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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 29 Recap

After the horse team left the city, they didn’t stay in Yangzhou, and went straight to the Taoist fairy capital Longhu Mountain. On the way, they met an old acquaintance, and this person was Xuanyuan Qingfeng, who had been on the road for three years. The so-called fate of one side was just that Xu Fengnian and Wen Hua passed through Huishan, and happened to meet the eldest lady who had been madly in the bustling city with fresh clothes.

Regardless of how Xu Fengnian viewed the irrationality in the past, he knew that Xuanyuan Qingfeng was angry enough, otherwise he would not let his servants chase Xu Fengnian and Wen Hua for a few streets. In the end, the two were carried by the old Huang and ran away. . Now Xu Fengnian met the other party on a narrow road and was so scared that he hid in the carriage and did not dare to show up, causing Jiang Ni to mistakenly believe that Xu Fengnian owed a romantic debt outside, and behaved strangely at him.

Because Xuanyuan Qingfeng traveled all the year round outside, he was contaminated with the rashness, and this seemingly mad woman was also from the Xuanyuan family. Everyone knows that Jianzhou has “Dragon Tiger in Jiangxi and Xuanyuan in Jiangdong”. The Xuanyuan family, which occupies more than half of Huishan, has a foundation for hundreds of years. The status and prestige should not be underestimated.

Xuanyuan Qingfeng was born in the long house and was a big sect. Unfortunately, his father Xuanyuan Jingcheng was unsatisfied. Not only did he not accept the deliberate cultivation of his ancestors, but he stayed in Zang Wuxuan to read books on weekdays. Become a family joke. The children under his family were renegade and changed their families one after another. They all went to the other two flourishing rooms. Xuanyuan Jingcheng’s family seemed lonely and lonely, and even his daughter had a very bad relationship with him.

The other two rooms are respected by the second uncle Xuanyuan. They seem to be calm and serious, rarely show up, and only obey orders from the ancestors; the third uncle Xuanyuan Jingxuan, in fact, is determined to forge ahead, and his martial arts talent is particularly amazing, only one short of the realm of the master. The layer of paper, therefore, is domineering in Huishan. Because of the lack of strength of the long house, he has been in charge of the family business in recent years.

While Xu Fengnian and the others were talking here, Zhao Kai met a mysterious man wearing a hat at the fork in the road. Although the other party took the lead, he couldn’t beat the golden armor beside him and simply continued to sleep. Until Xuanyuan Qingfeng led his men to appear, he finally got up and stopped in the middle of the road, and cut everyone around her to the sword in twos or twos.

The man in the hat was Yuan Tingshan, a visitor to Xuanyuan’s family, and he was also ordered by Xuanyuan Jingcheng to prevent Xuanyuan Qingfeng from returning to the mountain. At the critical moment, Shu Xiu and Ning Emei came to help Xuanyuan Qingfeng repulse Yuan Tingshan in time under Xu Fengnian’s signal. They cooperated properly and knocked each other unconscious with one palm.

Unexpectedly, after a turn around, Jin Jia had dragged Yuan Tingshan away and disappeared without a trace. Zhao Kai intended to win over Yuan Tingshan, but Yuan Tingshan refused decisively at first, but when he learned that the man was actually the son of Bei Miao, he knew that if he did not act first, it would be difficult for Bei Miao to let him go, so he agreed to cooperate in assassinating Xu Fengnian.

At the same time, Xu Fengnian and others set off again, Xuanyuan Qingfeng was accompanying her. Originally, she went to Longhu Mountain to visit Longhu Mountain to relax. By the way, she caught a rumored thousand-year-old salamander, but it was a pity that she finally returned without success. When she came back from the mountain, she encountered such a mess, and met Xu Fengnian, the elder son of Bei Miao, and couldn’t help but sneered and laughed at Bei Miao’s vain attempt to reach out into Huishan.

Jiang Ni took the opportunity to ask Xu Fengnian about Xuanyuan’s family, and he learned something about the situation. During this period, when the convoy stopped to rest, Blue Bird delivered food to Xu Fengnian. Li Chungang noticed that Xuanyuan Qingfeng went to the dense forest alone, and he was in private with Yuan Tingshan. Meet. According to Yuan Tingshan, the reason why Xuanyuan Jingcheng refused to let her daughter go home was because her ancestors called her into the Wending Pavilion to pass on martial arts.

In Xuanyuan Qingfeng’s eyes, this was a great thing, so he couldn’t figure out the reason his father blocked him in all kinds of ways. As everyone knows, the old Patriarch Xuanyuan is proficient in the art of the room, harvesting yin and replenishing yang for decades. The eldest daughter-in-law doubles up and now chooses her as the furnace. At this time in Cangwuxuan, Xuanyuan Jingcheng learned through his second brother that his daughter was under the mountain, pretending to be calm on the surface, and anxious in his heart, so he had to take a boat with Xuanyuan Jingxuan to pick up people.

The big Huishan boat went up along the stream and merged into the Dragon King River. It was near the middle of the river. Not far from Xuanyuanjing City, a pair of masters and apprentices were walking slowly on a bamboo raft. The youngsters sitting on a fishing boat were astonishing. On the contrary, Xuanyuan Jingxuan had no discerning eye, unable to see why, and soon noticed the niece on the bank.

After Xuanyuan Qingfeng bid farewell to Xu Fengnian briefly, he rode aboard and boarded the boat. Xu Fengnian saw his brother Xu Longxiang and immediately waved his hand. With the help of Li Chungang, the two-sleeved green snake flew onto the bamboo raft. Xuanyuan Jingxuan, who had mistaken Xu Fengnian as a person who was in the limelight, was surprised to learn his true identity.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Jingcheng still looked indifferent, but he kept casting his eyes on Xu Fengnian, with deep meaning inside, which made Xu Fengnian look more and secretly write down this person. To welcome Xuanyuan Qingfeng, Xuanyuan, who has never been able to leave, waited for a long time in front of the clan gate to remind her to enter Wending Pavilion tomorrow. In the Xiaoyao Temple of Longhushan, Xu Fengnian and Zhao Xituan were grilling fish, and Li Chungang praised Xu Longxiang’s roots, but if they entered the country, there would be a catastrophe.

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