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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 21 Recap

After this battle, Gu Yinye and Gaoliang were rated as fighting heroes and first-class merits respectively. However, when Gu Yinye learned about this through Jiangnan Expedition, he was not surprised. Instead, he asked those martyrs who died how to evaluate their merits. Jiang Nanzheng didn’t know how to respond to these remarks, so he simply encouraged Gu Yinye to look forward and study to complete his dream.

Unexpectedly, just after Jiang Nanzheng finished speaking, Gu Yinye immediately put down the phone and sat alone on the stone steps until it was dark. Sorghum came over to appease Gu Yinye and took the initiative to talk about his experience of fighting alone. Gao Liang asked Gu Yinye to visit Jiang Nanzheng. Although he understood that he was sad to lose his comrade-in-arms, if there was no Jiangnan Zheng risking his death to connect and listen to the enemy’s information, he would not have saved the lives of his twenty-six brothers.

Under Sorghum’s severe rebuke, Gu Yinye realized that he had been immersed in sadness in recent days, and thus ignored the feelings of others, so he ran to the division headquarters overnight to find Jiang Nanzheng and apologized to her in person. The two were reconciled as before, sitting side by side and looking up at the sky, chatting about the past and regrets, ideals and beliefs, future and hope, and working together for the future.

The next morning, Gao Liang and Gu Yinye changed into new military uniforms and went to the company’s history room. They learned from Qin Hanyong that they would face an unprecedented disarmament. For example, the field army of the nine companies, mainly infantry, will usually be reorganized into a multi-armed group army. At that time, the firepower, assault power and maneuverability of the group army will also be greatly improved, and their combined training and combat capabilities under modern conditions are also improved. need to be strengthened.

The selection of military personnel will follow the standards of the four modernizations, so talent development has become a top priority. The army will select a group of soldiers who have performed outstandingly in this operation and send them to colleges for study, and they will be directly promoted as long as they come out. Qin Hanyong sighed that they had four pockets not long after they joined the company, which made him a little jealous.

Although he said so, Qin Hanyong was proud of these two soldiers from the bottom of his heart. After all, they were the top soldiers from his Nine Company. In addition, Qin Hanyong said that several lines and poles in the logistics warehouse had fallen down, so the communication company would send someone to re-lay the lines. He asked Gu Yinye and Gaoliang to help dig the pits, and by the way, they could strengthen the relationship and deepen their friendship.

However, both Gao Liang and Gu Yinye had seen Qin Hanyong’s careful thinking, but they were just using the company’s co-construction as a guise. Sure enough, Qin Hanyong knew that he couldn’t hide it, and simply admitted that he was old and it was time to start a family. In the afternoon, the female soldiers of the Communication Company came to help, and Gaoliang left knowingly, deliberately creating opportunities for Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yinye.

This time, Jiang Nanzheng successfully obtained the post-graduate places with the first ranking, and decided to apply for the College of Communication. Just because Gu Yinye had talked about the army communication technology before, she was very yearning, so she gave up becoming a singer and dancer. At the same time, Gaoliang chatted with Han Chunyu that he was going to apply for the College of Engineering. After all, the College of Engineering had many underprivileged children, and without the virtues of those from the great courtyard, Han Chunyu might have no hope of further education.

Since the head of the regiment had informed Axiu of Zhang Fei’s sacrifice, and at the same time agreed to let Axiu bring Zhang Fei’s ashes back to his hometown, and appointed nine soldiers to escort him, Gu Yinye was finally selected. On the day when Axiu came to pick up Zhang Fei, it was raining heavily, and all the soldiers of the Nine Company saluted solemnly and watched Axiu drive away.

Back in the office, Qin Hanyong explained to Gu Yinye about further studies. Originally, Jiulian had four places, thinking that they could all come in handy. Who would have thought that the other companies did not agree at all, and they all reported to their superiors that they believed that the number of people in the nine companies was too large, so the proportion of the military academies was too large, so after a balance in the battalion, the four places became three, except for the other two, the remaining One needs to be chosen between Gu Yiye and Sorghum.

In fact, Qin Hanyong’s meaning is obvious, that is, he wants to recommend Gu Yinye to the military academy. After all, he is excellent in all aspects and is a good seedling worth training. However, Gaoliang was very angry when he heard the news, insisting on going to school, and even if he kowtowed, he had to take back the places that were removed.

That night, Qin Hanyong came to the barracks to talk to Gaoliang, gradually understood why he wanted to go to school, felt guilty about it, and promised to go to the division headquarters tomorrow to help him get a place. But now Gaoliang’s mood has gradually calmed down, and he knows that the military orders cannot be changed. On the other hand, Niu Mancang, who was lying on the upper bunk, listened to the whole process of the conversation between the two, and after Qin Hanyong left, he felt that Sorghum always made him suffer.

When Gu Yinye sent Axiu home, he passed by the cinema in the town and found her standing at the entrance of the cinema in a daze. Axiu remembered that the first movie she and Zhang Fei watched was Sanjie Liu on the poster in front of her. Unfortunately, she saw a sudden power outage halfway through, and she didn’t know how it would end.

Because of this, Gu Yinye bought a ticket to invite Axiu to watch the movie, but unexpectedly, the man in the front row saw Axiu crying while holding the urn. Gu Yinye angrily punched the man. Unexpectedly, it caused the anger of the surrounding audience. Axiu accidentally knocked off the urn while pushing, but fortunately, Gu Yinye picked it up in time.

Seeing the chaotic scene, Gu Yinye held Zhang Fei’s urn and explained the real situation to everyone, and the reason why they could watch the movie safely here is all because of the martyrs who fought bloody on the front line. Everyone was moved by Gu Yinye’s words, and the man apologized from the bottom of his heart. An old man asked the name of the martyr and asked his granddaughter to salute. Everyone also paid tribute to the hero and bowed deeply.

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