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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 23 Recap

When asked if it was worth leaving home, the Marquis wasn’t sure, but he knew that he had to go through the road to meet the right person, and like I said before, he wanted to enrich his life. Wu Shiyi wanted to persuade him, but his words changed his attention and respected the Marquis’s choice. Chen suddenly increased the material by 8%, and Hou Zhirong understood that he really didn’t think of himself as his own.

The Marquis returned to the company and handed over all the bank cards, car keys, etc. to the secretary and asked him to hand them over to Hou Zhirong. After seeing this, Hou Zhirong realized that the Marquis was playing for real this time, and gave up all announcements to draw a clear line with him. President Ma persuaded him with bad intentions, and Hou Zhirong really had nothing to do with this rebellious son. At this time, Ma, who thought he was loyal to him, was always his only consolation.

Marquis returned the bank card, copied some materials from the office, and officially left Zhirong Construction. Downstairs, Marquis and Wu Shiyi saw smoke from an electric car. Marquis didn’t notice the danger and wanted to look at it. Wu Shiyi was keenly aware of the danger and protected Marquis one second before the electric car exploded. Injured and comatose. Mr. Ma hurriedly reported to Hou Zhirong that the Marquis was in distress, and in a blink of an eye he learned that the Marquis was fine, but Wu Shiyi was sent to the hospital to protect him from his injuries.

Hou Zhirong finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Wu Shiyi was there! Wu Shiyi was injured and needed more than a dozen stitches, but fortunately it was only a skin injury. The Marquis wanted to wait for Wu Shiyi to come out and then go back to explain the situation to the police, but Mr. Zhao and Qian Qian were all there, so he left temporarily, and Mr. Zhao asked Zhou Quan to replace Wu Shiyi to protect the Marquis.

Hou Zhirong also suspiciously thought that someone was going to frame the Marquis, but Mr. Ma found out that it was just an accident, but Hou Zhirong still had lingering fears and selfishly did not want Wu Shiyi to leave the Marquis. Qian Qian said that Wu Shiyi just completed what every bodyguard should do. Yes, but Hou Zhirong thinks that there is some special relationship between them, so it must be Wu Shiyi, so he can feel at ease.

Because of this, Hou Zhirong once again proposed to let Qian Qian resign. He was afraid that Qian Qian would have three strengths and two weaknesses like Wu Shiyi. Qian Qian was stunned for a while and agreed. Soon Qian Qian proposed to resign. She once said that she would not leave the company unless she got married and had children one day. President Zhao was also very reluctant. Besides, girls are prone to impulsiveness in love, so she asked her to take personal leave for a month, and then Consider whether to quit.

After Wu Shi was injured, the marquis explained that he would serve her like a confinement. Marquis and Haixing were busy setting up the office to officially start the business. In order to ask him to reduce his consumption level, Haixing took the Marquis to the place where the stall under the overpass was set up to buy things. Gradually, the Marquis also got used to the current life. Wu Shiyi couldn’t sleep watching the video of the previous championship.

The Marquis leaned over to watch it. In fact, he had been wanting to thank Wu Shiyi recently. After getting along for a long time, the Marquis felt that it was his luck to meet her. Wu Shiyi also always wanted to ask him what he sold at Brother Tian’s place that day. The marquis was still interrupting to say that it was a project, but he could only tell the truth. Wu Shiyi decided that he would not have to pay for his bodyguards before he redeemed Jade.

President Ma begged Xiaomin to help him get the plan, and after reassuring that it was the last time, Xiaomin agreed. Qian Qian continued to show happiness in the circle of friends, and Hai Xing became more and more uncomfortable. After receiving the news from President Ma, he hurriedly went to the appointed place to hand over the copywriting.

Starfish saw the person described in the text message, but did not hand over the document. Hai Xing asked Mr. Ma to pay first. In a hurry, Mr. Ma transferred the money and made an appointment to deliver the goods at the same time and place tomorrow. But Xiaomin blocked President Ma, and today was the last time she helped President Ma. Starfish received so many zero transfers, and suddenly his throat tightened.

Xiaomin moved out again, and President Ma was completely unable to contact her. The marquis did not accompany Wu Shiyi to change the medicine, but Wu Shiyi said that he would arrange some of his own life, because today is Zhang Yingnan’s birthday. Not to be outdone, the Marquis specially arranged for the band to celebrate Zhang Yingnan’s birthday.

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