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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 12 Recap

After arriving at the division, Gao Liang put into work as quickly as possible, taking care of the teacher’s daily life, and keeping the room in order and spotlessly clean. Taking advantage of the free time at night, Gao Liang tentatively asked about Zheng Yuan’s family situation, which brought back memories of the other party.

Gao Liang Mao then recommended himself to be the teacher’s tree hole. If you have any concerns, you can talk to him. Zheng Yuan asked him to wear headphones and sit next to him to speak. Because the singing in the earphones was too loud, it was completely unclear what Zheng Yuan was talking about. Gao Liang silently turned off his voice. Only then did he learn about the past between him and Jiang Nanzheng’s mother and the reason for the breakup of the two.

That year was in 1966. The same troop scouts trained for the first time. Zheng Yuan received the order to go to Heyuan for closed training, and he did not contact his home for six months. At that time, his wife Jiang Yihui was in poor health and emotionally fragile. She hoped that her husband could be transferred back to Jiangsu or change jobs. Unfortunately, all kinds of things happened to happen together, which eventually led to intensified conflicts.

Originally, Jiang Yihui was a pianist and would have a good future. But after marrying Zheng Yuan, she gave up her dreams for her family and simply switched to teaching music. To this day, Zheng Yuan still feels that he owes his wife, so when Gao Liang learned about this past, he told him about Jiang Nanzheng.

Zheng Yuan was shocked. Afterwards, he asked the staff to conduct a secret investigation, and it was confirmed that Jiang Nanzheng was his biological daughter. On the other side, Gao Liang went to Han Chunyu for help, explained the situation to her, and brought Jiang Nanzheng to meet Zheng Yuan on the grounds of training stick skills. But when Jiang Nanzheng saw Zheng Yuan, he was not at all happy, but angrily took off his training suit, turned and ran away.

This father-daughter meeting ended in unhappiness, but Kaoliang was unexpected. After all, he thought Jiangnan Zhenghui was looking forward to meeting his father. As everyone knows, Jiang Nanzheng hurriedly dialed the phone to call his mother at this time, crying that he thought he would be strong and didn’t need his father’s company at all, but if he really met this day, he realized that the blood and family relationship could not be parted.

That night, Gao Liang stood by the door, watching Zheng Yuan sitting alone in the room in a daze. When he came to the playground, he found Jiang Nanzheng running around the playground like venting emotions, and finally squatted on the ground holding his knees and crying bitterly. Since Jiangnan Zheng has been training on the spot in the past few days and is not in the state at all, she applied to Zhao Hongying to withdraw. After she learned the source of her quota, she finally made up her mind to train well and live up to Han Chunyu’s efforts.

In the days to come, everyone will stick to their posts. Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yiye do the same. They often communicate with each other by letters, make progress and work together, and cheer together. However, during the confrontation between capture and capture, Gu Yiye fell off a cliff to rescue Lin Beihai, his comrade-in-arms, causing severe comminuted fractures, and was sent to the military hospital for rescue.

When Jiangnan received the news, they hurried with Gao Liang and waited anxiously outside the operating room. Fortunately, the operation was successful. Gu Yiye passed the dangerous period and was transferred to the ward. Jiang Nanzheng was there to take care of her. She even collected a large box of ice cream to cool Gu Yiye. The nervousness and concern she showed were all seen by everyone. In the eyes.

After Jiang Nan Zheng left, Qin Hanyong called squad leader Zhang Fei outside to discuss the matter between Yu Jiang Nan Zheng and Gu Yiye, and blamed him for reporting the situation of the two to himself earlier. In Qin Hanyong’s view, two people are likely to be good soldiers and should not have a relationship that shouldn’t be discussed at the wrong time. He ordered Zhang Fei to take good care of Gu Yiye and transfer to the cooking class when he recovered. This way grinds each other’s temperament.

At this time, Zhao Hongying came to Qin Hanyong to find Qin Hanyong. It was also for his soldiers to fall in love, but she and Qin Hanyong were both well-known guardians, and they were arguing about this situation. After thinking about it, Zhao Hongying decided not to report it for the time being so as not to ruin the two good seedlings, while Qin Hanyong continued to reconcile. As everyone knows, Gao Liang hid beside him to eavesdrop and laughed so hard.

Gu Yiye had already woke up and was still pretending to be asleep, until Gao Liang came over to pinch others at the nurse’s sign, and the pain made him immediately open his eyes. Gao Liang talked to Gu Yiye about the follow-up treatment. He believed that he was disregarding the process for his performance. It was very typical opportunism. However, Gu Yiye knew that the army is like a beast. , This is also the real reason why Gu Yiye treats himself harshly.

Because of this, Gao Liang realized why Gu Yiye would treat him as a class enemy every time he played a confrontation, so he threatened that he would never show mercy in the battlefield of fighting for revolutionary friendship in the Jiangnan Expedition. At the same time, Zhao Hongying took the initiative to talk to Jiang Nanzheng and asked her to obey the organization’s decision and immediately cease the relationship with Gu Yiye.

Sorghum was still by the bed, eating the popsicles while listening to the radio, watching Gu Yiye wake up during the lunch break, and hurriedly handed the popsicles to him to help him digest it. Gu Yiye learned of Jiang Nanzheng’s concern for him through Gao Liang, and couldn’t help feeling warm. On the contrary, Gao Liang was a little unwilling. He sat next to him and complained constantly, saying that this girl is too stupid, and he will definitely be dragged down with him in the future. Listening to sorghum’s own sentimental words, Gu Yiye immediately dismissed it. At the same time, he noticed something was wrong and guessed that Jiang Nanzheng was in trouble.

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