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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 8 Recap

Since Jiang Nan Zheng went to the division, he occasionally wrote to contact Gu Yiye. Seeing the weather turned cold, he entrusted Lu Pingfan to help her carry something. While everyone was turning off the lights to rest, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye hid under the tree to divide their socks and snatched two packs from him. One of the packs was to be given to Niu Mancang. The housekeeping inspected the toilet water that caused his feet to smell bad. Spread throughout the entire 7-20 regiment.

Lying in the dormitory bed in the middle of the night, Gao Liang couldn’t put it down with socks, and even reluctant to give it away, he simply gave up the rubber shoes that he had just bought to Niu Mancang. On the other hand, Gu Yiye pulled out the note Jiang Nanzheng wrote to him and the eye drops from his socks. Even though they were separated from each other, they still worried about each other.

Early the next morning, Gao Liang passed by Qin Hanyong’s office and found that he was practicing his fists against a book, so he sneaked in and took the “Eighteen Black Dragon” after the other party had left. After several days, Gao Liang took time to practice hard, always feeling that he had become a master of martial arts, walking with wind.

During the new and veteran tactical match, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye performed at an extraordinary level, leading the veterans for more than a minute and achieved excellent results. After this competition, the recruits were embarrassed and encouraged. In the following shooting training, Gu Yiye was more aggressive than Gao Liang’s hard training, he was more inclined to scientific training, skillful and accurate.

Gao Liang proposed to compete with Gu Yiye, but Gu Yiye only compared his limit, so he rejected his proposal. But from Gao Liang’s point of view, competition is the best way for two men to show their strength. If they defeat Gu Yiye, they might make Jiang Nanzheng look at him with admiration.

Everyone was washing clothes in the water room. During chat, they mentioned that the team leader was accompanying the teacher to find Qin Hanyong. Gu Yiye heard this sentence, so he went to the company commander’s office alone and applied to Zheng Yuan for a transfer to 7000 in public. Group night tiger company. As we all know, the Night Tiger Company is the ace company of the A Army. It was a famous hero and model company as early as the Red Army, and it has fought countless victories.

In fact, Gu Yiye’s main purpose for joining the army was to enter the Night Tiger Company, and he also made it clear that he did not want to stay in the July 20th regiment, even if the head of the regiment Chen Dashan was nearby. Although Zheng Yuan doesn’t like this method of self-recommendation, he also attaches great importance to every aspiring young man, so the best way to prove his strength is to show his strength.

Zheng Yuan came interested, and ordered Chen Dashan to organize immediately, and by the way, find a company of veterans, so that there can be a comparison. Before leaving, Gu Yiye asked about the bullet model in Zheng Yuan’s body. To confirm his guess, Zheng Yuan asked him to compete first and wait until the end of the game to announce it.

At night, the first item the recruits take is night tactical shooting, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the eyes are under direct sunlight, which will cause visual errors. At this time, it is necessary to test everyone’s actual combat ability in a special and complex environment. Gu Yiye reminded his comrades not to look at the beam of light as much as possible. When the beam of light moved, you could cover your eyes with your hands and look at the target through your fingers. As a result, the others did not hear clearly, so the results were not satisfactory.

In the second night shooting game, Sorghum shot first and shot all the bullets in one breath. The speed allowed Zheng Yuan to believe that his turnover rate was high, unless he had a stunt and had night vision. When it was Gu Yiye’s turn to play, his method was completely different from Gao Liang’s. The first two bullets were slow in rhythm, and the faster they went back, they were praised by Zheng Yuan.

Based on Zheng Yuan’s years of combat experience, it is natural to know that the first two bullets are different from the ballistic trajectories behind them, because when the first bullet is fired, the barrel is still cold, which is the so-called cold gun accuracy, so the first two bullets are aimed and returned. The interval is very important, which is why Gu Yiye is more scientific in shooting.

After all the games were over, everyone’s results were announced. Gu Yiye hit eighth out of ten without a surprise. Kaoliang was slightly inferior, but it was also an extraordinary performance. I thought it would be the best result of this game until a company of veterans came on the field. The worst score was nine in ten, and the rest were full marks. The difference in strength between the two teams was extremely obvious.

It is precisely because of this that the teacher Zheng Yuan used his grades to teach Gu Yiye a lesson, letting him understand that a strong middle player has a strong midfielder, and he still needs more training now, and he is completely unqualified to go to the night tiger company. Song Jianshe found that sorghum was training hard with brute force, at best treating the symptoms but not the root cause, so he took the initiative to talk to him, and used the experience of the people to give tips.

Gao Liang was deeply inspired by the conversation, and Song Jianshe also expressed his true thoughts without shy. If he had to choose between him and Gu Yiye, he would definitely be chosen. It doesn’t matter whether sorghum is good, but Gu Yiye is too good, so good people have many choices, and he needs many opportunities.

On the other hand, Gu Yiye was in a particularly low mood tonight and was hit hard, seriously reflecting on his own problems. Gao Liang walked back alone, and suddenly saw Niu Mancang hurriedly running over, saying that a veteran in a company called Ninth Company was scum, and the two groups fought in the bathhouse, each with varying degrees of injury, and the leader was angry. Chen Dashan yelled in the office, ordering Song Jianshe to find out the situation and severely punish those who took the lead.

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