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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 20 Recap

Zheng Yuan suddenly visited Lao Jiu Lian for two reasons, one wanted to visit everyone, and the other was to inform Qin Hanyong that he was about to be transferred back to the 700 regiment he was thinking of. He made an exception and went to the military academy to sign up for a crash course, and came out to serve as the battalion commander of the second battalion.

On the other side, Gu Yinye was recording the roster of soldiers, only to learn that He Bing in the hospital died of serious injuries. Thinking that the entire company survived a total of 27 people, and even half of them were in the hospital, Gu Yinye’s mentality collapsed again. Gao Liang came in to comfort Gu Yinye, but at the end of the conversation, he was also saddened. The two sat on the ground recalling the past and couldn’t cry themselves.

Qin Hanyong considered that the impact on the soldiers was too great this time, and he was unable to get out of the shadow of the pain, so he asked Zheng Yuan for instructions to team up with the nine and three companies, so that it would not be too deserted. Zheng Yuan understood Qin Hanyong’s thoughts, and planned to invite the soldiers to a light meal tonight, and asked Qin Hanyong to prepare some hard liquor.

After arriving in class 9, Zheng Yuan saw Niu Mancang sitting at the table with his head down. Except for him, Gaoliang, and Gu Yiye, the other beds had long been empty. Zheng Yuan soothed Niu Mancang’s emotions. When he heard the situation of Zhang Fei, the platoon leader, and looked at the empty bed in front of him, he felt very uncomfortable.

During dinner in the evening, more than a dozen people were sitting neatly on both sides of the table, and the teacher, Zheng Yuan, was directly on top. In this extremely depressing atmosphere, Zheng Yuan took the lead in toasting and drank it, and so did the others, only Gu Yinye poured the wine on the ground to mourn the sacrificed comrades.

It is said that men don’t cry easily, but men’s tears often flow in their hearts, so Zheng Yuan made an exception to let everyone cry happily and eat and drink openly. Qin Hanyong calmly called Gaoliang away and told him to look at the head of the point. At this time, Gu Yinye came out to ask Qin Hanyong for leave. He was really not in the mood to drink again. By the way, he handed him the roster of soldiers’ merits, and Qin Hanyong also found the roster. There is no Gu Yinye on the list, but all sacrificed soldiers. Qin Hanyong pointed out that it is unrealistic to evaluate merits like this, and those who survived are equally meritorious.

While the two were talking, Zheng Yuan came to Qin Hanyong and Gu Yinye, urging them to go back to eat first, and then go to work after half an hour. Zheng Yuan returned to the cafeteria to name Gu Yinye, and asked Gaoliang to bring a broken banner with the words “Life and Death Together” written on it.

With the introduction of Gao Liang, everyone learned that these five words were written by Gu Yinye himself. Zheng Yuan affirmed and praised him on the spot, praising him for facing many times more enemies, even if the battle was very fierce, he could still lead all his comrades in arms. They rushed out of the siege, and also praised each soldier one by one. They recklessly charged the enemy, existed for war, and took peace as the ultimate goal.

Due to the outstanding achievements of the Jiu Company in this battle, the 720th Regiment insisted on the title of the Hero Company of the position to the division headquarters. Zheng Yuan suggested that life and death should be changed together. Qin Hanyong also stated that if the Jiu Company could be rated as a meritorious company, he would not Consider returning to the 700th Regiment, but continue to stay.

Everyone changed their depressed mood just now, and now their blood was boiling. Zhao Hongying hurried in from the door, abiding by the previous promise, and hugging Qin Hanyong in public. Facing the sudden hug, Qin Hanyong was both surprised and delighted. The affection between the two was clearly seen in everyone’s eyes, and they applauded to create an atmosphere.

The dinner party tonight was very successful. All the officers and soldiers of the Nine Company seemed to be alive. Zheng Yuan was also very happy when he left, which made Chen Dashan and Song Jianshe feel relieved. Qin Hanyong attributed the credit to Gaoliang. Without his suggestion, the situation tonight would not have happened. By the way, he suggested to Chen Dashan that the group deal with the notification of Zhang Fei’s death as soon as possible. After all, Axiu stayed in the town’s guest house for more than ten days. , waiting for a result.

Qin Hanyong and Gu Yinye came to the hostel and found that sorghum had visited Axiu with a large bag and a small roll. Axiu also prepared many special products from the mountains for the soldiers, as well as ginger candy tablets to treat Gu Yinye’s cough. In fact, Axiu had already sensed something was wrong. After so many days, how could Zhang Fei’s good comrades and leaders deliberately avoid mentioning it unless something happened.

Axiu knew that fighting was bound to be dangerous, but she was always reluctant to think about the worst outcome, even if she was disabled and unable to move, at least she was still alive. It’s a pity that good luck makes people, Axiu finally waited for Zhang Fei to do it, and before they got the marriage report, they were completely separated.

In the dormitory of Class 9, there were only the last three people left. Gu Yinye sat on Zhang Fei’s bed, recalling the past bit by bit. Yong is the same. From then on, Niu Mancang stayed in the barracks during the day without speaking, and went to stand guard at night for three whole nights without rest.

The instructor was worried that Niu Mancang’s health could not take it, so he asked Qin Hanyong to help persuade him, but unfortunately no one came to fruition. Later, the instructor took the initiative to chat with Niu Mancang about Shu Jiagui, two boys who grew up in the same village and joined the army together. The instructor took out Shu Jiagui’s letter to Niu Mancang. This was the last word he left to his good brother. Although it was only a short line, it was enough to make Niu Mancang burst into tears.

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