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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 13 Recap

After a period of recuperation, Gu Yiye’s injuries gradually healed, including the swelling in the skull, which is very fast, indicating that he is already in a good direction. If the operation goes smoothly tomorrow, he will be discharged soon. It’s just that someone still needs to take care of it. By accident, when Hu Yang received the news, he rushed to the hospital to visit the bed.

Sorghum allowed nurses to find Populus for anything, and even introduced them as childhood sweethearts. They talked with their boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. Hu Yang listened to the flowers in his heart, but Gu Yiye was very solemn, and interrupted the nagging of Gao Liang. When everyone else left the ward, only Hu Yang and Gu Yiye were left, and she took the letter sent by Jiang Nanzheng and questioned Jiang Nanzheng’s identity.

The teacher Zheng Yuan came to Jiulian to learn about the situation, and Qin Hanyong pleaded for sorghum and truthfully explained that they mistakenly regarded domestic pigs as wild boars. Just as Qin Hanyong took Zheng Yuan to check the trap, he accidentally found a real wild boar that looked like a fake. Zheng Yuan came to be interested, he personally killed pigs with a knife, shaved and cut meat with Chen Dashan and others who came in a hurry to prepare meals for all the officers and soldiers.

Through this incident, Zheng Yuan criticized the military affairs unit for copying the rules and regulations mechanically, lacking understanding of the causes and consequences of the matter, and improper handling, so he asked Song Jianshe to reconsider the handling of sorghum. However, due to pressure from the military region, Song Jianshe repeatedly emphasized that the investigation was comprehensive and accurate and could not change the results. In the end, Zheng Yuan tried to protect sorghum and transferred him to his side as a civil servant.

The results of Jiangnan Zhenglai’s cross-country training coincided with Jiulian’s pig-killing banquet. The canteen was full of excitement. At this moment, the sorghum in the confinement room was still waiting for the punishment result, and was already ready to take off the military uniform. Here Jiang Nanzheng recognized Zheng Yuan and stared intently throughout the whole process, which also attracted the attention of the other party.

Zheng Yuan ordered the removal of the meat from his table and replaced it with ordinary meals that the soldiers ate. The leaders who were in charge heard the teacher’s speech tonight in the meeting until midnight, and immediately moved their chopsticks. Until after the meal, Zheng Yuan stood up and gave a speech, apologizing for the neglect before, and promised to ensure that everyone can eat in the future, and hope that everyone can continue to work hard and become the pacesetters on the training ground.

Sorghum came out of the confinement room, and soon it was the day of separation. Gu Yiye gave him his notes and reminded him of the importance of learning. Even though the soldiers were reluctant to give up, they watched Kaoliang ride away with blessings. As everyone knows, the road was quite a bumpy ride. The car in the middle broke down twice. By the time he arrived at the division, it was already afternoon. Climbed out of the coal pile.

Jiang Nanzheng applied for additional training on the computer, but was rejected. Instead, he was asked to sweep the floor. His face was full of gloom. It was not until he saw sorghum suddenly appear that he swept away the gloom in his heart. Han Chunyu thought that Gao Liang was about to be expelled from the regiment, and learned that he was now being promoted to the division division because of a blessing in disguise. He was also happy for him. Only Jiang Nanzheng felt like a big joke.

After seeing Han Chunyu and Jiangnan Zheng, Gao Liang came to the division commander’s office to report, and happened to catch up with Zheng Yuan who was in a meeting. At this time, Zheng Yuan was irritated about the road construction. It was only because of the extremely poor efficiency of the military region that the new deputy commander Xiao became the biggest obstacle to road construction. After the meeting was over, Zheng Yuan found Gao Liang was waiting at the door for a long time, so he introduced him to Political Commissar Xing and other leaders.

Gao Liang moved into the new dormitory and met Zhang Yuejin, who was also a civil servant. Through him, he understood the specific things of the work and also knew that the teacher Zheng Yuan often wrote diaries, but they were all locked in boxes. During the next general cleaning, Gao Liang accidentally learned that the teacher’s original name was Zheng Beizhan, which led him to combine various clues before, thinking that it was too coincidental, indicating that Jiang Nanzheng’s father was most likely the teacher.

In order to investigate the truth in depth, Gao Liang first went to Jiang Nanzheng to explain about her biological father on the grounds of sending things. However, Jiang Nanzheng’s expression changed drastically, and he threw the things to Gao Liang in a fit of anger, and then turned and ran away. It is precisely because Jiangnan Zheng affected his mood for this that he made frequent mistakes in the computer assessment, resulting in abnormal performance, which puzzled Zhao Hongying.

Although Jiang Nanzheng’s performance is not as good as that of class deputy Song Xiaoluo, Han Chunyu believes that she has great potential. Compared with Song Xiaoluo’s three-year training, it only takes three months to reach the pass. This mistake should not be used as a measure. Therefore, Han Chunyu decided to hand over the promotion quota to Jiang Nanzheng. Even if she knew that the quota was hard-won, she, as the squad leader, knew what it means to be without oneself, and hoped to select the best female soldier for the army.

At the insistence of Han Chunyu, Zhao Hongying decided to respect her choice. It was announced in public that Jiang Nanzheng and Song Xiaoluo had stood out, and she would serve as reserve members of the communications company to participate in the military area operator business competition. With the applause of all the members, Han Chunyu smiled with satisfaction, but Jiang Nanzheng was a little surprised.

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