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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 22 Recap

Wu Shiyi was very angry because of what Chen Chen said, but he has been patient. The marquis thought that Hou Zhirong would see Chen Chen’s face clearly, but he did not expect that Hou Zhirong still planned to fire Wu Shiyi, because no matter what, he could not end the Chen family because of Wu Shiyi.

This enemy, especially seeing that the Marquis is so protective of Wu Shiyi, he can’t let Wu Shiyi stay by his side. Hou Zhirong told the Marquis that everything he has now is given by himself. Without him, the Marquis is nothing at all.

He has already paved the way for the Marquis, and he just needs to walk step by step! But the marquis don’t want to do this. He doesn’t want to be Hou Zhirong’s marionette, he doesn’t want to marry a girl he doesn’t like, and he doesn’t want to do everything according to his ideas.

The Marquis has kept these words in his heart for many years, and this time he can finally express his heart. In a fit of rage, the Marquis decided to leave Hou Zhirong and Zhirong Construction. Wu Shiyi was very worried and blamed himself, but the Marquis said that this matter had nothing to do with her or anyone else.

When the Marquis got home, he started to pack his luggage. Sister Zhang was very worried when she heard that he was going to leave Hou’s house and go out for a break. She didn’t believe that he had this ability. Wu Shiyi also blamed himself.

After all, the Marquis and Hou Zhirong had a standoff because of himself. But the Marquis seems to have made up his mind to leave this place this time. No one can persuade him to do so. He has to take away the painting related to his mother hanging on the wall. Sister Zhang helped him pack and change his clothes, and gave her money to the marquis, for fear that he would be wronged outside.

The Marquis left with Wu Shiyi. At this moment, he felt very unrestrained and happy, but Wu Shiyi was always worried that his child’s temper would regret it. The two went to the Haixing store. Haixing had already arranged the room for them, and he even scolded him for being a prodigal. Zhang Jie was the only one left in the huge family, but she was still worried, and she made soup and went to Hou Zhirong to make peace with the Marquis.

Sister Zhang said that the Marquis moved out, but Hou Zhirong didn’t seem worried, and Sister Zhang became more anxious. Hou Zhirong felt that the Marquis did not know how to be blessed when he was in a good place. As long as he was in trouble outside and was wronged, he would come back naturally. Sister Zhang was angry and sad. After all, they were father and son, so there was nothing they couldn’t sit down and talk about. The Marquis’s mother was in the sky. How sad to see that.

The Marquis said that he would start preparing for the company from tomorrow, and the high-end office buildings with dozens of employees sounded big, and the Marquis didn’t even do much to start the capital. With a big wave of his hand, the marquis said that money was not a problem.

It turned out that he brought his mother’s jade and temporarily mortgaged it for working capital. Hai Xing hurriedly stopped him, but he almost missed out on his 500,000 yuan. Chef Hai Xing’s brother is in this business, but his personality is a bit weird. Everything depends on fate. The Marquis can’t wait to go immediately, and Hai Xing wants him to think about it again.

The Marquis and Wu Shiyi said that he wanted to draw a clear line with Hou Zhirong and would not have anything to do with him, but now Wu Shiyi’s contract is still in Hou Zhirong’s hands, so he plans to sign a one-on-one contract. Wu Shiyi said that this matter is not that complicated. The person to be protected in the contract is the marquis. No matter what his identity is, Wu Shiyi will follow him. As soon as Mr. Ma went to work, he heard that Xiaomin had resigned. In any case, he could not contact Xiaomin, and his family moved away.

The Marquis didn’t want Wu Shiyi to know about the mortgage jade, so he came to the store and hurriedly separated her from Hai Xing and told her to wait outside. The Marquis’ jade can only be worth 300,000 yuan, and Brother Liang also advised the Marquis not to pawn it off, but to keep it as a thought. But the Marquis was also desperate, Brother Liang promised to give him 100,000 yuan first, and he could redeem it within half a year if he had money.

Wu Shiyi was kept in the dark all the time, and he didn’t know what the Marquis did when he went in. President Ma found Xiaomin through the location of his mobile phone, and said how worried he was about Xiaomin, but Xiaomin was unwilling to help President Ma anymore, because she couldn’t face her conscience, she hoped that President Ma would let go for herself, but President Ma was stubborn. Thinking he was right, he was just taking back what belonged to him.

Marquis and Wu Shiyi counted the stars on the balcony together. At this time, he was very grateful to Wu Shiyi for being by his side.

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