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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Nanzheng sat alone on the hillside in a daze. If it had fallen during the day, he happened to rush at night, so that two pickets were attracted. Fortunately, the sorghum appeared in time and dragged her to hide behind the boulder. She could not be avoided. Unexpectedly, a wild boar sprang out of the grass. Although it did not hurt anyone, it scared Jiangnan to death.

After making sure that he belonged to him, Jiang Nanzheng deliberately kept a distance from Gao Liang and categorically persuaded him to give up, because they do not have a relationship between men and women. Gao Liang did not respond positively to this incident, but when Jiang Nan Zheng left, he stared at the sky in a daze. From this moment, he had more people in his heart. He wanted to be nice to her, and he also wanted to be better than Gu Yiye.

The daytime training was over. When it was lunch break, the picket came to the ninth shift to investigate and asked everyone to take out Jiefang shoes. Since the picket spotted the shoe prints of a man and a woman in the grass last night, the pickets went to each spot to check the soles of their shoes. The others passed the checkpoint smoothly, but the sorghum suddenly washed their shoes, which made the other party suspicious.

Sorghum lied that he had stepped on shit before, so he took out the stinking socks from the cabinet, and finally passed the threshold in a thrilling manner. Realizing that the picket is very likely to find out the identity of the female soldier, Gao Liang hurriedly went to Han Chunyu and asked her about the situation. Fortunately, Han Chunyu concealed Jiang Nanzheng, and there was an alibi, and this matter was not resolved.

However, Han Chunyu believed that this matter should have been deliberately informed by someone, which made Gao Liang suspicious of Niu Mancang, so he targeted everywhere during the training, and eventually missed and injured him. Niu Mancang ignored the blood on his forehead and repeatedly emphasized his innocence. He never thought of hurting sorghum, let alone telling the picket, hoping that he could believe in himself.

As the truth came to light, Gao Liang felt guilty about this and took the initiative to apologize to Niu Mancang, and the two reconciled as before. Niu Mancang knew that sorghum often wears a watch, so he wanted to borrow it to stand guard, but was refused. That night, it was Niu Mancang who got up and stood guard and walked along the sorghum watch when he went out. This scene happened to be seen by Gu Yiye.

Who would have thought that Niu Mancang hurriedly went out to meet his comrades, took out his watch from his pocket, found that the dial was broken, the hands did not go, even the bracelet was broken, scared his legs weakened, until the next day, he was still trembling, always watching The expression of sorghum changed. The 9th class of recruits ran the mountain with a heavy load for most of the day, and when they reached the finish line, they were almost exhausted and paralyzed. Qin Hanyong found Gao Liang was training with a watch, rebuked him for his hedonism, and confiscated it on the spot.

In order to teach the sorghum a lesson, Qin Hanyong asked all the people to follow the punishment, each holding the winter melon and running around the mountain, the end point was set at the cooking class, and the meals for the next three days were related to the winter melon. Niu Mancang felt sorry for Gao Liang, so he bought a watch through Gu Yiye and gave it to him. However, Gao Liang was in a very bad mood. For Gu Yiye selling a watch worth 300 at a low price of 80, he believed that the other party was unkind.

Gu Yiye heard these words, so he quarreled with him, and angered Gao Liang for wearing a rotten watch. As everyone knows, this watch is the relic left by the elder brother to Sorghum, and it is also the bottom line that no one can touch. Sorghum was very angry and beat Gu Yiye with his hands. Niu Mancang hurried forward to pull the frame when he saw it.

When Gao Liang calmed down, he simply talked about the source of this watch, including his relationship with his eldest brother. Gu Yiye was moved when he heard it, and took the initiative to find Qin Hanyong to explain the situation and ask for the watch for Gao Liang. The next morning, Qin Hanyong returned his watch in front of the entire class of soldiers, hoping that everyone will always remember the martyrs who defended their homes and the country. Through this incident, Gao Liang gradually understood that the answer to the time he had been searching for was actually not elsewhere. It’s between comrades-in-arms.

During the shooting training at the shooting range, Lu Pingfan held a submachine gun and aimed forward, and the scene of the border fighting appeared in his mind. Artillery fire was flying down, corpses were everywhere, and countless comrades died in that land. On the other hand, Gu Yiye fainted due to a severe fever and eventually became exhausted.

Due to the house evaluation in a few days, Niu Mancang was troubled by the problem of foot odor. When Gao Liang went to the service agency to purchase, he wanted to bring him a bottle of toilet water, but the last bottle was actually bought by Han Chunyu. Sorghum is more greasy and tongue-tied, and is used to pleasing girls, and easily buys toilet water from the other party. As a result, the two of them accidentally fell into the water pool on the way back, and Gao Liang immediately hugged Han Chunyu, making her feel like a deer.

Knowing that Gu Yi was ill, Jiang Nanzheng came to the window of the male soldier’s dormitory, wrapped a handkerchief with anti-fever medicine, and threw it to him. While the two were talking, Niu Mancang bumped into this scene and rushed in with a fuss. Jiang Nanzheng turned around and ran back to the female soldier’s dormitory. He saw Han Chunyu, wet all over, just coming in from outside.

Everyone returned to the dormitory one after another. Gu Yiye calmly took care of Jiang Nanzheng’s handkerchief. Gao Liang took the opportunity to hand over the toilet water to Niu Mancang and told him to put a few drops in his shoes every day. How did you know that Song Jianshe suddenly attacked and carried out inspections, just because tomorrow he was going to accompany the head of the headquarters, and he would simply advance to tonight.

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