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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 15 Recap

Just as Zheng Yuan was reporting the importance of road construction to Deputy Commander Xiao, the sound of Jiulian assembling was heard outside the window. Hearing that the roadbed was washed away, Jiulian rushed back to the camp for six hours on foot. Deputy Commander Xiao saw in everyone’s eyes the courage to resolutely complete the task, overwhelm the enemy and win the victory, which made him very gratified, so he seriously considered the proposals of Zheng Yuan and Political Commissar Xing, and quickly asked the headquarters for the funds to repair the road. .

With the launch of the combat readiness highway project, Zheng Yuan handed over the most dangerous part of the entire road to the 720th Regiment, thus training the most combat-effective team of Jiulian. The construction speed of the 720th Regiment was astonishing and impressive, but the torrential rain and flash floods brought about by the typhoon made the soldiers of the 9th Company desperately reinforce the No. 3 National Defense Combat Readiness Warehouse.

The army ordered the 720 regiment to retreat. Zheng Yuan personally went to the construction site to join the rescue team. As a result, the sight was too dark, causing him to slip and fall down the hillside. Although everyone was holding on tightly, the subsequent flash flood made him fall to the bottom of the hill. seriously injured. Although Gao Liang desperately rescued Zheng Yuan and sent him to the hospital, the doctor was helpless and had the hospital report that he was critically ill.

After Jiangnan Levy received the news, he rushed to the hospital and felt guilty for it. He finally realized that no matter what kind of grievances and grievances he had in the past, now in the face of life and death, it was all gone. Under the call of Jiang Nanzheng, Zheng Yuan, who was already in critical condition, suddenly showed signs of life. The doctors and nurses came to rescue him after hearing the news, and finally saved the day.

At the same time, Gaoliang sat with Jiang Nanzheng in the hospital garden, telling her about the difficult times of the teacher in recent years, including the letters that had never been mailed. Jiang Nanzheng burst into tears, and from then on, he stayed by the bedside to take care of his father until Zheng Yuan gradually woke up.

After a period of recuperation, Zheng Yuan’s injuries completely recovered, and he was discharged from the hospital full of energy, and the relationship with his daughter eased, and his face was red all day. Political commissar Xing came over to inform the military political department that he was going to transfer Jiangnan Zheng to the military area art troupe. This is a good thing for Jiang Nanzheng, who is about to leave the division. After all, she has also realized her dream of singing and dancing.

However, as early as a few days ago, Zheng Yuan privately recommended Jiangnan Zheng to Head Ge, and only then did he win the spot. Zheng Yuan celebrated his daughter and ordered Gaoliang to buy two bottles of good wine. How could he know that the service agency didn’t have any excess wine left. Just as Gaoliang was about to leave, he accidentally encountered a soldier named You Qianjin.

Kaoliang believed it to be true, but he didn’t know that You Jinjin had ulterior motives. On the surface, he wanted to give him two bottles of wine, but in reality he cried out about his difficulties in disguise, begging Kaoliang to use the convenience of his position to help him go through the back door and ask for a promotion. Although Zhang Yuejin repeatedly reminded Gaoliang, a civil servant who is a division commander, that he must never violate discipline without knowing discipline, but Gaoliang still failed to keep the bottom line.

At this year’s fighter promotion meeting, division commander Zheng Yuan found out that Zhang Fei, who was in nine consecutive and nine classes, was missing from the list. When Wu Jianwen, the deputy section chief of the Cadre Section, came to report the list to the division commander, he happened to catch up with Zheng Yuan’s troops for inspection. Instead, Gaoliang mentioned You Qianjin casually, and wanted Wu Jianwen to help him more.

That night, Political Commissar Xing held Gaoliang in front of Zheng Yuan, and then left. Zheng Yuan was furious for this, angrily denounced Gao Liang’s inappropriate behavior, and at the same time debunked You Qianjin’s lies.

Nian Zaoliang was a first-time offender, but Zheng Yuan didn’t punish him. He bought two bottles of fine wine out of his own pocket, and fell to the ground, teaching him a lesson. After this incident, Zheng Yuan asked Jiang Nanzheng to come to the house for dinner, and at the same time took a wine bowl to thank Gaoliang for saving his life.

Gu Yinye trained hard in the Nine Company, never forgetting the original intention of enlisting in the army, and strived to become the top soldier that the entire Company was proud of. Now, Zhang Fei has been promoted to be the platoon leader, and he is also considering marriage with his fiancee Axiu, so he wants Gu Yinye to help choose a red dress for Axiu.

At first, Gu Yinye refused immediately. After all, Zhang Fei is Axiu’s husband. No matter what he buys, he chooses from his husband’s eyes. As an outsider, he is really unreasonable. But under Zhang Fei’s insistence, Gu Yinye gradually hesitated, especially Zhang Fei thought that Axiu’s love for herself and her love for Axiu were not contradictory. The two had different ideas, but their feelings remained the same.

Therefore, the love that Zhang Fei can express is actually the best thing for the other party. These words also reminded Gu Yinye in disguise, and finally Gu Yinye agreed to choose the dress himself. On the other side, Jiang Nanzheng stood up and sang a song for the two at the suggestion of Zheng Yuan and Gao Liang. Jiang Nanzheng knew that Gaoliang was reluctant to give up on himself, so he did his best to coax him in the past, and then he was completely coaxed.

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