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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 18 Recap

When they parted, Han Chunyu also hugged Sorghum and told him to return safely. At this time, Jiang Nanzheng came over and put two toffee in Sorghum’s hands, thanking him for taking care of his father, and also telling him to protect himself. Qin Hanyong also tried to hug but failed, but Zhao Hongying refused, saying that if he could successfully triumph, he would definitely hug ten times in public.

Now that the 702nd Regiment has arrived at the designated position, everyone is ready to wait. Since the order has not been issued, Song Jianshe can’t help but be a little worried. In the end, the division headquarters asked the 720th Regiment to send two soldiers to cover the communication company to set up the line, and the regiment leader Zhao Dashan handed over the task to the 9th company.

Zhang Fei asked Gu Yinye to take Jiang Satellite to cover the communication company, but Gaoliang volunteered himself, thinking that he was more familiar with the division headquarters and the communication company. Amid the sound of artillery fire, Jiang Nanzheng and Han Chunyu risked danger to line up the division commander to ensure smooth communication between the commanders in front of the division, while Gao Liang and Gu Yinye went to support.

Zheng Yuan sent someone to call Jiang Nanzheng, specially prepared water and food for her, and even took out a handkerchief to wipe the mud and gunpowder on her face. And Jiang Nanzheng also felt his father’s love and couldn’t help crying.

That night, Zheng Yuan issued a combat order to the 720th Regiment, telling them to attack in ten minutes, not to have any concerns, let alone to entangle with the enemy, stick a pole in its back, knock out the opponent’s secondary defense, and stick to it. position. After the 720th Regiment received the order, all the officers and soldiers threw themselves into the war, but the brutality of the war was far beyond imagination.

As the vanguard, they encountered the enemy’s minefields, resulting in heavy casualties. When the Nine Company passed by, they saw gunpowder smoke everywhere, and the bloody comrades in arms, including the signal soldiers, were sitting on the ground, powerlessly hammering the communication equipment.

Gu Yinye, Gao Liang and others were deeply shocked by the scene in front of them, and they were also thinking about what would greet them. Because the enemy blew up the communication line, the rear could not send support. Zheng Yuan ordered the communication company to be within half an hour. connected. Jiang Nanzheng and Han Chunyu were ordered to perform their tasks, but unexpectedly discovered the enemy’s line by accident and obtained important information.

Jiulian encountered an ambush on the way forward. At this moment, he clearly felt the feeling of bullets passing by and penetrating flesh and blood. The recruits who had never been on the battlefield finally realized the cruelty of war. With the sacrifice of more and more people, the blood of the people in Jiulian Company was completely stimulated, and they gritted their teeth and rushed forward, fighting to the death.

When everyone rested in place, they found that Jiang Weixing was holding a photo of Tong Bing in a daze. That was his only thought, and it was also his fighting spirit to persist in living. Jiang Weixing’s words made the people present feel sad, and their mood was particularly low. When Gu Yinye saw this, he played the harmonica. In the melodious sound of the piano, everyone missed their relatives far away from home and their comrades in arms who were forever separated.

Chen Dashan ordered Jiulian to stick to the main position and not give in for a moment until reinforcements arrived. Song Jianshe checked the situation of the company. In addition to countless casualties, more than a dozen soldiers were scattered. Zhang Fei was notified that Gu Yinye should lead the team back to find injured or sacrificed comrades in arms. Gu Yinye insisted on staying in the position, and finally came here to exchange fire with the enemy.

But at Zhang Fei’s insistence, Gu Yinye and Gao Liang could only obey the order, but unexpectedly found that one of the separated team was a comrade who had fought with them before. Friends, very intimate. Seeing his comrade-in-arms gobbling his food, Gaoliang wanted to give him the toffee, but considering that the candy was given to him by Jiang Nanzheng, he finally put it back in his pocket.

On the way to cover the wounded, everyone was attacked by the enemy again. Only because the 700th Regiment had successfully seized the main peak, a large number of enemies had scattered and fled, and they happened to meet Gu Yiye and the others. After a fierce battle, the casualties became more and more obvious. Originally, Zhang Fei wanted to order a retreat, but the enemy’s firepower was too strong, and all their retreats were blocked by the opponent.

The more desperate a moment is, the more it can inspire people’s fighting spirit. Some comrades disregard their own safety to attract enemy firepower and use their lives as a way to survive. Time passed little by little, and there were not many soldiers left in the nine companies and three platoons. Squad leader Mao and Zhao Hongliu also sacrificed heroically for this, and Zhang Fei was also injured by stray bullets.

Jiang Nanzheng and Han Chunyu risked their lives to connect the line, and Zheng Yuan also sent support at the first time. Gaoliang believed that the enemy’s firepower was too strong, so he decided to divert the firepower alone to ensure that Gu Yinye led everyone to retreat safely. Although Gu Yinye knew that Sorghum’s move was insane, but there was no better way at the moment, so he left all the grenades to him.

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