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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 21 Recap

The Marquis is very enthusiastic, sitting next to Wu Shiyi and talking at length. Recently, he has a new understanding of life, so he believes that life should be richer. Although it will be very tiring, these experiences will enrich life. Wu Shiyi thought about it carefully, if she really lived a flat life, maybe she would envy those who need to work hard again.

Mr. Chen came to Zhirong Construction aggressively and was ready to ask for the guilt. Hou Zhirong was puzzled by this attitude. Mr. Chen said that the marquis not only did not protect Chen Chen but also supported the female bodyguard, and even scolded Chen Chen in front of everyone. .

Hou Zhirong immediately clapped the table, and quickly apologized on behalf of the Marquis and President Chen. However, Mr. Chen’s wife was very spoiled by Chen Chen, so Hou Zhirong had to invite them to the clubhouse for dinner tomorrow. As for the bodyguard, it would be fine.

As soon as Mr. Chen left, Hou Zhirong called Wu Shiyi, and the Marquis knew it was Chen Chen’s fault again after a guess, so he couldn’t help but ran to eavesdrop. As soon as Hou Zhirong came up, he said that when Wu Shiyi came as a bodyguard, he was interested in her stability, but two single men and women will inevitably have some chemical reactions when they are together all day.

Love is okay, but marriage Hou Zhirong has to take care of it. Marquis is the heir of the company. Marriage cannot be chosen independently. Chen Chen was the one he personally chose to marry for the Marquis. Since Chen Chen cared about Wu Shiyi, she had to leave.

Hearing this, the Marquis rushed in immediately. In his opinion, Chen Chen was too much. They would never be together. Hou Zhirong had no choice but to take a step back and let the Marquis find a way to repair the relationship with Chen Chen. No matter what, their family’s business was very important to the company, and there should be no such situation. Wu Shiyi planned to pack up and leave immediately. It was not her intention to cause trouble to the Marquis, and the Marquis naturally refused to agree easily.

Xiaomin found out that someone had transferred the 20 million in the account and hurriedly asked Mr. Ma to come out to meet. It turned out that Mr. Ma had transferred it to a foreign country to buy a house. However, Xiaomin was very uneasy. At first, he said that he was just to frighten Hou Zhirong and wait for the Marquis to return the money as soon as he left, but it was obvious that President Ma did not intend to return the money. Mr. Ma, however, spit out the resentment he had held in his heart for many years. Hou Zhirong has been using him without saying anything. He has worked hard for thirteen years but only got an outsider in return. Although Xiaomin feels sorry for him, this is a crime, a crime!

The marquis took Wu Shiyi to buy a bag for Chen Chen, and happened to meet Lan Qi and Wu Shiyi’s parents shopping for clothes, saying that it was Zhang Yingnan’s birthday on the weekend. The marquis was in a hurry to be courteous, and wished he could immediately pull them all to wrap up the shopping mall, turned his head and hurried away with a little guilty conscience.

The marquis scolded and said that Lan Qi was behind his back to have a good relationship with Wu Shiyi’s parents. Seeing that the Marquis was chasing Wu 11, Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi were a little worried, Lan Qi generously said that it was nothing, and he treated them as filial piety as their biological parents. Zhang Yingnan quickly put down his worries, the Marquis and Lan Qi chased Wu Shiyi together, they would also value it more, and Wu Shiyi could recognize himself.

The Marquis calculated that Guan Wu Shi wanted her parents’ phone number, but Wu Shi would not give it anyway. The Marquis entered the box, Hou Zhirong, President Chen, and Chen Chen were already waiting. As soon as the Marquis came up, he gave Chen Chen the bag he had bought. Hou Zhirong hurriedly reconciled the atmosphere, but Chen Chen insisted that Wu Shiyi, his valet, get out of the way. , relentlessly. Hou Zhirong explained that she was here to protect the Marquis. Seeing that Chen Chen was still unwilling, he could only ask the Marquis to call Wu Shiyi in to apologize. Wu Shiyi did as she did, and Chen Chen wanted her to do a self-examination. She got angry in front of everyone, and turned around and asked Wu Shiyi to drink the wine on the table.

Wu Shiyi refused to say that this was a company policy, and the Marquis quickly drank the wine. Chen Chen handed over another glass of wine, and the more the marquis protected Wu Shiyi, Chen Chen became more and more energetic, and even scolded her as a follower watchdog. The Marquis couldn’t stand it any longer and hurriedly pulled Wu Shiyi away. Chen Chen was so angry that he flipped the table, and President Chen couldn’t stand it anymore.

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