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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 10 Recap

After Lan Qi returned to China, he contacted Wu Tianyi as soon as possible. Wu Tianyi thought it was another debt collection call and was very impatient. He only reacted to Lan Qi’s voice. Lan Qi offered to invite him to dinner, and Wu Tianyi made an appointment with a grin.

Fang Lu was late for filming at the seaside, and was pushed out by a group of people. Seeing the Marquis and Wu 11 coming from a distance, Fang Lu threw himself down with joy, and quickly pulled the friends that the Marquis introduced to the crew. The tall and handsome Marquis attracted everyone’s attention, and the director team was very dissatisfied.

The Marquis gave the necklace to Fang Lu on the spot and spoke to support her. Before leaving, he did not forget to ask everyone to take good care of Fang Lu. Everyone assumed that the Marquis was Fang Lu’s boyfriend. For the sake of face, Fang Lu also said that he had proposed to him, and that he had to take wedding photos after recording the show, so he was awarded the C position.

Wu Tianyi and Lan Qi ate together and chatted with each other. I heard that Wu 11 was working as a bodyguard. Lan Qi was very interested. Naturally, Wu Tianyi knew that he was interested in people and quickly gave him Wu 11’s phone number. Lan Qi went to Wu Eleven’s company and bought fifty-one roses on the road to give her.

The Marquis envoy Wu 11 sent an e-mail to Bao Xiaohan, apologizing sincerely for what happened at the meeting. Halfway through, Wu 11 received a call from Lan Qi and hurried to greet them. The two had not seen each other for ten years, and they talked with each other in a familiar but unfamiliar way.

Wu Tianyi had already told him everything, and Lan Qi didn’t want Wu Shixi to be strong in front of him, and also hoped that it would not be too late for him to come back. Lan Qi wants to go to dinner with Wuxi, but Wuxi does not have any personal time during the contract period. In the office, the Marquis saw Wu 11 and a strange man chatting happily and quickly said that he was going out.

Lan Qi left when he saw this. The Marquis turned around and went back to the office. The Marquis couldn’t bear the gossip. They were obviously good old friends, and they told Wu Shiyi to stay away from such people in the name of her good. They were very worried!

Wu Yi brought a large handful of roses home. Sister Zhang asked about the Lan Qi while taking care of the roses. The Marquis interrupted and secretly checked the information of Lan Qi. The director took a fancy to the topic of Fang Lu and the Marquis and wanted to follow them to take wedding photos. Fang Lu didn’t know how to tell the Marquis. At this time, an endorsement came to the door, but it was under the guise of unspoken rules.

Fang Lu didn’t want to go, Mary wanted her to lose money to herself, and threatened to tell the Marquis about all her previous incidents. No matter how reluctant, Fang Lu could only agree. Wu Shiyi looked at the photo from the college period, which was sent by Lan Qi. After seeing it, the Marquis said with emotion that if he had known her then, his attitude would have been much better than it is now.

Fang Lu invited the Marquis to take the photo together. She walked away from the photographer and told the Marquis that she only needed to pick a wedding dress for herself, and did not tell him her lie. The Marquis treated himself as Fang Lu’s buddy, and it was inevitable that he felt a little strange in choosing a wedding dress. When Wu Xiong went to the dressing room to give Fang Lu a wedding dress, she accidentally heard her calling Mary inside. She didn’t want to go to Dubai to meet the old man, and wanted to develop seriously with the Marquis, otherwise it would be bad if the Marquis knew about it.

Up. Wu Shiyi interrupted aloud and sent the clothes in. Fang Lu was startled, afraid that Wu Shiyi had heard the content of the call just now. The Marquis chatted with the photographer and learned that he became her fiancé in Fang Lu’s mouth. He was so scared that he stammered and left without saying a word to Fang Lu. The director team was deceived, Fang Lu’s lie was exposed, and the program team was completely removed.

Bao Xiaohan accidentally saw a photo with Fang Lu and the Marquis taken by the manager of the bridal shop in the circle of friends. Fang Lu called Mary endlessly and said that Wu Xi and the Marquis had informed her, and Mary hung up the phone perfunctorily. With friend Shan missing, the rescue team rushed to search for the missing person Shi Aishan, and Wu Shixi also followed the Marquis all the time.

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