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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 25 Recap

Wang Xianzhi once went to the capital, no one knows, and Zhao Huangchao, as an insider, knows the way through the tunnel, but it is actually related to the assassination of the princess. The so-called secret idiom in order to vent defeat is precisely because of this matter, the emperor is involved. How many people think at night, think and dream, dreamless, a knot of heart entangled for several years, and now there is Zhao Kai’s doubts , If Wu Su is not dead, why doesn’t Xu Xiao turn back.

At that time in the capital, Xu Xiao told Yang Taisui the truth. After Wu Su was injured, he didn’t mention a word about it. He didn’t tell the truth until he was pregnant with Xu Longxiang and the old injury relapsed. Xu Xiao knew that Wu Su had a good intention and promised his wife that he would never be a soldier, but he wanted to track down the identity of the person involved in order to avenge his blood.

Yang Taisui revealed that Wang Xianzhi appeared in the capital that night. If he wants to make a move, it is very likely that he was instigated by someone. Moreover, not long after Xu Fengnian set off for Wudi City, Yang Taisui suddenly received the news that Wang Xianzhi had come to the capital. It is hard to guarantee that the person who passed the message was not with ulterior motives, so Xu Xiao also decided to fly pigeons to pass on Xu Fengnian, asking him to go to Wang Xianzhi to ask for clarity.

Zhao Huangchao knew it was difficult to win against Li Chungang. Although he could not directly kill Xu Fengnian, he could destroy the opponent. Moreover, if Xu Fengnian died, Liyang Dynasty would not be able to withstand the rebellion of Beifang. Because of this, Zhao Huangchao gave Zhao Kai the secret book that disturbed people’s mind, claiming that there was a page Xu Fengnian needed in the book. As long as he saw this sky dragon picture, it would be deeply imprinted in his mind.

If Zhao Kai’s heart knot is Huang Quan, Xu Fengnian’s heart knot is Wu Su, and Zhao Huangchao wrote the “Record of Wu Su’s Life” for several years. As long as Zhao Kai gave this book to Xu Fengnian, he would be able to cut the dragon into a dream afterwards. Without the support of his heart, the scene of Wu Su’s tragic death can be reproduced in front of his eyes. Unless Xu Fengnian’s mentality is superb and he has a strong internal force to control it, he will definitely collapse, and maybe he will become a lunatic.

If Xu Fengnian were to lose his mind and become the next master of Bei Meng, it would not only be a joke for the entire Bei Meng, but also the best result for the royal family. Zhao Kai is afraid that Xu Fengnian will be the only super-minded person, but Zhao Huangchao believes that it is impossible. The reason why he planned for this for a long time is only because of the surname Zhao. Even if he is in the old mountain, he has to find a way for the royal descendants.

In contrast, Xu Fengnian spent many days recovering from injuries in the Lu Mansion, and his body gradually recovered. He found that his eldest sister Xu Zhihu was drinking medicine every day. Although Xu Zhihu explained that it was a minor problem of insufficient energy and blood, Xu Fengnian still wanted to take her to Beifang. In the end, the brothers and sisters agreed that when the younger brother took over as the king of Beifang, they would personally take the eldest sister back.

Mrs. Liu visited Lu Mansion again, trying to kill Xu Fengnian to no avail. She wanted to threaten the other party through Niangniang’s forces. How did she know that Niangniang had been beaten into the cold palace by the emperor, and Liu completely lost her backing. Xu Fengnian confessed that Liu Liting wanted to use ethics to murder Xu Zhihu, so he killed this person. Madam Liu didn’t believe it at all, and made a vow of hatred and said to leave.

The slave woman saw Jiang Ni and Yu Youwei, and she reported to Lu Baijie afterwards. In the early years, she had been to Xichu with the head of the family, so she inferred that they must be the remnants of Chu. Coincidentally, Xu Fengnian sent someone to send Jiang Ni and Yu Youwei away. Lu Baijie realized that the situation was serious, so he went to Mrs. Liu to deal with Xu Fengnian together.

On the other side, Xu Fengnian has asked the city whether there is a literary gathering in the city recently, and plans to fall out with the Lu family before leaving to comfort her eldest sister, so that she does not have to worry about it. Xu Zhihu could see that Xu Fengnian liked Jiang Ni, but as a princess of Xichu, she definitely could not enter the main entrance of Xu’s house. I am afraid it would be difficult to be distinguished. Xu Fengnian and Xu Xiao had always been at odds and insisted that they would never accept the marriage arranged by him.

On the eaves of the crane’s pavilion, Wei Shuyang spoke to Li Chungang on behalf of Xu Xiao, and at the same time borrowed his hairpin as a use. He shyly hid beside him and was very curious. . At the gate of Liyang City, Zhao Kaizheng was about to visit Lu’s house, but he was stopped by the girl. Zhao Kai tried in vain to win the cooperation with the girl, but was rejected again, so he had to temporarily suspend the plan.

Mrs. Liu, under the instruction of Lu Baijie, held a debate at Baoguo Temple five days later, sincerely inviting all Jiangnan students, but to avoid the Lu family, and use “The Debate of Kings and Hegemony” as the topic, and someone will naturally take the bait by then. . As Lu Baijie had expected, Xu Fengnian learned of this from Shu Xiu, so he informed Jiang Ni and the others to go with him to Baoguo Temple to participate in the debate, and the dispute was turned upside down.

Xu Fengnian called Jiang Ni into the room and talked alone, mentioning the circumstances of his mother’s death that year. He thought he could take good care of his siblings at home, but it turned into empty talk in the end. Although Xu Zhihu covered everything, Xu Fengnian found out that she was seriously ill and had no medicine to cure. Since everyone didn’t want to let them know, they pretended not to know. At the same time, Xu Zhihu put on his beloved red dress in order to let his younger brother see her best.

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