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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 13 Recap

Hai Xing was reluctant to quit for the sake of Qian Qian, and even talked big words to the marquis. Unexpectedly, Qian Qian heard that Hai Xing was embarrassed and wanted to find a crack to get in right away. The Marquis said that he wanted to join Qian Qian’s class, and Qian Qian conducted an assessment on him first, and took the opportunity to ruthlessly clean up the Marquis and Starfish. Wu Shiyi, as a sparring trainer, was thrown to and fro in class again, and Hai Xing noticed that the Marquis was a little angry and quickly hid behind.

When it was the Marquis’s turn, he was reluctant to let go, but was knocked down by Wu Shiyi with one punch, even if he fell, it would be soft and gentle. After finally sending the Marquis and Starfish away, Wu Shiyi was hurt as a sparring trainer, and even the doctor was distressed, and Qian Qian was also distressed, but this was work. Qian Qian felt that the Marquis had some feelings for Wu Shiyi, but Wu Shiyi didn’t admit it, thinking that he just attached great importance to his feelings, and it would be the same for others.

Qian Qian’s parents and aunt’s family all came to see her. The food, drink, and Lhasa for the six of them cost a lot of money. Every month, her parents changed their ways and asked her for money. The pressure of money and money was great. In order to earn money by doing part-time jobs, Qian Qian is also busy taking the golf coaching certificate. On the golf course, Qian Qian met Hou Zhirong by chance. Hou Zhirong was attracted by her excellent temperament, and her speech became much humorous.

Lan Qi was very anxious when she heard that Wu Shiyi was no longer in Zhirong Construction, and hurriedly sent Wu Shiyi WeChat to inquire about the situation, and insisted to see her immediately. After listening to this matter, Lan Qi thought that the Marquis wanted to drive Wu Shiyi away using such a shady method, but Wu Shiyi understood that this matter had nothing to do with the Marquis, and the police would handle it.

Lan Qi wanted to help Wu Shiyi find a lawyer and ask for double compensation, but Wu Shiyi didn’t want any compensation, just wanted to investigate as soon as possible or he would have to leave the industry. Lan Qi fights against Wu Shiyi. So many classmates are already married and have children, but Wu Shiyi is still fighting for his life outside alone. Why bother? Wu Shiyi refused, saying that she loves her industry.

Lan Qi chose to respect her choice, but now that he is back, he will stand behind Wu Shiyi to help her no matter what happens. Hou Zhirong and Qian Qian got along unexpectedly harmoniously and had lunch together. Hearing that Qian Qian was a bodyguard coach, Hou Zhirong said that he also hired a bodyguard for his son.

Qian Qian immediately realized that Mr. Hou was the father of the Marquis, and was immediately unhappy. After all, Wu Shiyi was born because of the Marquis. down to this point. Hou Zhirong quickly apologized, saying that Fang Lu was not Marquis’s girlfriend, and promised to call President Zhao in person to explain. Finally, Hou Zhirong and Qian Qian added WeChat.

Lan Qi declared war on the Marquis for Wu Shiyi’s departure. No matter how much he participated in this matter, he could not escape his involvement. From now on, Wu Shiyi will not be alone. He will always stand behind Wu Shiyi, causing the Marquis to be stunned. stunned. The Marquis wanted to buy an identical necklace, but the necklace was a limited edition and was no longer available.

Seastar bought an identical one on the Internet, claiming to be fake one for three. Hou Zhirong and Qian Qian quickly entered flirting mode. Hou Zhirong asked her to be his personal trainer and said that he had already called the leader. Wu Shiyi immediately understood Qian Qian’s ambiguous smile, but Qian Qian said that they were just ordinary friends, and there was no possibility for them.

Fang Lu has always been very uneasy after framing Wu Shiyi, for fear of what the Marquis would do to her if she knew the truth. After getting along during this period of time, Fang Lu really liked the Marquis, so she was unwilling to go to Dubai to accompany the client. Mary was very unhappy because of this, and the Marquis gave her the necklace from the Marquis as compensation.

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