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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 4 Recap

After a short rest, Gu Yiye supported his weak body and insisted on going to the teacher for an explanation. When blocked by the two leaders, Gu Yiye repeatedly emphasized that he was full of ambition to join the army, and even gave up the college entrance examination in order to join the army. He taught himself military history and tactics knowledge, trained infantry skills and physical fitness, and got everything he had prepared for today. Retirement sanctions.

Just because Gu Yiye endured too much grievances and was unwilling to vent his emotions, Lu Pingfan’s next words had a profound impact on him, making him aware of the real difference between military academies and ordinary academies. The so-called “soldiers calculate the function for the god of death, and then write it with a cannon”, this sentence is that thousands of soldiers need to use blood and fire to practice, and only one love can not go on for a long time.

Jiang Nanzheng hurriedly came to the division headquarters to inquire about Gu Yiye with the guard. He happened to meet Song Jianshe and Lu Pingfan who were going out, and learned that Gu Yiye was safe. On the other hand, Gu Yiye stood by the window on the second floor, leaning lonely on the table, thinking about the reprimands Lu Pingfan had just given him.

The retreat was irreversible. Gao Liang and his comrades settled their suspicions. After a lot of jokes and jokes, they gave Niu Mancang the treasured military uniform, which is also considered a memorial for him. With everyone seeing him off, Gao Liang waved his hands to say goodbye, but turned around with wet red eyes. If someone left his hometown to join the army for dedication, he was more like a surrender without a escape route.

As if he had come alone before, and now he walked alone, walking aimlessly, a puff sinking into the river, bits and pieces of the past rushed to his heart, vaguely remembering the day when his eldest brother joined the army, wearing safflower in his uniform, and turning back frequently before leaving, young The sorghum stopped to look into the distance.

Zheng Yuan, who was fishing on the shore, observed the sorghum for a long time, and simply fished him out of the river, and asked why he was troubled. Gao Liang mistakenly thought that Zheng Yuan was a veteran, confided to the other party unreservedly, and talked about his orphan origin. Later, his eldest brother took him home to raise him, and the two depended on each other. That was home, until one person was missing, it changed. Into an icy house.

Zhang Fei rode a bicycle to send Gu Yiye back to the group. Unlike Lu Pingfan’s sternness, he was more like a big brother. He was so instructive and sometimes proud to show off his target Xiuer. After arriving at the July 20th Regiment, Gu Yiye found that Zhang Fei had old cold legs, and he couldn’t help pedaling all the way, feeling very guilty.

Zheng Yuan listened patiently to Gao Liang’s various complaints, and suggested to him as a past person that if he wanted to enjoy himself, he had to pay a price, and so did the army. That night, Zheng Yuan confirmed to Xia Lin about the dud bombing. Considering that he owed a chance to advance in the last competition, this time he let him go for the time being. The other two recruits were exempted from retreating and sent criticism instead.

Song Jianshe came to the dormitory to convey the teacher’s decision. Gu Yiye must stay. As for Gao Liang, he can ask for his own opinion on whether he is willing to stay in the regiment. As soon as this remark came out, everyone was pleasantly surprised, witnessing Gao Liang and Gu Yiye wearing military uniforms and officially becoming a member of the July 20th Regiment.

Now that the third company of recruits is established, Song Jianshe selected Zhao Hongliu, the deputy of the squad, and his father was in the Second, Third, and Fourth Division of the A Army before his death, and he also died in that battle. After a moment of silence, everyone applauded and welcomed Zhao Hongliu, and at the same time became curious about the identity of the new company commander, but Song Jianshe and Zhang Fei never revealed the least.

Early the next morning, Chen Dashan specially called Qin Hanyong and appointed him as the commander of the recruit company with a smile. Qin Hanyong knew that this was a heavy responsibilities and a long way to go. It was difficult and easy to provoke a fishy person. Moreover, with his name and ability, he should lead the pacesetter company.

While talking, Lu Pingfan suddenly came to submit a transfer application, threatening that he would not be able to display his ambitions in the July 20th regiment. Qin Hanyong, who originally wanted to reject Chen Dashan, was completely shocked by the dispute between the regiment leader and the instructor, and finally took over the recruit company in confusion. .

After Qin Hanyong realized it later, he realized that the two had set up a game for himself, but he was full of anger and had nowhere to vent, so he simply used it to deal with the recruits. As the recruit company began group training, the initial content was standing at attention, resting, straddling, and military posture exercises.

Qin Hanyong stated his attitude in advance that there are only good soldiers and strong generals under his hands, so he will not be merciful to anyone. In the days that followed, everyone was doing physical exercises comparable to hell. Not only did they have to endure a long time load, they also had to be ready to order.

Therefore, many times you can see strange scenes in the cafeteria. Female soldiers gather around the table to eat elegantly. The male soldiers are like tigers and wolves, and the plates are swept away. The female soldiers, including Jiangnan Zheng, were originally directed soldiers from the division. The original plan was to be trained by the division teaching team. However, the training team’s venues and barracks were swamped by the floods, and now they can only be trained by the July 20th Regiment.

At first everyone could bear it, but after a long time, the recruits headed by Gao Liang complained, so they deliberately mischievous and teased Qin Hanyong, leaving him nowhere to be found. Taking advantage of the rest day, Gao Liang, Niu Mancang and others ran to the garden to pick bananas, and Gu Yiye, who wrote quietly, also participated.

The recruits were lying on the wall and chatting, talking to the female soldiers, it was so lively, it was not until the squad leader Han Chunyu came out that it ended in a hurry. Afterwards, Han Chunyu announced that her squad was elected as the model squad, which meant that they had become a model representative of the entire platoon. It was strictly forbidden for each female soldier to have any exchanges with male soldiers outside of work. But at this moment, Jiangnan Zheng’s mood changed. Awakened by his words, I truly realized that I had a real affection for Gu Yiye.

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