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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 30 Recap

Xu Fengnian thanked Zhao Xi’an for taking care of his younger brother, and at the same time asked him about Xuanyuan’s family. It was nothing more than deliberately drawing in Beimu’s subordinates. As for the so-called ancestor Xuanyuan Dapan, I am afraid that it will become the biggest obstacle in his plan. Through Zhao Xi’an’s narration, Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni learned that although Xuanyuan Dapan’s surname was Xuanyuan, he did not come from his own family. He was only a guest of the Xuanyuan family back then, and later entered Zhuhuishan.

Since Xuanyuan Dapan is not his own family, his offspring’s bones and blood have gone through years of fighting in the world, and they will never survive. Even though he has resentment in his heart, he is still helpless. In the end, he is successful in divine power and has been immersed in the celestial phenomenon for many years. Xuanyuan family is regarded as the ancestor. But now Xuanyuan Dapan chose Xuanyuan Qingfeng for double cultivation, not only to break the Xuanyuan family’s direct lineage, but also to leave blood, so inheritance and revenge are both.

After Xuanyuan Qingfeng learned the truth, he tried to seek help from his mother, but Mrs. Xuanyuan was also unable to protect herself and could do nothing. The relationship between Xuanyuan Jingcheng and his wife had already existed in name only. He told the truth about Xuanyuan Dapan’s conspiracy and promised to protect his daughter.

As everyone knows, in Mrs. Xuanyuan’s eyes, his forbearance for many years is equivalent to a cowardly performance. He not only hates his indisputability, but also completely disappoints him. This also deeply affects Xuanyuan Qingfeng’s view of his father. Xuanyuan Qingfeng wanted to escape down the mountain, but was stopped by his second uncle Xuanyuan respectfully. Xuanyuan Qingfeng, who was still half-believing, finally believed.

Just because Xuanyuan Qingfeng had nowhere to go, Yuan Tingshan had the opportunity to take advantage of her. There were only two ways before her, either to fill the house for Xuanyuan Dapan, or to marry him as his wife. Yuan Tingshan didn’t intend for Xuanyuan Qingfeng, but wanted to get ahead. Only by entering Wending Pavilion to practice advanced techniques can he reach the summit of martial arts like Xuanyuan Dapan.

All in all, if Xuanyuan Dapan didn’t want to double cultivate with his granddaughter, Yuan Tingshan would have lost the opportunity to join Xuanyuan’s family, so this is the real reason why he didn’t tell Xuanyuan Qingfeng to return to the mountain in advance. Only by agreeing to marry yourself can you escape the clutches of your ancestors.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Jingcheng saw the family’s filth and filth, and planned to wait another five years to kill Xuanyuan Dapan, but now the ancestor takes the lead. The third brother Xuanyuan Jingxuan has not concealed his ambitions and thoughts of seizing power. It is already unobstructed. In order to keep his daughter’s reputation, Xuanyuan Jingcheng forced the mirror to reach the land immortal. When Wending Pavilion was empty, he flew out of Guniu Dagang and rushed directly to the surface of the Dragon King River, and to Longhu Mountain.

Both Li Chungang and Zhao Xituan had discovered that someone had sneaked in, but Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni didn’t know it yet. Xu Fengnian heard Xuanyuan Jingcheng’s sudden mention of Wu Su, and couldn’t help being furious.

Xuanyuan Jingcheng never made a move, but just followed Xu Fengnian’s Ling Yu’s knife to unload his strength. He dodged easily for a few rounds, and his body was indescribably light and graceful, including Xu Longxiang, who could perceive the arrival of the person without having to look at it. Good intentions, no evil thoughts. When these words were finished, Xu Fengnian knew that he was not close to him, so he simply took the knife and gave up.

After a misunderstanding was resolved, Xuanyuan Jingcheng talked about the reason, saying that there was a portrait of Wu Su in his house, which was painted by Mrs. Xuanyuan. It was only because he met Princess Beimu who was dressed as a man and fell in love at first sight. Draw the look. But Xuanyuan Jingcheng’s real intention was to seek refuge in Beimiao and use Beimiao’s power to protect his wife and daughter.

After all, Xuanyuan Jingcheng was forced to enter the country, and his skill was no better than the old ancestors, so he was ready to die together. However, Xuanyuan Qingfeng’s foundation is still insufficient, and he may not be able to take control of Huishan. Xu Fengnian’s help is needed. By then, the entire Xuanyuan family will be able to enter the north. Under his command, before and after the saddle.

Seeing Xuanyuan Jingcheng return to the mountain alone, threatening to kill Xuanyuan Jingxuan first, Jiang Ni asked Xu Fengnian what he planned to do. If he boarded Huishan within an hour as agreed, it would be tantamount to announcing the change of Xuanyuan’s family to the world. Everyone insisted on their own words. Xu Fengnian believed that since someone was going to be a bird and did not defend and counterattack, he was hitting his plan to control the Xuanyuan family. If he didn’t go up the mountain, it would be a missed opportunity. He immediately decided to let Fengziying follow him to “visit”.

At the same time, Xuanyuan respectfully coveted his sister-in-law for a long time, and now comes to molest again, Xuanyuan Qingfeng swears to protect his mother. Unexpectedly, before Xuanyuan respect came to please the ancestors, get the pill to fill the air, and easily subdued Xuanyuan Qingfeng, and was about to interrupt her hands and feet, fortunately Xuanyuan Jingcheng appeared in time.

Even though Xuanyuan Jing had entered Zhixuan, in Xuanyuan Jingcheng’s eyes, it was just a realm of uprooting seedlings and fostering growth. It was a tree without roots and was of no benefit to martial arts in the long run. At this time, there was heavy rain, and Xuanyuan Jingcheng walked over without any haste, clearly referring to Xuanyuan Jingxuan’s eyes in the Profound Realm, completely unable to use his skills.

In the end, Xuanyuan Jingcheng used Zhixuan to face Zhixuan, and easily eliminated Xuanyuanjing’s respect with one move, and cleared the obstacles for his daughter to take over Huishan. Mrs. Xuanyuan and his daughter were deeply shocked. They never expected that he was hidden away. They saw Xuanyuan Jingcheng take out a pot of wine to say goodbye, and when he left, he bluntly said that he did not regret marrying his wife that year.

Here Xu Fengnian and others came to Huishan, Xuanyuan Jingyi led the swordsman to stand at the door, and the two gangs fought hard. When Xuanyuan Qingfeng learned about Xu Fengnian’s going up the mountain, he decided to take him to Guniujiang Daxueping and watched his father kill Xuanyuan Dapan with his own eyes. However, Mrs. Xuanyuan refused to follow, sitting alone in the pavilion drinking, watching Xuanyuan Jingcheng’s poems on the wine glass, with mixed feelings.

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