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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 9 Recap

Fang Lu didn’t want to cut her hair short, so she cried and called the Marquis and said that she didn’t want to live anymore. The Marquis had no choice but to go to the place she said. Xiao Min went on a blind date according to Mr. Ma’s request, and deliberately posted it to Moments. Fang Lu led the Marquis to the dressing room aggressively and pointed to the female internet celebrity, saying that she was bullying herself and had to cut her hair.

The Marquis froze for a moment. How could cutting her hair bully her. Wu Shiyi stood indifferently at the door watching the excitement, but Fang Lu pointed at the Marquis and said that it was her boyfriend. Wu Shiyi was his bodyguard. The scene was a little out of control for a while, and the Marquis hurriedly took Fang Lu out.

Fang Lu cried unwillingly. After counting down the Marquis, he counted eleven out of date, but the Marquis still persuaded him in a mellow manner. After Fang Lu cried, she turned around and went back to put on makeup, making the Marquis feel uncomfortable. On the way back, the Marquis was still feeling that Fang Lu was pitiful, kind and simple and easy to offend people, Wu 11 was as indifferent as before, and only answered one “oh”.

Wu Shiyi didn’t think she was pitiful, because she was beautiful and liked by so many people, and the son-in-law went back and forth more than two hundred kilometers for her, and who didn’t have any work related to her. The Marquis retorted, saying that Fang Lu is different from Wu Shiyi, she is still a simple little girl, and Wu Shiyi is about to roll her eyes to the sky.

Fang Lu was still reluctant to cut her long hair, and finally made a dirty braid before passing the director’s level. When Haixing was in pain after being abused by Qianqian, the doll hurriedly came up to help him massage, and she kept crackling and talking a lot. At the meeting, the Marquis once again showed everyone the revised plan, but Hou Zhirong interrupted him in public. The Marquis was very upset. To comfort him, Wu Shiyi talked about his mother.

Although Zhang Yingnan is very elegant now, she was like a witch in her heart when she was young. No matter what she did, she would criticize her for pouring cold water. . But Wu Shiyi understood that the mother’s suppression was not distrust, but hope that she would be better. After hearing this, the Marquis thoughtfully, immediately gave up and went back to the company to make a plan.

Qian Qian met Ma Baonan, her blind date, and checked her height and body at a convenient time. He also took her for a fertility check, saying that his child must have excellent genes. Qian Qian silently rolled his eyes and yelled at the entrance of the hospital that he had infertility except for his breath. The contract with Ma Zonghe Company is about to expire. Hou Zhirong quipped that he is part of Zhirong Construction, and there is no need to sign the contract.

After reading Bao Xiaohan’s plan, the Marquis thought that it was nothing better than his own, and humbled that he had a problem with his attitude last time. I hope everyone can participate in his plan this time and put forward some useful suggestions. This move won everyone’s praise, and Hou Zhirong was also deeply gratified. Wu Shixi was happy for his progress and also observed the various people on the conference table. Bao Xiaohan’s expression was a bit strange. Wu Shixi thought that the Marquis should go to an apology with him.

He was too tough at the meeting just now, but the Marquis didn’t take it seriously. Fang Lu missed the morning training because she didn’t receive a notice at all, and the one who was responsible for the notice was Doudou, an internet celebrity who had a grudge with her. Fang Lu wanted to go to her for the theory, but the notice note was tucked under the door of the room.

President Ma and the Marquis chatted a few words in the pantry, accidentally telling Hou Zhirong about the purchase of his ex-girlfriend. The Marquis suddenly realized that Huang Yue broke up with himself for this reason, and immediately went to Hou Zhirong’s office to make a theory aggressively. Only then did he know that someone was actually going to exchange feelings and money. As soon as he turned his head, the Marquis was going to question Huang Yue fiercely.

He was foolishly kept in the dark, but the other party took the money to find a new husband, and kicked him off without saying a word. The Marquis was very unhappy. Wu Shiyi could only send him to the dental clinic in Baiquan, and Huang Yue was really there. Huang Yue claimed that she did not betray her feelings, but gave the Marquis a way out, because Marquis’s marriage is also part of the family business. He must marry someone who is helpful to him, but Huang Yue will never do it.

In the past three years in the United States, the Marquis did not dislike her, but took her to eat, drink and have fun, but what Huang Yue wants is to be independent. She wants to live a stable life and get married. But the Marquis will always look like a long life. Older children have no sense of security, and Huang Yue can’t even feel at ease. The Marquis was speechless by what she said, and Baiquan Huangyue and his wife apologized for the wedding incident and sincerely wish them happiness.

The news that Fang Lu and the Marquis were close, Hou Zhirong soon learned, but the Marquis already knew this method, and he didn’t know what to do. If you want to inherit the family business, you must be sober-minded. Hou Zhirong always worried that the Marquis was soft-hearted and didn’t know how to refuse.

As a bystander, Wu Xi understood that there is no right or wrong between the Marquis and Huang Yue, but the values ​​are different. The Marquis attributed the fault to Hou Zhirong. With him, he would never be able to live as he thought. After receiving the news from Fang Lu, the Marquis immediately went to the mall to buy a necklace again, saying that he would buy a necklace to comfort Fang Lu.

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