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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 10 Recap

The deeds of the Jiulian 9th Class have spread throughout the division, including Jiangnan Zheng, so I took the initiative to write to Gu Yiye to express his concern, and at the same time, on the grounds of his 19th birthday, he invited him to get together with Gao Liang. . Soon on the weekend, Gu Yiye traded socks and peanuts and cows for a place to go out. He wanted to borrow a bicycle from the cooking squad leader, but he didn’t expect to be picked up by Gao Liang.

At this time, Gao Liang rode on the road, whistling happily, and his face was full of spring breeze. Unexpectedly, a military vehicle passed by, and Gu Yiye in the front passenger seat couldn’t help showing him. Even though Gao Liang was not convinced, the speed of the two wheels could not keep up with the four wheels.

Until the military vehicle broke down halfway, the mood of the happy couple changed dramatically. Gu Yiye immediately lowered his posture and begged Gao Liang to take him a ride. But when Gao Liang learned that he was going to celebrate his “comrade-in-arms” birthday, he stepped on his pedals and ran away without a trace.

Due to the birthday appointment, Gu Yiye did not arrive in time for some reason. Jiang Nanzheng waited at the station for a long time without seeing anyone, and was quite emotionally disappointed. When Gu Yiye arrived by car, she regretted missing it. Gao Liang accompanied Jiang Nanzheng to the Martyrs Cemetery of the Second Third Fourth Division in August Town, looking for clues to her biological father.

Looking at the tombstones of martyrs before him, Gao Liang suddenly thought of his sacrificed brother, tears filled his eyes, and even Jiangnan Zheng was quite moved. The two were sitting on the beach and chatting. Jiang Nanzheng told about his father that he had never met before. At that time, she was not born and her parents were divorced. Later, only from her mother’s words, he learned that his father had served as the company commander of the Red Third Company. .

Even though Jiang Nanzheng’s father never sacrificed his life, everything he had was dedicated to the army and stayed on the battlefield. For Jiangnan Zheng’s mother, falling in love with her father is both lucky and unfortunate. That man is like the sun that can illuminate everything. He has infinite masculine power. At the same time, it deeply affects Jiangnan Zheng, making her resolutely choose to join the army. Enlisted.

Sorghum didn’t know how to comfort him, so he picked up a tabby shell on the beach and gave it to Jiang Nanzheng. The tabby shell in her eyes represented poetry, and the tabby shell in his eyes was at best a shell. Jiang Nanzheng knows Kaoliang’s heart, but being moved cannot replace love, so he emphasizes the relationship between the two of them as comrades-in-arms, and does not hope that he is still obsessed.

After his birthday, Jiang Nan collected Gu Yiye’s letter and looked at the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the compound mentioned in the letter. He couldn’t help but yearn for the beautiful picture that he picked the sweet-scented osmanthus to give him. It’s a pity that beauty is like a bubble, illusory and fragile, leaving her utterly disappointed, and it’s a pity that she didn’t celebrate her birthday with each other.

In order to help Jiang Nanzheng find his biological father, Gao Liang took advantage of everyone’s attention and slipped into the Lianshi room alone, but was caught by Qin Hanyong. Qin Hanyong, under the soft and hard foam of sorghum, simply explained to him the predecessor of the old nine company, the Red Third Company, and the company commanders of the Red Third Company. Now they also hold important positions in the military region, including the commander Zheng Yuan.

Jiang Nanzheng learned through Tong Bing that the communications camp is about to start a professional competition, and the winner can be promoted directly, or fall in love in an open manner. Because of this, the division gave a total of two indicators, so the chances of selection among monitors were greater, but Jiang Nanzheng did not believe in evil, so he took the initiative to apply to Zhao Hongying for a chance to compete.

Zhao Hongying believes that the recruits have just left the company and have no experience at all, and they are not enough to compare with the elites of the signal soldiers. Seeing Jiangnan Zheng’s insistence repeatedly, Zhao Hongying temporarily added a field test. Although Jiangnan Zheng is very talented, he can be familiar with all the numbers and sockets in less than a month after being on the machine, but he is still three minutes behind his best result, which is not a short time. Catch up.

Qin Han Yong brought things to visit Zhao Hongying. During this period, he had an oolong and was splashed all over by the female soldiers. Zhao Hongying brought Qin Hanyong to the office and asked him about the promotion of quotas. However, Qin Hanyong also thought about applying for promotion for the monitor, but was reprimanded by the teacher.

After this time of getting along, Zhao Hongying and Qin Hanyong had a good relationship. She also knew the difficulties of Old Jiulian. She took out the food stamps she had accumulated before from the drawer. Qin Hanyong said embarrassedly, but his hands were faster than his mouth. Put the food stamp into your pocket.

Soon it was another training test. In order to improve his grades, Zhao Hongliu wanted to take a short cut to reach the finish line. Unexpectedly, he encountered a wild boar halfway and didn’t pay attention to falling into the pit. Fortunately, the local villagers rescued him and sent him to the army, which also made Zhao Hongliu especially ashamed and made mistakes in a short time.

But compared to Zhao Hongliu’s self-criticism, everyone was more concerned about the wild boar and rushed to dig pits to set up traps. Sure enough, that night, Gao Liang heard the sound of wild boars coming from outside. After a long time without seeing the oily cooking class, he could finally make a pot full of braised pork, and the Jiulian soldiers feasted on it.

At this moment, Song Jianshe suddenly appeared in the cafeteria, with an extremely serious expression, and directly called Qin Hanyong and the others away. Gao Liang, Gu Yiye and others couldn’t help but followed curiously, only to realize that the pigs caught last night were not wild boars at all, but domestic pigs lost by local villagers. Regarding this matter, the leaders of Jiulian first went to calm the villagers’ emotions, collected a compensation fund, and then discussed how to deal with sorghum and Gu Yiye.

Song Jianshe stated that he has tried his best to narrow the scope of influence, but the problem is that this month belongs to the month for the discipline rectification of the military region. The newly transferred commander will personally supervise and pick out the negative examples from the divisions and regiments. Even Qin Hanyong knows this new The commander’s style, I am afraid it will be difficult to get confused this time.

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