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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 24 Recap

Xu Longxiang sensed that Zhao Kai was not coming, and he was not afraid of it, and he had already set up a full posture to meet him, but at this critical moment, Zhao Xituan walked over. When Zhao Kai saw this, he immediately changed his face, claiming that they had only misunderstood each other, and revealed the three thousand red silks passed to him by Han Diaosi.

It is precisely because Zhao Kai is the apprentice of Han Diaosi, Zhao Xi Tuan will not be held accountable and ask him to apologize for the incident. Unexpectedly, Zhao Kai knelt down and asked for forgiveness very sincerely. This surprised Zhao Xi Tuan. He couldn’t help feeling that the other party could bend and stretch, and the new generation would have to come up with talents again.

When Mrs. Liu woke up to look for her husband, she found that there were many people around the door, so she learned the truth. Xu Fengnian dragged the corpse across the city gate on horseback. He hadn’t noticed the girl behind him who was waiting for the rabbit. When he turned around, she had been attacked by the opponent and succeeded in one blow.

Xu Zhihu stayed at the gate of Lu’s house until Xu Fengnian and others came over. At this moment, Liu Liting’s body was cold and breathless. My sister and brother hadn’t seen each other for many years, but they were able to meet again today. All the feelings came to my heart. Xu Fengnian stepped forward to hug the eldest sister and muttered to take her back to Beifang.

As soon as the voice fell, Xu Fengnian fainted directly, and Xu Zhihu was shocked when he touched the blood on his younger brother’s back. Fortunately, Xu Fengnian’s injuries seem to be serious, but in fact the skin is traumatized. Simple bandaging is not a major problem. On the contrary, Liu Liting’s wife refuses to let Xu’s family go, and is now beating the drums and grievances of the Liyang City government office.

Although the Lu family is a famous scholar in the south of the Yangtze River, and his family origin is no less than that of the Northern Xu family, but he is only afraid of the reputation of Tu Xuxiao, so he dare not drive Xu Zhihu out of the house. If he is replaced by a general general Children have long been poked their spine by these hypocrites with higher-than-low eyes.

Therefore, during Xu Fengnian’s trip, he undoubtedly couldn’t please the Lu family’s polite hospitality. Originally, they wanted to wait for Liu Liting’s death. It happened that the assassination came in time, and the injury really scared the Lu family, lest they be infamy of employing an assassin to attack the son, and even more afraid that Xu Xiao would kill him for it.

In this way, Xu Fengnian can still heal his wounds under the care of the Lu family, which is a blessing in disguise. After all, the famous family in the south of the Yangtze River is like the emperor of the earth. The government office never dared to provoke righteousness. It simply declared that the officials were infected with the wind and cold, and refused to accept the case, and Mrs. Liu had nowhere to go.

Han Diaosi took the initiative to see Xu Xiao and truthfully told him the ins and outs of the Liyang City storm. He intended to divorce Xu and Lu, but Xu Xiao didn’t buy it and didn’t take it seriously. Xu Fengnian was fierce and violent in Jiangnan, and the impeachment memorial of Jiangnan literati was on the way to the capital. Today’s sages love to hear and hear. If the Lu family carefully guards Xu Fengnian, it will definitely make the situation ugly.

Therefore, if Xu Fengnian wants hereditary replacement, Beifang must be a solitary town, no matter what Han Diaosi’s thoughts are, but he mentioned one key point, that is, Xu and Lu family will not fall out, and hereditary will not defend. live. Not only Xu Xiao himself knew well, but Xu Zhihu also tried every means to break the game.

But in Xu Fengnian’s opinion, if he had trouble with the Lu family according to his father’s wishes, it would definitely make the eldest sister’s situation more difficult. Seeing Xu Fengnian hesitating, Xu Zhihu decided to go to Liu Liting’s mansion alone to worship. Only in this way can he help the flames and help his younger brother take an important step.

Jiang Ni took Yu Youwei to visit Xu Fengnian, only to find that there was no one in the house. At this time, Xu Fengnian had stopped her eldest sister halfway. He had expected Xu Zhihu to be adept at making suggestions, so he sent Ning Emei to monitor her every move. Xu Fengnian persuaded Xu Zhihu to go home, begging her to stop being wronged for herself, and at the same time promised to heal her injuries, she would definitely think of the best of both worlds.

Zhao Kai followed the sound of the piano to the bottomless pool and saw an old man who was fishing cross-legged. He sent a golden armor to test it. However, he was not close yet and was flew by the opponent’s powerful internal force. The old man threw the Jade Seal of the Kingdom, and Zhao Kai quickly held it in his hand. Suddenly, he was in a state of confusion and suddenly saw himself wearing a dragon robe ascending the throne, with hundreds of civil and military officials bowing their heads below.

Because the dream was too real, Zhao Kai was addicted to it, and finally, at the elder’s order, did he recover his sobriety. After some conversation, Zhao Kai learned that the old man was Zhao Huangchao that Han Diaosi asked him to find. The method he practiced was to use objects to draw people into dreams, and to reflect his heart through dreams.

Twenty years ago, Zhao Huangchao and Wang Xianzhi fought against each other, which led to the backlash. Later, he returned to Longhu Mountain. He sat by the bottomless pond every day and used vermillion wild fruits to fish for millennium salamanders. After ten years of fishing, the fishing line is more than one hundred feet long. Even if the salamander has not come out, the bottomless pool water can still suppress backlash for him until he can get the salamander.

On the other side, Xu Xiao stopped playing the game and had no intention of dealing with Yang Taisui anymore. He bluntly said that he had been investigating the murder of Wu Su for many years and why he hadn’t made any progress. In the past, Yang Taisui would make an excuse, but this time he didn’t mention a word, so Xu Xiao expected the reason to be strange. Under Xu Xiao’s questioning, Yang Taisui had no choice but to tell that one person had been involved in the assassination of Wu Su and he was currently in the capital.

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