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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 19 Recap

Sorghum climbed to the cliff alone, attracting the enemy’s firepower while fighting back tirelessly, and soon fell into the situation of running out of ammunition and food. When he used up all the grenades, he finally lost his mind. He peeled off the toffee and threw it into his mouth, and resolutely jumped off the cliff.

At the same time, under the leadership of Gu Yinye, the third squad of the nine companies successfully broke out of the siege, but also suffered heavy casualties. The atmosphere at the scene was deadly and lifeless. Gu Yinye was responsible for taking care of the wounded and calming everyone’s emotions. Considering that Zhang Fei had already given the stretcher to others, he planned to make a stretcher himself.

Unexpectedly, a camouflaged trigger thunder was hidden in the ruins. Gu Yinye wanted to lift the door panel, but accidentally touched it. Zhang Fei flew towards him when he saw it, and protected him under him. After a loud bang, Zhang Fei sacrificed on the spot, Gu Yinye opened his eyes with difficulty, and wanted to approach Zhang Fei, but unfortunately he fell into a coma.

Jiang Nanzheng hurried to find Gu Yinye when he heard the news, only to see him sitting beside him in a daze, not responding to her concern at all. Until the doctor announced Zhang Fei’s death, Gu Yinye’s mood completely collapsed, Jiang Weixing hugged him tightly, and wept bitterly.

After experiencing, witnessing or encountering the departure and sacrifice of one comrade after another, especially the sacrifice of Zhang Fei, many people have suffered from mild post-traumatic stress syndrome, including Gu Yiye. Jiang Nanzheng knew that he needed time to heal, and sooner or later he would come out of the shadow of the war. Six months later, she came to the battlefield hospital again, and suddenly heard the familiar sound of a harmonica, followed the sound and saw the dead sorghum.

The two reunited after a long absence. When they saw each other again, Jiang Nanzheng was so excited that he immediately jumped into Kaoliang’s arms and burst into tears. Sorghum took out the last toffee left, and told that he thought he would die if he jumped off a cliff, but he still held his breath. Fortunately, he met a cow full of warehouses. .

Seeing that Gaoliang’s waist was seriously injured, Jiang Nanzheng was very distressed, but he still looked like a hippie smile. On the contrary, since witnessing Zhang Fei’s death in front of him, Gu Yinye has regretted and blamed himself every day for it, always blaming himself for this incident, and was locked in the room without seeing anyone.

Jiang Nanzheng hoped that Gaoliang could persuade Gu Yiye to stop being bullshit, but Gaoliang believed that he needed Jiang Nanzheng’s care and enlightenment more. In fact, Gaoliang really wanted to take this opportunity to express his confession to Jiang Nanzheng, but due to Gu Yinye’s sake, he couldn’t say some words. Even if he fantasized about Jiang Nanzheng throwing himself into his arms, the result was nothing.

With the triumphant return of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Division, the leaders of August Town organized a grand welcome ceremony. In this battle, the Nine Company completely got rid of the history of the Zhazi Company and became the well-known Hero Company. But Gu Yinye took the initiative to apply to Lu Pingfan to be transferred to Yilian.

When passing through August Town, the Divisional Reconnaissance Company insisted on jumping in front of the Nine Company, and even had a dispute with the Seventy-Twenty Regiment. Song Jianshe angrily rebuked Xia Lin for not relying on the support of the division to be unscrupulous. They sacrificed more than 300 comrades in the 720th regiment, and their performance on the battlefield was no worse than anyone else’s, and no one could surpass the 9th company.

But in a moment, the Nine Company with only a dozen people left appeared in front of everyone. Gu Yinye passed the crowd with the flag held high. The traces of the war on the flag were still there. honor. Although Gu Yiye was in grief, he still straightened his spine and walked forward with his head held high. The wounded, including Qin Hanyong, represented the spirit of Jiulian.

Axiu had been waiting outside the army gate for a long time, watching the military vehicles passing by, and finally recognized Qin Hanyong sitting in the passenger seat. When she asked Qin Hanyong about Zhang Fei’s whereabouts, Qin Hanyong didn’t know how to express it. Gu Yinye and others all bowed their heads and dared not face Axiu’s eyes. Qin Hanyong concealed Zhang Fei’s sacrifice for the time being, and asked Axiu to go back to the guest house first, and he would go to her with the instructor tonight to explain the situation.

Today’s Jiulian’s vitality is severely damaged, and everyone returns to the familiar camp again, as if the voices and smiles of the comrades in arms are still there, standing scattered in their respective positions, solemnly saluting. After this incident, Qin Hanyong asked Gu Yinye to go to the hostel and inform Axiu of Zhang Fei’s sacrifice. It was not because he was too cruel, but because there was really no one else in the company.

This sentence seemed to be a blast of thunder, completely shocked Gu Yinye, and he was unable to recover for a long time. At this time, Gaoliang had returned from the field hospital, and he walked into the Jiu Company step by step with his baggage. Looking at the familiar environment around him, he couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, he reported to the company commander Qin Hanyong that he was returning.

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