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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 6 Recap

Song Jianshe checked in the dormitory, followed by a group of people, each with anxiety, for fear of deducting points for any omissions. It’s a pity that the smell of toilet water from Niu Mancang’s bed still failed to escape Song Jianshe’s nose. With his wife’s years of experience in perfumery, he developed a good skill in identifying brands of fragrance.

Because of this small detail, Gu Yiye was extremely nervous, and mistakenly thought it was the taste brought by Jiangnan Zheng. Song Jianshe noticed that something was wrong with Gu Yiye, asked Qin Hanyong by name and asked Qin Hanyong to investigate on the spot. At the critical moment, sorghum came forward and took out the bottle of flower dew to hydrolyze the surroundings.

The internal affairs turmoil was resolved without any danger. Gu Yiye was relieved instantly. When he felt fortunate about this, he also carefully spread out the handkerchief while everyone was asleep, and carefully looked at the text on it. A line of beautiful characters is Jiang Nanzheng’s words of encouragement, and I feel sweet in my heart.

The training of recruits is about to end, and the regiment is launching a queue assessment and evaluation. The movements are neat and impeccable. The recruits are in three consecutive and nine squads and are indifferent to each other. Amidst the cheering of the female soldiers, the emotions are high, and finally relying on the high momentum. Won the first place. After the assessment, Qin Hanyong expressed gratitude to the female company commander Zhao Hongying, but Zhao Hongying bluntly commented on the advantages and disadvantages of Yilian and Sanlian.

At least in Zhao Hongying’s view, three consecutive nine classes won because of the momentum and unity, as well as the psychological impact on the examiner, which is largely due to favors. Therefore, three consecutive games are more like a chance to win. Even if one consecutive loses, it is still a glorious defeat. On the other hand, Lu Pingfan is very good at mastering the rhythm, and he has an unmarked rhythm.

Considering that the female company is about to leave the July 20th Regiment, Qin Hanyong took advantage of the trend to propose a party, which was approved by Zhao Hongying. Soon at the party, everyone sang and danced, but Gao Liang ran to the cooking class to help the kitchen. When he finished his work and came to the window, he happened to see Gu Yiye and three other soldiers singing on stage. They performed very well. It is not difficult to see Jiangnan. Zheng fights the joy and worship in my heart.

Qin Hanyong and Song Jianshe opened a small stove in the room separately, and drank a few glasses of wine while in a good mood, and they had a disagreement when they talked about mixed training for men and women. Song Jianshe believes that young people are just as strong, and there will inevitably be a time when there will be fires, but Qin Hanyong thinks that he is a metaphor for Sanlian.

At this time, the party ended. The male and female soldiers left one after another until the lights were turned off. Gao Liang came out of the corner and walked onto the stage alone, singing a song with a loud voice. During this period, Gao Liang imagined that he and Jiang Nanzheng would sing together on the same stage.

There is only one shadow over there, and there is enough food and drink here, Song Jianshe reveals to Qin Hanyong a little-known secret, that is, Lu Pingfan is pursuing Zhao Hongying. Song Jianshe tasted the food, but he didn’t expect sorghum cooking skills to be so good, so he planned to send him to the cooking class of the military area agency. However, Qin Hanyong believed that sorghum had outstanding military qualities and was a good material for combatants, and should not be revolved around the boiler, so he tactfully rejected Song Jianshe.

Gu Yiye knew that Jiang Nanzheng was quickly transferred to the division, so he asked her to meet in the small forest at night to express his affection with her, and even presented a collection of poems copied by himself. At this time, Gao Liang was humming a small song all the way to find her. She hadn’t noticed the two pickets following her. To avoid trouble, Jiang Nanzheng urged Gu Yiye to go first, and she once again emphasized her comradeship to Gao Liang.

The picket caught the two of them in front of him, and Song Jianshe was furious when he learned of the incident. The situation that had caused him some worries before was quickly verified. Song Jianshe checked the handwritten poem collection and stated on the title page that it was given to Jiang Nanzheng’s comrade-in-arms G. Because Gao Liang and Gu Yiye’s surname had the same letters, Gao Liang simply took the responsibility on himself and took the initiative to admit the fact of the tryst.

Song Jianshe asked Gao Liang to read aloud the content of the poems on the spot. Unexpectedly, the next whole piece is full of explicit words, all from the self-song of American poet Walt Whitman. Although Song Jianshe became more angry and livid as he listened, he didn’t call a stop. Gao Liang could only bite the bullet and continue to read. The others present were extremely embarrassed. It was not until the appearance of Zhao Hongying that he announced the stop.

Because of the terrible impact of the matter, Song Jianshe stated that it must be thoroughly investigated by the regiment, and Qin Hanyong personally handled it. Zhao Hongying took Jiangnanzheng away, and he also knew that the collection of poems was not written by Gao Liang, but someone else. But she advised Jiang Nanzheng as a friend to learn to protect herself, because boys who like Whitman’s poems are usually more arrogant, and their excellence can hurt people.

The recruits in Class Nine were all worried about Gao Liang, and they didn’t know what punishment he would face in the future if something happened. Gu Yiye didn’t have the courage to express his position in public, so he went to Qin Hanyong to explain the situation after the fact, and his behavior would not only affect the distribution, but it was very likely to be retired. The next day Gu Yiye had a meal in the cafeteria, and Gu Yiye had a secret contest with Gao Liang. He went to the kitchen to meet Jiang Nanzheng first. While apologizing to her, he solemnly confessed the matter, and the other party did the same.

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