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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 24 Recap

Zhang Yingnan was very satisfied with the band arranged by the Marquis, and Lan Qi also invited her to a feast in the evening. This is the advantage of competition. In the evening, Lan Qi had dinner with Zhang Yingnan, Wu Tianyi, and Wu Shiyi’s family. Wu Tianyi wrote a poem, Zhang Yingnan pretended to be disgusted, and Wu Shiyi and Lan Qi snickered beside them. Very harmonious.

Until Zhang Yingnan accidentally discovered Wu Shiyi’s injury, Zhang Yingnan was so anxious that she didn’t even have the mind to take pictures. The birthday party turned into a criticism meeting in seconds. Wu Shiyi must no longer be a bodyguard. Other people’s children lose their lives! It is useless for Wu Shiyi to argue, so he can only keep silent.

Wu Tianyi actually supports Wu Shiyi’s work career, but Zhang Yingnan is distressed for his child, this kind of thing is too risky! Lan Qi sent Wu Shiyi home, and comforted her not to take Zhang Yingnan’s words to heart, take it slow. Lan Qi understands Wu Shiyi’s love for her work. After all, she has not changed for so many years. Lan Qi is proud of her from the bottom of her heart. When the Marquis saw this scene, he was waiting sourly at Wu Shiyi’s door. Wu Shiyi was deliberately angry with him and snickered behind his back.

President Ma’s representative, Hou Zhirong, terminated the contract with Wu Shiyi. The marquis couldn’t wait to sign a contract with Wu Shiyi, but at this moment, one person was killed, Lan Qi. Lan Qi said a long time ago that he would sign the contract as long as Wu Shiyi’s contract expired. He and the marquis could not argue, and President Zhao asked Wu Shiyi to choose by himself.

Lan Qi said that Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi also agreed to ask Wu Shiyi to do security, and hoped that Wu Shiyi would consider it carefully. In the end, Wu Shiyi chose to stay with the Marquis, and Lan Qi left in a gentlemanly manner. He would always respect Wu Shiyi’s choice.

Qian Qian lived in Hou Zhirong’s villa, living her dream life, and announced to her family that the one who borrowed the villa and car was her boyfriend. But the parents are not at ease. Although they have always wanted Qian Qian to find a mature, stable and rich man, they did not say that the age difference is so big! In fact, Qian Qian’s parents have always known that Qian Qian has been difficult these years. They asked her for money because they were afraid that she would be a moonlight family. In fact, the money was saved for her.

I’m just afraid that she won’t be able to stay here any longer. Qian Qian’s parents knew very well that she had two responsibilities for her becoming like this. No matter how old the other party was, they still wanted to meet Hou Zhirong. Qian Qianben hesitated, but finally decided to call Hou Zhirong over to meet. Hou Zhirong was obviously not prepared for this, and used various reasons to shirk it.

Qian Qian confessed that his parents did not mind Hou Zhirong’s age and past, but Hou Zhirong was not worried about these. Qian Qian was a little unhappy, and bluntly asked Hou Zhirong to marry her and marry her. Hou Zhirong once again found various reasons to evade what he said to be a long-term plan. Only then did Qian Qian understand that he had never thought of marrying him, and kicked him in anger.

kicked him. Hou Zhirong confessed that he likes Qian Qian very much, but he does not want to experience another marriage, but Qian Qian still has a longing for marriage. She hopes to have a good husband and a happy family, and stubbornly believes that she can change Hou Zhirong. Until seeing the true face of Hou Zhirong, Qian Qian was heartbroken and pulled him into the blacklist.

Qian Qian wanted to get married too much, so he was so impulsive in this relationship, and finally found that Hou Zhirong didn’t want to marry her at all, just wanted to support her, but Qian Qian couldn’t do it. Wu Shiyi sighed, at least it’s not too late for Qian Qian to figure it out. Hai Xing secretly observed the state of Qian Qian upstairs, saying that she now has a boyfriend to keep a distance, and was complained by the Marquis.

Wu Shiyi told Haixing that his wish came true, Qian Qian broke up, and Haixing was excited again. After breaking up, Hou Zhirong was short-tempered and scolded the employees, but Bao Xiaohan and Marquis left, and there were no competent designers in the company, especially after the Bao Xiaohan incident, no one was willing to poach people from outside. The only way is to invite Bao Xiaohan and the Marquis back.

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