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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 16 Recap

Wu Shiyi and the Marquis opened up their hearts that night, drinking and chatting, and chatting happily. After the date at the playground, Hou Zhirong sent money and money home. Hou Zhirong said that he had not been as happy as today for a long time, and took advantage of the situation to hold Qian Qian’s hand. Qian Qian did not resist at first, but then shyly pulled his hand away. go back.

Hou Zhirong made a request that the “doctor-patient relationship” between the two should not be known to others for the time being. After all, the relationship between them is already complicated enough. Hou Zhirong wanted to lean over to kiss Qian Qian, but the seat belt made a joke. After Qian Qian got out of the car, he watched his car go away, and then went upstairs with the pounding girl’s heart.

Early the next morning, when Sister Zhang returned from shopping, she was taken aback by the marquis and Wu Shiyi on the ground. The two fell asleep on the floor with a hangover last night. Seeing this, Sister Zhang immediately understood what was going on, and hurriedly let them Then sleep.

Wu Shiyi, who woke up, hurriedly ran into his room, annoyed by what happened last night. The Marquis wanted to explain to Sister Zhang, but Sister Zhang showed an expression she understood, and the more she described it, the darker it became.

Lan Qi went to the security company to inquire about recruiting security personnel for its hotel, and the candidate has also been thought out, that is Wu Shiyi. Mr. Zhao regretted that Wu Shiyi was currently on a mission, and the contract period was over a month before the end. Only then did Lan Qi know that Wu Shiyi had not been fired and had already returned to work.

Lan Qi originally came to Wu Shiyi, and when he heard the news, he immediately dismissed the idea. Mr. Ma was very unhappy when he saw that Xiaomin was dressed in fancy clothes for work today. He sent a message to ask questions, and Xiaomin answered with resentment. Of course, it was for a blind date!

Wu Shiyi returned to the Marquis, and Hai Xing was also very happy to see her, and the three celebrated. Qian Qian was going to pick up her parents. Hou Zhirong saw the Moments she posted and called and asked, and wanted to send her a commercial car. For him, it was just a car. It was only good for the family to be happy, and Qian Qian accepted it.

At the same time, I was also moved by Hou Zhirong’s caring. Qian Qian received a large group of people, driving Hou Zhirong’s spacious commercial car. After hearing it, his parents and aunt began to gossip again, asking if it was a boy or a girl or not, but Qian Qian quickly refused, saying it was just a friend. Seeing that his family was so happy, Qian Qian felt better, and quickly sent a message to Hou Zhirong to thank him. After falling in love, Hou Zhirong was happier, and he was very kind to the employees. He also asked the secretary to arrange a private room in the clubhouse at night.

As soon as Qian Qian sent her parents home, she saw Hai Xing standing downstairs and said to let her family have dinner in his restaurant to help pick up the wind and wash the dust. Qian Qian absent-mindedly dealt with it, and then let go of the balloon Hai Xing gave her and put it into the sky. . Qian Qian told Haixing that some things are the best result only by letting go, and she already has a boyfriend.

After sending the invitation to get married on a small weekend, I only found out about Wu Shiyi and Dapeng. He immediately called and told Wu Shiyi that he must attend and dress up beautifully. After hearing this, the Marquis also advised her to go. The more this is the case, the more Dapeng must feel his strength. In order to persuade Wu Shiyi, the marquis exhausted all kinds of reasons, but Wu Shiyi was still arrogant and said that he did not want to go.

Qian Qian took the family to eat in the private room, saying that a friend heard that they had come to hold a special banquet, and everyone was naturally happy. Qian Qian also didn’t forget to send a message to thank Hou Zhirong.

At this moment, she felt dizzy with happiness. A family of people lived together in Qian Qian’s small house. Although it was crowded, it was very lively. Qian Qian was also happy at the moment. Hou Zhirong asked someone to give him the keys to his villa early in the morning, saying that he could take his family to live there.

Qian Qian was not happy this time, because it was in front of his parents, but Hou Zhirong generously said that he and the marquis didn’t go to that villa very much, not to mention that it was inconvenient for a family to huddle together, how comfortable it is to live in a villa. Qian Qian helplessly glanced at everyone, and thanked the “old man” again. Qian Qian and his family packed their luggage and moved to the villa arranged by Hou Zhirong. The family lived in a big house, and they were sincerely happy. But the starfish who was rejected by Qian Qian was still shrouded in the shadow of lovelorn, and couldn’t be happy at all.

Early in the morning on the weekend, the Marquis took Wu Shiyi to Amy’s styling studio, and said that he would give him a refurbishment.

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