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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 23 Recap

Of the ten postgraduate places in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions, Jiu Lian had priority to get two, which meant that Jiang Weixing and Niu Mancang could both be recommended to the military academy. On the eve of parting, Qin Hanyong told the two to remember that the officers and soldiers of the Nine Company lived and died together, and those who lived were to study for the comrades of the Quan Company and their sacrificed comrades in arms.

That night, Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yinye were chatting by the stream, complaining that as a real boyfriend, he did not care as much about him as Gaoliang. Although it seems to be complaining, it is actually with a coquettish hatred, but he does not know that the reason why Gaoliang knows the details of admissions is because Gu Yinye has inquired about the relevant policies in advance.

Gu Yinye is always concerned about Jiangnanzheng silently, and is also troubled by many things. Compared with the already grown sorghum, he is still standing still. In addition to comforting Gu Yinye, Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help but chat about Sorghum, it seems that his presence will always be full of laughter. Looking at Jiang Nanzheng’s smiling face, Gu Yinye was a little moved, so he stepped forward and took her into his arms. The two leaned against each other side by side, and the atmosphere was extraordinarily warm and sweet.

On the other side, Han Chunyu hesitated for a long time, and finally called Gaoliang with an uneasy mood. He wanted to confess to him, but he couldn’t say it, so he euphemistically expressed his heart. Gao Liang didn’t think about that at all, thinking that the two were simply comrades-in-arms, Han Chunyu was both ashamed and annoyed, and hurriedly hung up the phone.

But after a while, the phone rang again. Just when Han Chunyu mustered his courage, he didn’t expect that the other party was actually Xia Lin, the deputy company commander of division reconnaissance. Because last time at the frontline camp, Xia Lin’s company sacrificed tragically, causing him to almost collapse. If it wasn’t for Han Chunyu’s embrace at that time, it would be difficult to get out of that shadow.

After the battle, Han Chunyu also read the interview of the military region to the division reconnaissance company, and knew that they paid a heavy price to return the information in time, and only Xia Lin was left alive. After a period of recuperation, Xia Lin regained his strength and never forgot Han Chunyu, so he came to see her this time, hoping that the two could develop a relationship other than comrades-in-arms. As soon as these words came out, Han Chunyu was at a loss, and quickly explained that he already liked someone.

Early the next morning, Zhangmu Railway Station was crowded with soldiers who were going to report to the military academy. Everyone was promoted from soldier to cadre and no longer had to be restricted by love. Therefore, Jiang Weixing dared to give Tong Bing soda in front of everyone, Gu Yinye. The love affair with Jiang Nanzheng was also made public, and Qin Hanyong also hugged Zhao Hongying in public.

It happened that at this time, the clerk sent a letter to Gu Yinye. The sender was the village party secretary of Zhang Fei’s hometown. Because Zhang’s mother was seriously ill and in urgent need of help, he wrote the letter without Axiu. Jiang Nanzheng took the initiative to donate money, and others took out their meager money when they saw this. Gu Yinye hesitated for a moment, but decided to change the itinerary and rush to eastern Guangdong. As for the registration on time, Qin Hanyong will explain the situation to the school.

After arriving at the hospital, Gu Yinye took the initiative to pay the hospital fees. After running for the old Zhang family, Axiu saw it all, but she never thought of bothering her husband’s comrades-in-arms. Now that Axiu gave birth to Zhang Fei’s flesh and blood, Gu Yinye saw that she was working hard with a child on her back, and his heart was particularly uncomfortable. At the same time, he remembered that Zhang Fei once talked about Cao Yuhai, a special hero who fought against US aggression and aided Korea. The other party’s wish before the sacrifice was to make his fiancee forget himself , and then find a lover to pursue happiness.

Because of this, Zhang Fei regretted that he should not marry Axiu, but Gu Yinye knew that the old and weak women and children in front of him were Zhang Fei’s only connection with this world. On the train returning to the army, Gu Yinye thought a lot, especially Axiu’s back crying at the end of the corridor, so he made up his mind to break up with Jiang Nanzheng and accompany Axiu to raise the child.

On the day when the freshmen of the Army Academy reported, the captain Li Shaobing came forward and gave a lecture, asking everyone to be strict with themselves before they could become ace soldiers. Xia Lin was personally recommended by Deputy Commander Wang of Army A and became a student of the Army Academy. Li Shaobing didn’t care about the backers behind Xia Lin. He treated them all equally, and they were all new steels that needed to be honed.

Gu Yinye returned to the academy without a word, and his mentality was very different from before. Under the questioning of Gao Liang, he had to tell Zhang’s mother truthfully. In Gu Yinye’s view, Kaoliang’s hypocritical care is useless, except for sighing and sighing, there is no substantive help. That woman who is soft on the outside and tough on the inside has given up her great youth and shoulders a heavy burden.

Seeing that Gu Yiye was getting more and more angry, Gao Liang pulled him aside to find a way, and by the way asked him how to deal with Jiang Nanzheng’s relationship. Because Gaoliang never left Jiangnan for three sentences, Gu Yinye mocked him if he liked each other, he could pursue it completely, so that the two had a conflict about it, and Gaoliang was so angry that Gaoliang dumped the noodles on Gu Yinye’s head and turned to leave.

This scene happened to be seen by Xia Lin and Gu Heng, who came to the school for class. Xia Lin’s identity as the student leader warned Gaoliang not to be confused, while Gu Heng enlightened his son why his problems were more serious than others, not because of weakness. but because of sensitivity. Compared with many people in the army who have been worn out of vulnerability and sensitivity, they have become rough and strong, so sensitivity can be regarded as a rare advantage, and it is exactly the tentacles and brains that the army needs.

In the days that followed, Gu Yinye devoted himself to his busy schoolwork and training. The road for soldiers to officers was not smooth. While feeling the changes in Gu Yinye, Gaoliang also decided to stay away from Jiangnanzheng and no longer get along with her.

On the date of the date, Gu Yinye went to see Jiang Nanzheng with a rose in his hand, and took her to a movie with his heart full of thoughts. For the time being, it was the first and last date. Soon the college organized a ball game for male students. Han Chunyu, as the cheerleader, took the initiative to call Gaoliang and said that he had written a letter to him.

Unexpectedly, Xia Lin got the letter and was about to give it to Sorghum, but was delayed due to the urgent gathering. On the basketball court, the female students cheered and cheered, watching the team with Gao Liang and Gu Yinye win. Jiang Nanzheng bought water for Gu Yinye and expressed his concern, but found that his expression seemed wrong.

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