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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 15 Recap

Mr. Ma felt that his colleagues began to doubt them, and asked Xiaomin not to stop dating, which made Xiaomin even more angry. Lan Qi told Wu Shiyi’s parents what happened recently. Zhang Yingnan originally disapproved of Wu Shiyi being a bodyguard. After all, he was working with his life. Lan Qi took the opportunity to ask Wu Shiyi to come to his company’s security. The department came to the door, but it was still necessary to seek Wu Shiyi’s approval.

Hou Zhirong was late for Qian Qian’s class on the first day, but Qian Qian punished him for running mercilessly, and Hou Zhirong left without agreeing to her. Hou Zhirong also brought a gift for Qian Qian, who just glanced at it.

After the run, Hou Zhirong had a big appetite and tasted the sweetness of running. As for the gift that Hou Zhirong gave, Qian Qian only accepted the mask, but she did not accept the luxury bag. In order to get Wu Shiyi back, the marquis specially made coffee and brought it to Hou Zhirong, and spoke to him in a low voice. The marquis agreed to consider it. However, Hou Zhirong was very worried about the relationship between the Marquis and Wu Shiyi, so he called Sister Zhang specifically to ask him.

Sister Zhang told him to rest assured that Wu Shiyi was very upright and strict with the Marquis. Since she came, the Marquis is also visible to the naked eye. The speed has changed a lot. Sister Zhang promised not to tell the Marquis, turned her head and talked about it, she said what she should say, and she didn’t say what she shouldn’t say, and the Marquis was relieved.

Wu Shiyi went to work again and was going to go back to the Marquis. Qian Qian was still a little surprised when he heard that the Marquis was still there. Qian Qian looked at the photo sent by Hou Zhirong and smirked. Wu Shiyi found out that she was in an ambiguous state and shouted to see the photo. Qian Qian refused to let him die.

She didn’t tell Wu Shiyi that her ambiguous object was Hou Zhirong. Qian Qian felt very comfortable in front of Hou Zhirong. He was also a very gentle and considerate person, although Hou Zhirong was twenty-nine years older than her. Wu Shiyi was startled when he heard the age difference, Qian Qian was actually a little worried, and what he didn’t even understand was what kind of feelings Hou Zhirong had for him.

Zhou Quan left here with the food that the Marquis made for himself, and Wu Shiyi returned to the Marquis’ house again and became his security guard again. Sister Zhang was on vacation today. The Marquis said that he would like to have a meal for Wu Shiyi. The two got along more and more harmoniously. The Marquis helped her to tie an apron. He said that this picture was a bit like an old couple. Wu Shiyi was frightened by this sentence. When he arrived, he quickly took the apron and tied it himself, but the marquis didn’t give up. Hou Zhirong posted a circle of friends where only money can be seen, feeling lonely. After seeing it, Qian Qian commented on it ambiguously below, an ancestral secret recipe to cure loneliness.

Marquis and Wu Shiyi ate in a restaurant with a very atmospheric feeling, saying that today’s meal is to help her catch the wind and to apologize for what happened during this time. Wu Shiyi also said that Marquis was at the training ground a few days ago. Help yourself, she knows. The Marquis simply opened the chat box and told Wu Shiyi what was in his heart. For so long, the Marquis actually felt sorry for Wu Shiyi, and the Marquis also understood what happened to her. Wu Shiyi always resisted everything alone, but also It is very distressing. The Marquis believes that Wu Shiyi will definitely be happy because she deserves it.

Qian Qian took Hou Zhirong to the playground to play. The two chatted while sitting on the merry-go-round. The atmosphere was very good. The Marquis and Wu Shiyi were drinking at home, but he didn’t expect Wu Shiyi to drink well, so he started tossing him when he was drunk. Because of the drinking, Wu Shiyi also spoke from her heart. She had never met such a difficult customer as the Marquis, but gradually Wu Shiyi also got to know him. He is kind, and has a very cute side. Interesting soul, the marquis was so dizzy he couldn’t find Bei.

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