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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 28 Recap

Xu Fengnian stared at Tianlong Tu in a daze, as if sleeping but not sleeping, but awake but not awake. Wei Shuyang noticed the strangeness and hurriedly called out a few times, which made him gradually regain consciousness. Because of this, Xu Fengnian asked Wei Shuyang for advice on the mystery in the picture, but Wei Shuyang could not see a doorway. On the other side, Zhao Kai and Jin Jia were climbing up from the bottom of the mountain, and they were suddenly intercepted by the girl.

As Xu Fengnian explored the contents of the book more and more, his mind and thoughts became more restless and anxious. He asked Wei Shuyang to leave first, saying that he would be alone and quietly. Unexpectedly, not long after Wei Shuyang had left, Xu Fengnian fell into chaos again, not knowing whether it was a short moment or a hundred years. After suddenly opening his eyes, only the surroundings had changed.

Beyond the cliff, the sky and the earth were filled with clouds and mist, and a huge sky dragon loomed between the aura, with angry eyes and beard, terrifying and terrifying. A figure like a comet and fireflies, as if flying by thousands of miles away, fell directly on the top of Tianlong. The person who came was no one else but Zhao Huangchao, the angler of Longhu Mountain.

Knife in the Snow Episode 28 Stills
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Tianlong roars fiercely like waves, just as Xu Fengnian is afraid of the unparalleled power on the opposite side, suddenly the figure of his mother Wu Su appears in front of him, dressed in white with her sleeves dangling, she who has violated the heavens struggles to resist the Tianlong, and finally her soul dissipates. . Xu Fengnian burst into tears, knelt on the ground and cried heartbreakingly.

These weird techniques caused Xu Fengnian’s mind to be damaged. When he was almost into the devil, what Li Chungang had said appeared in his mind, so that he could understand the way to the limit, holding a knife through the sky, and the world instantly changed color. There is no dragon, no fairy, look ahead The entire Kuanglu mountain top is distinct, and the clouds are light and breezy.

Ha ha, the girl flew up to the top of the mountain with great effort. Xu Fengnian hoped that she could enjoy the sunrise with herself, and it would not be too late to fight again. During this period, she took the initiative to tell about her mother’s affairs. Haha, the girl kept facing Xu Fengnian, but she was a little moved and simply gave up. The second assassination plan, turned and left.

After this incident, Xu Fengnian handed the books to Li Chungang, only to find that these contents were only valid for him, because the death of his mother was the pain in his heart, which was equivalent to giving people a chance to take advantage of it. Now that the crisis has been eliminated, but the mastermind and accomplices behind the scenes still don’t know why, Xu Fengnian destroyed the book in public and led everyone on a journey to Longhu Mountain.

Early in the morning, Yang Taisui hurriedly ran into the dormitory to wake up Xu Xiao who was sleeping, indicating that His Majesty called him into the palace at the moment. However, Xu Xiao turned over from the bed and sat up. He was taken aback for a moment, and after hesitating for a while, he immediately lay back. After asking about the reason, I learned that an emergency report came from Yangzhou, because Xu Fengnian met Cao Changqing, the third in the world, in Yangcheng, so that Jiang Ni’s identity as Princess Xichu was exposed.

Cao Changqing fought Xu Fengnian, although Li Chungang was by the side, but the two played against each other without a tie. Later, when Cao Changqing passed away, he was bound to return to Shu to support Jiang Ni as the queen. Xu Xiao disapproved of this, even proud of it, but the court knew that Jiang Ni had tried to assassinate Xu Fengnian since he was a child.

While the team was driving, Jiang Ni also quietly got into the carriage, learning that Xu Fengnian had only been in danger, and couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. Xu Fengnian thought of girl Haha. Since the last battle in the reeds, he killed Wang Mingyin and then attacked the city gate. He was a blessing in disguise, as if he had done it deliberately these two times, and each time brought him various benefits. Therefore, Xu Fengnian thought carefully and thought that the identity of the ha ha girl, who appeared and disappeared along the way, seemed to be not simple.

At the same time, under the repeated urging of Yang Taisui, Xu Xiao simply got up to freshen up Fengzhao and entered the palace. Unexpectedly, he met Zaifu Zhang Julu in the palace and greeted the other party actively. Zhang Julu completely ignored him, and even threatened that General Gu Jiantang would be the best candidate to take over Beifang.

The acting sage of Han Diao Temple came up to ask Xu Xiao, if he wants hereditary replacement, he is willing to hand over to the virtuous. Xu Xiao knew it well, claiming to be old and ignorant, and unbearable. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, Han Diaosi took out the imperial decree that the emperor had already drawn up, and agreed to Xu’s request for hereditary replacement, and the next Beixingqi still had the surname Xu.

Zhang Julu was furious and wanted to see the sage, but Han Diaosi had clearly responded to Beimang’s gaze, and the Chu people were ready to move. Now that he is embarrassed on all sides, Beifang needs to guard the world. Xu Jiajun is indispensable. Xu Xiao was overjoyed when he heard the words, looked at Zhang Julu triumphantly, holding the imperial decree in his hand, and decided to go back to the house, and before leaving, he told Han Diao Temple to remember his real name.

On the other hand, Zhang Julu returned to Zaifu Mansion indignantly. The Dragon Tiger Mountain celestial master Zhao Danping had been waiting in the study for a long time, and the content of the next conversation would have something to do with Xu Fengnian. Since Xu Fengnian will also take a trip to Longhu Mountain, Jiang Ni is analyzing the situation of Longhu Mountain in the carriage. Considering that Zhao Xituan is Master Xu Longxiang, he will definitely give the Xu family a bit of affection, so pay special attention to Zhao Xiyi, who is the most senior. And Zhao Danxia, ​​the head of Tianshifu.

The reason Jiang Ni didn’t think about Zhao Danping was that he preached far away in the capital, and he didn’t return all the year round, so he didn’t need to worry. As everyone knows, Zaifu Zhang Julu has secretly sent Zhao Danping to ambush Xu Fengnian and Zhao Kai. After all, Zhao Kai is the apprentice of Han Diaosi and the illegitimate son of His Majesty. His existence has always been the cause of chaos.

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