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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 18 Recap

Love is not something that can be obtained by hard work, nor is it something that can be rewarded by effort. Wu Shiyi said this, but his eyes looked at the Marquis. Chen Chen’s daughter, Chen Chen, had just returned to China, and she came to discuss with Hou Zhirong about the further development of the relationship between the two families.

Marquis and Chen Chen were of the same age, and they both studied abroad to study design. Hou Zhirong was of course willing to call him immediately.

During lunch time, Hou Zhirong and the Marquis talked about this, and unexpectedly, the Marquis agreed to have a blind date with Chen Chen. But the Marquis did this because the drunkard’s intention was not the pig. As soon as Hou Zhirong left, he ran to Wu Shiyi and said that he was introduced to a super beautiful woman this time, and the two were childhood sweethearts. Decided to give up Wu Shi. Wu Shiyi did not show any unhappy emotions, and the Marquis was a little depressed.

Haixing received a text message saying that there was a chance to make a fortune. Haixing thought it was a liar and ignored it. He didn’t expect that the other party wanted the plan of Zhirong Construction, and the price was 100,000. Starfish is vigilant, he will not betray the Marquis. But the other party didn’t give up and offered a price of 500,000 yuan, indicating that he had time to think about it.

And the person who sent the text message was President Ma. The Marquis came to have a blind date with Chen Chen, playing tricks like a child to make Wu Shiyi jealous, but Wu Shiyi remained unmoved. In her eyes, the Marquis was just a child. Chen Chen also brought two friends, Lily and Coco. The Marquis recognized the wrong person as soon as he came up, and the scene was very embarrassing.

The Marquis coaxed the girls to be happy. Seeing Wu Shiyi over there watching the scenery calmly, he immediately fed Chen Chen a snack. Unexpectedly, Wu Shiyi still didn’t respond. When he left, the Marquis specially introduced Chen Chen to Wu Shiyi, and Chen Chen put on a lofty attitude and asked her to help him take good care of the Marquis. Wu Shiyi was neither humble nor arrogant, this was her job.

Chen Chen’s impression of the Marquis was very good. He was a little fat man when he was a child, but now he has become so handsome. Aojiao told President Chen that she agreed with the Marquis to pursue her. Hou Zhirong and Qian Qian still maintained a sweet state, and they once again made an appointment to meet at the playground.

Qian Qian talked about his dreams and how happy she was now. Hou Zhirong enjoyed the time with her very much. After all, his life was very boring except for work. The appearance of Qian Qian gave him a new lease of life. Hou Zhirong can give Qian Qian the life he wants. He proposed to let Qian Qian resign, move to a villa area, buy a car, and start the life of his dreams. Qian Qian did not agree easily, and she still had to reconsider this kind of life.

The Marquis suddenly received a call from Hai Xing saying that his car was sinking, and the Marquis and Wu Shiyi rushed over in the heavy rain. But the marquis’s fear of the deep sea suddenly hit at this moment, and the starfish also yelled for them to help get the car out. The Marquis remained unresponsive, Wu Shiyi asked him to control the rope, and she went to drive.

Hai Xing cried out for help, but the shadow of childhood shrouded the Marquis. He couldn’t even hear what Hai Xing was saying, but fortunately, the car was rescued in the end. The Marquis was afraid of water, and Wu Shiyi also saw it. She comforted the Marquis that it was nothing. Many people were afraid of water, and everyone would have their own weaknesses. But she did not expect that the reason why the Marquis was afraid of water was that his mother died in the water, and he was by his side at the time, so this fear could not be overcome.

The marquis said that his mother sacrificed herself to save him, and he was the one who gave him his life twice. This is the knot of the Marquis’s heart for a long time, and he finally confided his heart in front of Wu Shiyi. This is also the reason why he went to the rescue. He wanted to do his best to help everyone in need and save every life.

Qian Qian is still immersed in his own happiness, because Hou Zhirong made his childhood dream life become a reality. Although the starfish’s car was rescued, there is a high probability that it cannot be repaired.

Starfish’s mobile phone was flooded and replaced with a new one. As soon as I opened the Moments, I saw Qian Qian was basking in happiness. I was so angry that I immediately called the Marquis to complain. When the marquis saw Qian Qianfa’s photo, he remembered that Hou Zhirong also had a house there. At this time, he was still distressed by Hai Xing, and he never thought that Qian Qian lived in his own villa.

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