The classical army is largely maintained by the ancient tacit understanding and affection. It is kindness and responsibility, so when Gu Yinye expressed his thoughts to his father, his father not only did not blame, but encouraged him, because only when the sky fell , the child soldiers naturally become the tallest person.

Gu Yinye glanced at Xiaoxi to bid farewell to his lost first love, and resolutely continued to move forward. However, not long after he left, Jiang Nanzheng also came to this creek, silently vowing in his heart that he would find the answer until he found it completely. When Jiang Nanzheng returned home, Zheng Yuan personally cooked for his daughter, talked about his story when he was young, and evaluated Gu Yinye and Gaoliang based on the experience of people who came here, confirming what Zhao Hongying said back then, the more outstanding and arrogant people are, the easier it is to hurt others .

It is undeniable that Gu Yinye is an extremely rare talent, who will burst out with superhuman courage and strength at the juncture of life and death, and will not hesitate to burn himself and those around him. It happened that Zheng Yuan was such a person, and he knew that falling in love with his woman would be very hard, and he didn’t want to see his daughter become the fuel for Gu Yinye. The best choice was to leave the other party.

At the same time, Gu Yinye was troubled by Axiu’s reply, so he went to Kaoliang to answer his questions. He really didn’t understand why he got excellent marks in the academy examinations, but only when it came to Axiu’s matter, he felt that he would be forever. Failed. There were three letters in total, each of which was rejected by Axiu. Gao Liang took the letter and glanced at it, not only shook his head, but also let Gu Yinye read it out himself.

By reading the letter, it is obvious that Axiu’s address to Gu Yinye is changing, which shows that his heart is gradually shaking. Under Sorghum’s interpretation, Gu Yinye suddenly realized, but he didn’t know how to confess to Axiu face to face, and seemed extremely unconfident.

Gao Liang taught Gu Yinye his experience, and told him to always remember that Axiu is completely different from everyone else. She lives in an environment and faces all kinds of pressures every day. Therefore, the relationship between Gu Yinye and Axiu is like the redeemer and the redeemed, but this alone is not enough to maintain a long-term relationship. Gaoliang believes that Gu Yinye chose Axiu as a responsibility at first, but he should consider feelings in the future. Axiu should be made to feel love, so as to completely open up the other person’s heart.

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