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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 16 Recap

Jiang Nanzheng was going to report to the art troupe, so Gaoliang decided to drive Gu Yinye to see him off. At this time, Zhao Hongliu’s sister was critically ill, so he dropped by for a ride. Since the last time they broke up, Gu Yinye and Jiang Nanzheng have not seen each other for a long time, and now the reunion is less embarrassing, and they are still chatting and laughing.

Since Gu Yinye was entrusted by Zhang Fei, he wanted Jiang Nanzheng to help him try on the dress, and he was also fascinated by it, and this scene was also watched by Gaoliang outside the window. Gu Yinye found an excuse to support Jiangnan Zheng, but actually wanted to buy one more for her, but due to the relationship of ordinary comrades, Jiang Nanzheng insisted on making up the money, and finally Gu Yinye agreed helplessly and sadly.

Gaoliang knew that Jiang Nanzheng liked skirts, so he went back to the dormitory and rummaged through the cabinets to collect money, and even stretched his hands into the pockets of his comrades. After borrowing almost all of them, he finally collected a large amount of savings and happily ran to the clothing department store yesterday. Buy a dozen dresses in one go.

On the other hand, today’s atmosphere in Class Nine of the Nine Lianlian is different from before. Under the call of Gu Yinye, everyone actively participated in a secret plan, just to welcome the sister-in-law Axiu, who had never seen her and heard her voice. After all, this is the first time that Axiu’s sister-in-law has come to visit relatives in the company, and it is also her and Zhang Fei’s big day, so she plans to give the old squad leader a test first.

As soon as the words fell, Zhang Fei had come in from the door, coughed triumphantly, and saw a girl in national costume appear at the door. As the name suggests, Axiu is a bright and beautiful girl with a rather shy personality. The soldiers of the ninth class rushed forward and entertained Axiu like stars holding the moon, completely ignoring Zhang Fei until Gu Yi Ye got up and came to Zhang Fei’s side, took off his watch and put it in his hand, thinking it was a congratulatory gift.

Gao Liang took the initiative to chat with Jiang Nanzheng, hoping that she could wear a red dress by herself, but Jiang Nanzheng thought that the two were comrades-in-arms and did not want him to misunderstand again. However, seeing Gaoliang’s emotional depression, Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t bear it anymore, and was about to change his skirt, but Kaoliang suddenly regretted and said that he wanted to give her a big gift.

Jiang Nanzheng came to the playground at the appointment, but she didn’t see Gaoliang for a long time. Just as she was about to leave, the lights around her came on. At this moment, Gaoliang was sitting on the telephone pole, blessing Jiang Nanzheng with sincere words, while sliding her dress down through the rope. . Later, Gaoliang held the brightest red skirt in his hand and walked straight to Jiang Nanzheng, but Jiang Nanzheng was moved to tears.

Gu Yinye sent Axiu back to the hostel first, and explained to her that Zhang Fei, as the platoon leader, had to worry about everything, so he couldn’t leave. That night, Axiu was alone in the guest house, walking around nervously. When she heard footsteps coming from outside the door, she immediately wiped the cream on her face and hurriedly sat beside the bed.

On this wedding night, Zhang Fei looked extraordinarily restrained, stammering when he spoke, like a very innocent hair-headed boy, and he and Axiu could vaguely feel that pure sweetness in the process of getting along with Axiu. The lights-out horn sounded, Jiang Weixing and the others, under Gu Yinye’s signal, sneaked to the guest house, and tugged at Axiu’s door, which made Zhang Fei, who was going to return to the platoon, unable to go out, suddenly at a loss.

In order to dispel Zhang Fei’s concerns, Axiu repeatedly stated that she did not want her husband to be rich or not, but only wanted him to be a soldier of the people wearing a military uniform and carrying a gun to defend the country and the people. This is a man who stands above the ground. Zhang Fei was very touched. Just as he was about to reach out to hug her, the two people who were lying at the door eavesdropping accidentally broke in, instantly ruining the atmosphere.

Zhang Fei hurriedly carried them away, and when he returned to the guest house, it was already late at night. At first, I thought Axiu should be sleeping, but as soon as I opened the door, I found Axiu in a red dress sitting beside the bed, like a bride waiting for her husband to return. Zhang Fei was overjoyed and moved, and the two became a couple naturally.

It is a pity that the beautiful wedding time has not been enjoyed for a while. The next morning, I received an emergency order, requiring the entire division to complete the assembly within 12 hours, carry all weapons and equipment, and prepare two bases of ammunition. Zhangmu Railway Station, heading to the border to prepare for battle.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divisions have already been transferred to the second-level combat readiness, and all the personnel have been gathered, and the relevant combat plans have been improved as soon as possible. Zheng Yuan ordered all transfers to be frozen, including having Gaoliang drive to stop Jiangnanzheng. When Gu Yinye heard the news of going to the front line in 20 minutes, he immediately realized that the situation was not good. He looked at Zhang Fei who was joking with everyone next to him, and his mood was very complicated.

The other companies have already set off first, and the nine companies are assembling. Since Axiu went out to buy gifts for everyone and has not returned, Qin Hanyong asked Zhang Fei to stay and wait for her. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divisions were ready to go. The war ignited the blood in the hearts of the soldiers, but they were also faced with parting from life and death. Zhang Fei, who was standing in the same place, resolutely jumped into the military vehicle.

Gao Liang asked to fight again. Zheng Yuan, who had already formed a father-son relationship with him, was quite reluctant to give up. After all, Jiulian was very likely to undertake the most brutal combat mission. However, in the hearts of everyone, enlisting in the army is to protect the family and the country, and is already prepared for sacrifice. In the end, Zheng Yuan approved Gao Liang’s request, allowing him to return to the team with the letter of introduction, and personally saw off the 13,000

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