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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 20 Recap

President Ma was aggressive. Even if Bao Xiaohan did not do this, he had no way to refute it. He could only reiterate that he had not done it. He was really sad when the plan appeared on the Marquis table. To hand over to people again. Speaking of this, Bao Xiaohan simply opened up. President Ma and Hou Zhirong drew a huge cake to dig him up.

In the end, they promised nothing and made wedding dresses for others, so far they don’t even have basic trust. . Bao Xiaohan resigned in a fit of anger, and Hou Zhirong was even more convinced of this matter, thinking that Bao Xiaohan needed money to steal documents and leave, which was exactly what President Ma wanted to see.

Bao Xiaohan left, and there was a lot of discussion in the company, but the marquis didn’t believe that Bao Xiaohan did this, but he didn’t know who to suspect for a while. Hou Zhirong asked everyone to come up with a new design plan as soon as possible, and took Bao Xiaohan’s case as a warning. Lan Qi invited Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi to come to the company’s newly opened hotel for a test stay. Both of them knew that he was here for Wu Shiyi, and they didn’t know whether they should go or not.

Wu Shiyi carefully analyzed the documents, and intuitively told her that these things were not aimed at the Marquis, but at Hou Zhirong. But the marquis didn’t think so, let alone doubted Mr. Ma. He felt that the relationship between Heze and Mr. Ma was better than his.

Hai Xing, who had done something wrong, was subconsciously nervous even when he caught the thief on the road, and then comforted himself that it was only once, not the next example. Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi came to Lanqi’s hotel to experience together. Lanqi arranged two very beautiful sea-view rooms for them.

Zhang Yingnan was so happy that Wu Shiyi saw Zhang Yingnan’s Moments and asked him a message, but he didn’t expect them. They were all at Lan Qi’s place, so I quickly sent a message to express my gratitude, Lan Qi replied ambiguous, “If you’re happy, I’ll be happy.” The marquis subconsciously became nervous when he heard the name Lan Qi, and scolded Lan Qi for being mean.

Wu Tianyi thinks that Lan Qi’s meaning is very clear. The most important thing is that he has a good career and has a relationship with Wu Shiyi. Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi are very satisfied and determined to clear the obstacles between them. The Marquis invited Chen Chen and the others to go out to play, and he also made a big meal for them. He brought a lot of things.

He deliberately said in front of Wu Shiyi that cooking was a good tool for girls. . The Marquis quickly explained to Sister Zhang that he was using aggressive tactics against Wu Shiyi. Chen Chen let Wu Shiyi and his cook, Da Zhuang, ride in the same car. Although the Marquis was unhappy, he still compromised.

Unexpectedly, Chen Chen still wanted to match Wu Shiyi and Da Zhuang, so he deliberately called Da Zhuang and said that Wu Shiyi was the marquis’ valet. . Da Zhuang was very grateful, and hurriedly launched a blind date-style self-introduction with Wu Shiyi. Wu Shiyi saw the signs long ago, so he deliberately interrupted. Chen Chen’s eavesdropping was unsatisfactory, but he had already made up his mind to arrange Wu Shiyi.

Chen Chen asked the Marquis to live in the same suite as himself. Wu Shiyi took the lead in checking the room out of his own duties, and then left with his room card. However, Wu Shiyi and Da Zhuang were also placed in the same room by Chen Chen, and the Marquis hurriedly drove Da Zhuang out after finding out. It didn’t take long for Chen Chen to bring Da Zhuang in to quarrel with Wu Shiyi. The marquis quickly protected Wu Shiyi.

There are differences between men and women. How can they sleep together in this room with only one bed! When Miss Chen Chen got angry, she told Wu Shiyi to get out, and threatened the two companies not to cooperate any more. Wu Shiyi wanted to compromise, but if it was a big deal, she would sleep on the sofa. However, the marquis argued with Chen Chen arrogantly and pulled Wu Shiyi out of the room.

Wu Shiyi was very moved by Marquis’s approach. In the past, there were clients who misunderstood her occupation, so her psychological endurance was cultivated step by step. Sister Zhang heard that this matter was a grievance for Wu Shiyi, and she also called the Marquis unreliable. The Marquis did not expect that the aggressive method he used had become like this.

Wu Shiyi received a series of messages from her parents, persuading her to come to Lan Qi as an executive and stop being so tired. Wu Shiyi was exhausted physically and mentally, and asked the Marquis whether he wanted to choose a smooth or bumpy road. Wu Shiyi said it casually, but the Marquis was more enthusiastic.

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