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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 19 Recap

Hai Xing still looks at Qian Qian’s circle of friends every day. After reading it, she couldn’t help but send her a message, and even went to the place where Qian Qian lived in the mansion. Hai Xing successfully entered the community disguised as a deliveryman, and happened to see Qian Qian’s family strolling outside preparing to go out.

After Qian Qian and the others left, Hai Xing tried every way to get in through the window, and happened to see Hou Zhirong’s photo in the room, and a heart was drawn on the back of the photo. In the next few days, Hai Xing was always in a state of despair, perhaps because of tight money, or because he wanted to take revenge on Hou Zhirong.

He actually agreed to the text message to let him steal the documents, and then called the Marquis and said he wanted to invite him to dinner. Starfish has always been a stubborn iron rooster, but the Marquis was stunned when he suddenly wanted to invite him to dinner.

In the evening, Hai Xing borrowed wine to relieve his worries, and the Marquis didn’t know how to persuade him. Wu Shiyi also said that Hai Xing was not the type that Qian Qian liked anyway, so there was no need to feel sad. But Hai Xing knows who this person is, and Hai Xing doesn’t recognize it from the bottom of his heart, and he doesn’t deserve it at all!

Wu Shiyi and the Marquis didn’t know who this person was after listening to it for a long time, and Hai Xing couldn’t tell. The most important thing was that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t compare to Hou Zhirong’s hair, and it was because of this that he knew that he was worthy of his life. Not on money.

The drunk starfish was carried back to the room by Wu Shiyi, the marquis, and the doll. He was still talking about money and money in his drowsiness, saying that unrequited love is also love. Haixing is the boss of the doll, but he is so kind to all the employees. The doll came out of the countryside and he is the first person who treats him well. Seeing the appearance of Haixing trapped in love, the doll is also very sad. Why can’t the person he likes It’s her.

Hou Zhirong still planned to let the Marquis do this big project, and even wanted him to make some changes in Bao Xiaohan’s plan to make it his own, and especially told Mr. Ma not to let others know. President Ma sent the documents to the marquis, and Bao Xiaohan saw him lock the documents in the cabinet, and he was a little suspicious.

Immediately afterwards, Hai Xing received a message from President Ma, telling him to get the documents as planned, and the deposit has been paid. Hai Xing received the money, and asked the Marquis to have dinner at noon. After the Marquis and Wu Shiyi left, Bao Xiaohan looked at the keys on the table and the safe again. It was inevitable that he had some ideas, but in the end he didn’t do anything. Hai Xing pretended to go out to deliver food, but actually went to Zhirong Construction quietly.

Wu Shiyi and Marquis came over and were told that Haixing was out. They called Haixing and said that in their company, Marquis had been slipped around and had to go back. Haixing took this gap to successfully get the documents. After the Marquis came back, Haixing left in a hurry. Soon the Marquis discovered that the design drawings were missing.

President Ma and Hou Zhirong checked the monitoring with great fanfare. During that time, only Hai Xing and Bao Xiaohan stayed in the Marquis’s office. But Hai Xing had no motive. Hou Zhirong suspected Bao Xiaohan. From the beginning, he thought that Bao Xiaohan was a person who valued fame and fortune. Wu Shiyi has always remained sober and calm, the truth has not been found out, Hai Xing and Bao Xiaohan are both possible, but the Marquis believes in the brothers here.

Hai Xing returned to the hotel in a panic with the document in his hand, and he was relieved when he returned to the room with the bag and hid the document. Hou Zhirong and President Ma called Bao Xiaohan to ask questions, with a very serious attitude. Bao Xiaohan was kept in the dark and didn’t understand what was going on. After learning about this, Bao Xiaohan also realized that they were doubting themselves, and their attitude became much more impatient.

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