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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 17 Recap

Wu Shiyi put on a white dress, and her hairstyle and makeup were carefully designed. The moment she appeared, the Marquis’s eyes were straight, and he looked up and down at Wu Shiyi, who was very different from the past. The Marquis was embarrassed to give it, so he asked Amy to give Wu Eleven a whole set of skin care products.

Amy also told Wu Eleven that her clothes and shoes were all requested by the Marquis. Dapeng didn’t want to attend today’s wedding. It was Li Xuemei who found the invitation and dragged him over. Seeing them coming, Wu Shifa and the boys were very disgusted.

Wu Shiyi specifically told the Marquis before entering the venue that today is her best friend’s wedding, and she must not do anything messy! The classmates scoffed at Li Xuemei and Dapeng and his wife, but seeing Wu Shiyi enthusiastically surrounding him, Dapeng couldn’t help but look at Wu Shiyi, who was radiant today, and felt even more uncomfortable. After seeing Dapeng, the marquis proposed to bring up the matter of streaking.

At this time, Lan Qi came over. Wu Shiyi was dragged to chat. Next to Wu Shiyi, Marquis Naihe was a stubborn guy, and he stubbornly pestered him to go to the toilet. The two met Dapeng in the toilet. When Dapeng came out of the bathroom, he happened to meet Wu Shiyi, who was not at ease, and pointed to the inside awkwardly. Lan Qi and the marquis came out one after the other, Lan Qi sincerely praised Wu Shiyi for being beautiful today.

At the beginning of the wedding, the Marquis insisted on going on stage to join in the fun, saying that he was a friend of Wu Shiyi, and he wanted to use this occasion to speak his mind. The Marquis likes a girl and hopes that she will accompany him in the future, and this person is Wu Shiyi. The crowd on the field cheered one after another, and Wu Shiyi could not wait to pull the Marquis down immediately, but the master of ceremonies also added a fire. The Marquis went on to say that maybe what he did before was a little unreliable, but this time he was very serious, and Sansheng was fortunate to meet you.

Seeing the crowd shouting “together”, Li Xuemei took the microphone on the stage with a sallow face and announced to Dapeng that he was going to be a father, and even if the whole world turned against him, they would always stand by his side. The atmosphere was interrupted, and the audience was a little puzzled by this sudden scene. Then Wu Shiyi also came to the stage to send blessings to the newcomers. At the same time, he also wished Dapeng and Li Xuemei sincerely. On the way back, the Marquis kept praising Wu Shi. A noble character, even on such an occasion, he can even take the stage to help his ex-boyfriend out of the siege.

But when asked about the confession, Wu Shiyi suddenly said hesitantly that this matter has been turned over, they can’t be, it has nothing to do with Lan Qi, Wu Shiyi gave one reason is that the company has regulations not to fall in love with customers. Sister Zhang was very excited to hear the Marquis and Wu Shiyi’s confession, and told him that he must not give up. Wu Shiyi received a message from Lan Qi, and he remembered the unforgettable scene when Wu Shiyi confessed to her when the New Year bell rang when he was just entering school.

At the meeting, the Marquis supported Bao Xiaohan’s design plan, but Hou Zhirong thought that he was deliberately demolishing the platform. The opportunity to make a name for yourself is given to others. The Marquis disagreed, but Hou Zhirong would never hand over this big project to others easily. He pushed Bao Xiaohan and the others out just to serve as cannon fodder for the Marquis. The Marquis sneered, no matter what, he wanted to be magnanimous. Wu Shiyi thought that the Marquis did the right thing, and Bao Xiaohan also thanked him for his recognition. Wu Shiyi planned to find an opportunity to return the clothes to Amy, but the Marquis waved his hand and said that he had given her away.

Hai Xing was not in a good mood, so he invited the marquis to drink and spit out his bitterness. He just wanted to chase a girl, how could he end up being a toad and want to eat swan meat. Wu Shiyi didn’t know that he was talking about money, so he stayed outside to watch the fun. The Marquis asked Haixing to continue, but Wu Shiyi persuaded him to give up things that were fruitless. Love is something that cannot be achieved without hard work.

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