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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 14 Recap

As the 7th and 20th Regiment is about to usher in the confrontation exercise, the 9th Squadron will become the main force of this time. Everyone has high hopes. Zhang Fei urged Gu Yiye to seize the opportunity to fight a beautiful turnaround. However, Gu Yiye received a letter from Jiang Nanzheng on the eve of the exercise, and the other party proposed to break up in the letter, which caught him a little off guard. He immediately called the communications company, but Jiang Nanzheng immediately hung up.

Soon the Jiu Company represented the 720 Regiment to participate in the Blue Ridge exercise. Han Yong commanded a large force to pretend to attack in front, and Zhang Fei led the Jiu Group to make a roundabout behind the mountain. As a pioneer, Gu Yi was absent-minded, and Jiang Nanzheng’s mention of breaking up was constantly in his mind, and he was in a daze several times.

Zhang Fei kept reminding Gu Yiye to concentrate, while leaving him the opportunity to throw the grenade. Unexpectedly, Gu Yiye lost his mind again, forgetting to pull the ring, and threw the grenade out. In the end, the Jiuban missed the best time to capture the Houshan Highland, so that he was surrounded by layers of opponents and the Jiu Company was annihilated.

Zheng Yuan was very disappointed with Jiulian’s performance this time. Qin Hanyong reprimanded Zhang Fei, and Gu Yiye took the initiative to confess his mistake and said he was hesitant, thereby delaying the fighter opportunity, and Qin Hanyong was so angry that Qin Hanyong yelled at him as a waste.

Gu Yiye trained hard all night, self-reflection, until the blood blisters in his hands, recalling his father’s exhortations, gradually understood the meaning of war for soldiers, the basis of a protracted battle is to fight with opponents for forty years without making mistakes. Patience, if you have made a mistake, you must use tools to make up for the mistake, and this process will be painful. It is precisely because of the pain that you will know how to correct your mistakes.

The division commander Zheng Yuan summarized the exercise and severely criticized the 720th Regiment and the Ninth Company. He also said that the Chinese army has fought many battles at the border in the past few years, but it has also exposed many problems. The biggest problem in army training is now. Separate exercises and actual combat, without fundamental attention.

Zheng Yuan first attributed the responsibility to himself, and secondly, he would personally go to the Jiu Company stationed to help everyone sum up their experience and improve military quality and achievements. After the meeting was over, Gao Liang found Song Jianshe. He felt that the reason why Jiulian lost the battle was mainly because of lack of cohesion and morale. He suggested that they use the method of pairing with female soldiers last time.

Qin Hanyong and Song Jianshe took sorghum’s advice and decided to let Jiu Company and the female soldiers practice shooting together. However, Zheng Yuan was furious after seeing them, thinking that they were too trifling, and let a soldier influence the judgment of the company’s chief officer. Zheng Yuan publicly told about Song Jianshe’s battle on the battlefield. At that time, he received the news of his father’s death and went to the front line without saying a word. Only three people were left in the army. After returning with this honor, he knelt in front of his father’s grave. I cried and made my throat dumb.

In Song Jianshe’s view, obeying orders is a soldier’s bounden duty. As a soldier on the battlefield, he must find ways to win. Zheng Yuan praised that this is the soldier who puts the country and the people at heart, and called on everyone to learn from him and do a good job of training without distraction. Since then, even everyone has worked hard to train, the communications company is intensively preparing for military competitions, and Jiang Nanzheng is actively preparing for the competition.

Gao Liang took the initiative to visit Gu Yiye and asked him about his situation with Jiang Nanzheng, which made Gu Yiye mistakenly believe that Gao Liang was a stalker, causing the two to break up. However, Gao Liang has repeatedly emphasized that she has never bothered to use this method. Moreover, Jiang Nanzheng is more assertive. Unlike other girls, it is not just a word or two that can make her retreat.

Therefore, Gao Liang looked at the relationship between Gu Yiye and his acquaintance, and revealed to him the relationship between Jiang Nanzheng and the teacher. However, the father and daughter have not yet recognized each other, and the relationship is quite stale. Teacher Zheng Yuan sighs every day. After Gu Yiye learned the truth, he suddenly thought of the letter Jiang Nanzheng wrote to him a few days ago. You can see the pressure on the other side from the line. He didn’t realize his self-blame earlier. Now he regrets it. Gao Liang thinks that he has broken up. There is no need to disturb others.

In the final selection, Jiang Nan Zheng lost to Song Xiaoluo by two seconds because he missed Gu Yiye and was distracted. Gao Liang persuaded Jiang Nan Zheng to accept this result with peace of mind, but Jiang Nan Zheng always felt that he could not pass the hurdle in his heart. He would lose control as long as he heard Jiulian, so he wondered whether Gao Liang, as a soldier, would also have to pay for his achievements, including feelings.

In fact, Kao Liang doesn’t think that to get results in exchange for feelings, but if she is a soldier, she should learn to be strong. Zheng Yuan knew that Jiang Nanzheng had lost the election, and he was also very concerned, because he knew that Jiang Nanzheng did not want to see himself, so he appealed to his pen and wrote letters that he had never sent.

The military region decided to renovate the camp for the July 20th Regiment, and Deputy Commander Xiao was specifically responsible for it. Zheng Yuan was more concerned about the preparations for the battle, so he reported to Deputy Commander Xiao again, but was told that the other party had gone to the July 20th Regiment. When Zheng Yuan and Xing political commissar arrived in a hurry, Deputy Commander Xiao was busy in the kitchen, and then informed him of the reasons for not approving the preparation for battle. Now that the country is moving from combat readiness construction to economic construction, the army must know how to be patient.

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