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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 9 Recap

Because of the contempt and humiliation of the veterans of the Jiu Company, the new recruits of the Jiu Company became more angry and unwilling to be underestimated. Gu Yiye took the lead and voluntarily led the penalty to run laps on the playground. Qin Hanyong’s inspirational words moved everyone present, and the unwillingness that was originally held in his heart was released at this moment.

After this incident, the combat effectiveness and cohesion of all the soldiers of the Old Ninth Company has greatly improved, and the training enthusiasm has been high, which has changed the past laziness and is not afraid of hardships and hardships. Song Jianshe watched the whole process and reminded Qin Hanyong to pay attention to the wildness of the recruits, so as not to disobey the discipline and affect the company’s atmosphere.

Now the division will soon start long-distance armed raid training. For the upcoming new assessment, Qin Hanyong took the initiative to find Zhao Hongying, and with his strong struggle, he chose to be the partner company of the female communications company to help train. Although during this period, Zhao Hongying had gone to Chen Dashan, the head of the regiment, and was unwilling to co-exist with the less advanced company. However, Qin Hanyong’s various disruptions, the final result is obvious, that is, when the male and female soldiers are training, they have not forgotten their eyebrows.

The female soldiers were obviously inferior to the men in running the mountain with load, so that they were so exhausted and panting that they almost collapsed to the ground when they reached the finish line. Jiang Weixing handed the kettle to Tong Bing, which contained orange-flavored soda, which surprised Tong Bing. On the other hand, Jiang Nan Zheng ran the slowest, and when she reached the finish line, everyone else was almost resting.

Gu Yiye cared about Jiang Nanzheng, and couldn’t wait to run to her, but his feet were worn so badly that everyone stopped him. Gao Liang took the opportunity to go to show her hospitality, stretched out her hand to support Jiang Nanzheng, only to see her holding the gun without saying a word, waved her hand to indicate that she was okay, and then left.

The division commander Zheng Yuan came to Qin Hanyong for the 9th company to discuss with him the situation of armed raids. As a new subject for the company, the chief officers of each company reported that it was too hard and too difficult, causing many soldiers to cause some non-negligible injuries during the training process. . Because of this, everyone suggested canceling this subject, but Zheng Yuan had different opinions, believing that only this project can better measure the willpower of soldiers and their unique fighting spirit.

There are two quotas for this project test, one for the Night Tiger Company of the 700th Regiment, and the Old Nine Company of the 720th Regiment. On the other hand, Lu Pingfan is too much a chicken thief, knowing that his company has become a model company, he only needs to follow the rules and orderly, and simply find a reason to give up the quota, so Zheng Yuan said that if the old nine company wants to change his fate, he must seize this opportunity, no Bleeding means sweating.

On the other side, the recruits who had just finished their training went back to the dormitory, but they wailed for a while. They were in a posture that was either disabled or injured, especially below the knees. There was no good meat, and all ten toes were worn out. Skin. Sorghum has a larger weight base and more severe knee wear. Gu Yiye reminded him to have skills in running and eat more protein, but he didn’t care at all.

In a blink of an eye, the day of the formal evaluation project, the main two companies competed, and the stringent requirements greatly reduced the number of personnel, with only a 4% pass rate. At the first meeting point, the ninth class Zhao Hongliu was eliminated. The sorghum load was unqualified, and he was so angry that he added an extra backpack to himself, causing him to lag behind others a lot.

Until the sky was completely dark, Gu Yiye and others arrived at the second meeting point one after another, and the whole person was almost exhausted. Niu Mancang’s whole foot was already bloody and bloody. In order to prevent him from leaving irreparable strain, he forcibly ended his next load-bearing attack and announced his elimination.

In the early morning of the next day, everyone rushed to the third meeting point. Compared with the first two meeting points, there were specially prepared steamed buns and clear water. As long as someone gave up voluntarily, they no longer have to endure starvation and thirst. It is also for soldiers. Our kind of test. Except Jiang Weixing, everyone else is still insisting that there are only ten kilometers left to the destination.

Jiang Weixing secretly stuffed buns into the pockets of his comrades, and prepared water for the sorghum so that he could take a few sips while everyone was not paying attention. But when he was discovered, Jiang Weixing had a brainstorm and splashed a glass of water on the sorghum face. Even if he couldn’t quench his thirst, he could at least moisturize his chapped lips.

After passing through one level after another, the huge team will later become a few people. When a soldier encounters a desperate situation on the battlefield, his physical condition will first collapse, and the military quality will be lost due to various reasons. The next 20%, the usual training will be betrayed because of fatigue and the environment. At this time, there is only animal instinct and personal willpower.

Gu Yiye and his companions saw the end point close at hand, but unexpectedly Song Jianshe started the car immediately and drove forward with the “end point”. Gu Yiye, who was about to reap the dawn of victory, had no strength to be angry at this situation, desperately and helplessly smiled, running with both hands and feet. By the time they all finished the competition, Sorghum was still moving forward, never thought of giving up, walking alone in the dark night, singing military songs to cheer for themselves.

In the final evaluation, the pass rate of the Old Ninth Company reached 5%, which was much higher than that of the Night Tiger Company of the 700th group. Chen Dashan was happy with a smile. This was the last result of their group in history, and he immediately felt that his face was bright. Qin Hanyong took the opportunity to ask for more oil and water in the canteen. However, the oil and water were limited, so he paid for the chef to buy some big bones, even if he couldn’t eat meat, he could drink some soup.

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