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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 11 Recap

The rescue team urgently searched for the missing mountain friend. Wu Shiyi, as a bodyguard, followed the Marquis to protect his safety. Wu Shiyi found that the team behind him rolled down the hill and hurried to save people. The Marquis turned her head and she disappeared, thinking that she was just running around and went on to find the big team.

But because it was getting late, the marquis got lost, and accidentally stepped into the air and fell into the cliff, hanging on a tree for help. The rescue operation was suspended due to the weather. Wu Shiyi hurriedly reported to the captain when he found that the marquis was missing.

The captain gave her his equipment and asked her to go to the marquis with the team members who had just been rescued. Wu Shiyi noticed signs of slipping on the side of the road, and when he turned around, he saw the Marquis hanging on a tree, and the captain hurriedly threw a rope down. As soon as the Marquis wanted to go up, he found that there was a person below, who accidentally rescued the missing mountain friend.

But it also reminded the Marquis of his mother, and when he got home, he stayed in the room without saying a word. Seeing that he missed his mother, Sister Zhang told Wu Shiyi about it. The reason why the Marquis had a bad relationship with Hou Zhirong was because he felt that Hou Zhirong had to bear a lot of responsibility for his mother’s death.

If Hou Zhirong didn’t have time to accompany her, his mother would not have lost control of his car and drove out and caused a car accident. Sister Zhang said that the Marquis’s mother was very beautiful, very nice, and she was also very kind to her. That’s why Sister Zhang stayed in this home to bring up the Marquis. When the Marquis grew up, she thought that her mother was like this. Also miserable. Wu Shiyi found a car toy in the suitcase and went to the marquis’ room, where he told stories about his childhood.

This car was given to her by a boy when he was a child. He was always bullied and the conditions were not good. Only Wu Shiyi was willing to play with him. Before leaving, the little boy gave Wu Shiyi his best toy. Wu Eleven has never forgotten this affection, and he will get strength from this car when he is sad. Wu Shiyi didn’t know how to persuade the Marquis, so he gave him this car, hoping it would also give him strength.

The next day, the marquis got up surprisingly early and went for a morning run with Wu Shiyi. Mary asked Fang Lu to do what she said to deal with Wu Shiyi, so as to get the Marquis back. Bao Xiaohan thought that the Marquis was getting married, and bought a gift for Hou Zhirong to congratulate him. Hou Zhirong had never heard of marriage, and immediately called the Marquis to the office after seeing the photo. But the Marquis did not deny it. Hou Zhirong thought that he was dissatisfied with Huang Yue’s affairs, so he found a woman who was not as good as Huang Yue to anger him. The marquis generously said that she was rushing for her own money.

He rushes to be beautiful, and each gets what he needs. He also encouraged Hou Zhirong to find a wife and even do it together. Hou Zhirong was very annoyed. He simply owned the marquis’s household registration book. Unexpectedly, the marquis said that he would hold a grand wedding without obtaining a certificate. Hou Zhirong’s words were suddenly choked back.

Fang Lu cried and apologized to the marquis, and even called her to death and said that she was too happy and too excited to talk big. The marquis generously said that this matter has been turned over, and that she should learn a lesson in the future and be the lovely and simple person back then. Fang Lu also said that he wanted to invite the Marquis to dinner, and the Marquis agreed, just as he had something to ask. On the day of the meal, Fang Lu made up a story and said that Wu Shiyi was jealous of herself to arrange her behind her back, but she didn’t know that Wu Shiyi didn’t say anything to the marquis at all.

The marquis and Fang Lu went to the toilet together, where they deliberately handed the necklace to Mary, and then asked Wu Shiyi to help with the bag. Mary, who was disguised, carried the real necklace to steal. After coming out of the bathroom, Fang Lu hurriedly searched for the necklace in her bag. After looking at Wu Shiyi, she pulled the manager to close the door to find the thief, saying that Wu Shiyi stole her necklace.

The manager wanted to call the police, and Fang Lu dragged Wu Shiyi for fear that she would run away. The Marquis didn’t want to make a big fuss about it, but Fang Lu continued to make trouble. In the police station, Fang Lu and Wu Shiyi held their own words, and the Marquis was kept in the dark and didn’t know what was going on. After leaving the police station, Mr. Zhao received a complaint call and recalled Wu Shiyi. Obviously it was Fang Lu who called, and the marquis was very angry, she had no right to call to complain. Fang Lu was still pretending to be pitiful and stupid, completely unaware of the Marquis’ dissatisfaction.

The marquis asked Wu Shiyi to get into the car and break up with Fang Lu. He guessed that the necklace was not lost at all. Fang Lu deliberately framed Wu Shiyi. Fang Lu was immersed in her own world. There was a lot of attitude that the hostess wanted to drive a dog away. The marquis saw that she couldn’t speak to her and got into the car. The marquis also shouted to go to their company to explain clearly that Fang Lu was not qualified to complain to Wu Shiyi at all. Wu Shiyi seemed to suddenly remember something and turned back, she couldn’t give up any possible clues.

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