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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 7 Recap

Qin Hanyong concealed the facts for Gu Yiye, and then went to Song Jianshe to explain to Jiangnan Zheng and Gaoliang, insisting that the two were normal comrades-in-arms. However, Song Jianshe knew Qin Han’s character to protect the calf, and he also accused him of not blindly covering up. The two quarreled over this. It was not until Liu Hongyan asked Song Jianshe to retrieve the lost old hen, which ended the conflict.

Following the division’s order, Qin Han Yong recorded a punishment once. Since the training in March is over and the recruits are about to leave the company, Gu Yiye made a grand speech at the farewell party to make it clear that after experiencing the baptism of the troops, he knows how to love and protect the people he loves. A song about me and mine The motherland moved everyone present.

That night, the recruits of the 9th squad could not sleep. They repeatedly discussed the news that Qin Hanyong would be transferred back to the Yehuo Company and be punished. Suddenly, they found that their company commander was cold on the outside and hot on the inside. Just as Qin Hanyong was packing his luggage in the room, the nine recruits rushed in, washing their feet with enthusiasm, which caught him off guard.

Everyone gathered around the table to say goodbye and confessed their previous mistakes. From the initial prank on Qin Hanyong, to the sincere apology, they all proved the growth of the recruits. Qin Hanyong was very pleased with this, so he proposed to have dinner at night, only to see that they took out white wine and peanut seeds from their arms one after another, and sorghum specially made a pot of braised chicken.

At the request of his wife Liu Hongyan, Song Jianshe had to search for chickens in the dark, but he found Qin Hanyong’s room after smelling it. His appearance made the audience nervous. Qin Hanyong was a little drunk, and invited Song Jianshe to drink together. Unexpectedly, after looking around, he fixed his gaze on Gao Liang.

At this moment, the sorghum had chicken feet in his mouth and had not swallowed it, and was abruptly pulled out by Song Jianshe, and carefully identified it to be the hen whose name was Erhuang. Because of the serious violations of discipline and regulations in the third company of recruits, it means that the company commander Qin Hanyong bears an inescapable responsibility, and was eventually revoked from the position of company commander by the regiment party committee and demoted to the post of deputy company.

Except for even Shu Jiagui who went to work as a pig soldier, everyone else followed the instructor to the 9th Company of the July 20th Regiment. The so-called Old 9th Company is a well-known company as a sweeping company, so this is the last thing everyone wants to see. distribute. Qin Hanyong watched the soldiers leave by car, feeling a little disappointed, but Zhao Hongying envied him very much. Although these soldiers were not the best qualified, they were the most united. If they were on the battlefield, they would definitely block bullets for each other.

On the day of Lao Jiulian’s report, everyone saw an old acquaintance, who was the former devil chief, and now the deputy commander of Jiu Company Qin Hanyong, this is also good news in the bad results. The veteran squad leader Zhang Fei is more emotional, so he applied to Song Jianshe to include all recruits in a squad. Although Song Jianshe repeatedly emphasized that if he can’t bring out top soldiers, he is likely to face retirement. Under his insistence, he had to reluctantly agree.

Considering that Zhao Hongliu’s body is relatively poor and he is not suitable for continuing to serve as deputy, so Zhang Fei wanted to choose between Gu Yiye and Gao Liang, and urged them to perform well and fight for themselves. Sorghum was full of confidence, and Gu Yiye did not show weakness, and slapped each other hard, and it was bound to take advantage of this opportunity to compete.

When training in the morning, Qin Hanyong noticed many recruits, but those veterans were sleeping in blankets. When the morning exercises were over, the veterans came to the bathroom to find trouble. The veteran headed by the veteran was the one who had conflicts with Gao Liang and others during the exercise, so he still bears grudges.

Despite the bad intentions of the other party, Gao Liang also splashed back with water. In the end, the two gangs almost made a move. Fortunately, Zhang Fei showed up in time. Gu Yiye and Gao Liang were punished by Zhang Fei to do push-ups, while the other veteran who was making trouble was called into the office by Qin Hanyong and reprimanded.

On the day of shooting training, a company led by Lu Pingfan received a gun test task, and recruited shooters from recruits with no shooting experience, so as to serve as a control group for the new gun project and cooperate with a company of veterans to complete the test gun task. In order to stand out from the crowd, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye worked hard to train their guns, and neither of them would accept defeat.

Qin Hanyong invited Lu Pingfan to the Jiulian Gun Room, hoping that he could give some suggestions. Lu Pingfan believes that Gu Yiye is a smart and easy-to-learn person, and he is also optimistic about sorghum. Although they lack shooting skills now, I believe that one day these hopes will be realized in the younger generations.

Gu Yiye has unique insights on firearms research, and will also take the initiative to ask Lu Pingfan for advice. He firmly believes that war is a science, and the key to victory depends on whether it is appropriate. While acquiescing to Gu Yiye’s point of view, Lu Pingfan also indicated how a strategically-minded force should display diversity. They will collect the most exquisite flowers as a reserve for their diversity, and The direction of testing and exploration, once the environment changes, there will be opportunities to rejuvenate in other forms.

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