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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 3 Recap

As Gao Liang and Gu Yiye returned to the platform warehouse, the plan they had prepared before was forced to terminate, and both of them were relatively lost. Although it was a confrontation exercise, it also represented the honor of the whole army.

Jiang Nanzheng and others came to the warehouse to bandage their injuries, and Gu Yiye took the opportunity to bring a tourniquet. Then Jiang Nanzheng personally bandaged the sorghum. This scene fell in everyone’s eyes, and they all gave a tacit wink. The gossip was igniting, but Gu Yiye looked a little bored.

That night, the B army selected several recruits from the recruits to unload the doors of the last two carriages of the train. Gu Yiye calculated the capacity of the carriages and predicted that they would like to use the train line to reinforce the combat plan, so as to transport weapons and ammunition to South Town. Gu Yiye and Gao Liang discussed how to demonstrate destructive power, cause irreversible consequences to the other party, and avoid causing too serious losses.

In the end, with the help of everyone, Gao Liang and Gu Yiye escaped from the roof of the warehouse, avoiding the scouts on duty, and started to act in two separate ways. Sorghum used a tourniquet to steal gasoline, then used gasoline to form a simple Molotov cocktail, bundled with two grenades, and buried in a pit right in front of the train. On the other hand, Gu Yiye sneaked into the train, subdued the veteran guarding the guard, started the train and did not move.

A whistle sounded, and the sorghum pulled the grenade to cause an explosion. The sky fire attracted everyone’s attention. It symbolized the success of the railroad track destruction operation. He also gradually realized the sense of mission of Brother Gao Shan as a soldier, including the falling of the shells. Real feelings around me.

The director’s department notified the Zhangmu Railway Station that the recruits were making trouble, and the reinforcement artillery and armored troops failed to set off on time. Zheng Yuan called Meng Zhongchi to show off after learning about it. The tense game of two old comrades in the game, attacking and using their minds, Zheng Yuan believes that the recruits are like sharp needle points. As long as the outstanding ones can be seen sooner or later, the steel nails he has cultivated can play their greatest role at this moment.

As soon as the words fell, Qin Hanyong suddenly broke into the command post of the Second and 30th Division. There were two large bundles of explosives hidden in a thin raincoat, and the distance from Meng Zhongchi was close at hand. In the end, the Second, Third, and Fourth Division won the victory and won this victory. Squad leaders Zhang Fei and Lu Pingfan led all the recruits to stand under the curtain of the night, shouting for the veterans to let them go, and then cheers came.

Although Gu Yiye and Gaoliang seized the opportunity to prevent the departure of the train, the credit goes to Qin Hanyong and Xia Lin. If the reason is pursued, it is only because the two of them did not observe organizational discipline to prevent the recruits from mutiny and leave the team without authorization, fight halfway through the fight, steal grenades without permission, cause derailment accidents, and damage national facilities. pass.

Zheng Yuan asked Chen Dashan, the head of the regiment, to conduct a self-examination, find the root cause of the disease as soon as possible, and start from the recruits. Victory by luck is difficult to control, and it is far more dangerous than failure.

On the way back, Zhang Fei told everyone about Xia Lin’s meritorious service and award, and encouraged everyone to learn from him and Qin Hanyong. But when Gao Liang learned that Xia Lin had robbed him of the credit, he immediately emphasized that he was the one who fired the flare. Unfortunately, no one believed him. Since Gu Yiye was not at the scene, he could not testify for him.

The day the recruits arrived at the station of the 70th and 20th Regiment, it was when Chen Dashan was furious in his office. He was originally worried about the construction of recruits. It was especially true that this year the recruits were extremely unruly and wanted to give the commander a satisfactory answer. It’s dead.

Song Jianshe proposed centralized management of recruits, which is better than decentralized management. At the same time, he also wanted to intercede for Gu Yiye and Gaoliang and put the punishment aside for the time being. However, Chief of Staff He Zhigeng asked Chen Dashan to deal with it quickly and find out as soon as possible. Chen Dashan knew that Lu Pingfan was aware of the rail bombing incident, and he would never be able to deal with him, the grassroots chief official who had received blood transfusion from his division, so he had to take two more. The recruits have a knife.

A commendation meeting was held outside to hold the reception ceremony of the collar badge and cap badge for the recruits. Only Gu Yiye and Gao Liang were missing. After waiting for a long time, they waited for Song Jianshe’s notification and were told to retreat. Sorghum was anxious and did not hesitate to say anything, and immediately went away. Gu Yiye tried his best to restrain his emotions and asked Song Jianshe if there were other ways to change the result. The only result was to go to the teacher Zheng Yuan.

After Jiang Nanzheng learned of this, he hurried to find the men’s company, but was stopped. Gao Liang stayed in the dormitory and refused to go out. Jiang Weixing came forward to deal with him on his behalf. As a result, he fell in love with Tong Bing, the female soldier next to him, at first sight. Jiang Nanzheng was scared to take Tong Bing and leave first. Zhang Fei told everyone to clean up, leaving Niu Mancang alone to comfort the sorghum, while he hid at the door to observe.

In the result of this punishment, the confessions of the recruits became the key, and they all avoided being implicated. They all clarified the relationship and completely ignored the contributions of Gu Yiye and Gao Liang. Niu Mancang knew he was sorry for Sorghum, but as the only boy in the village to be drafted into the army, he carried the expectations of too many people, and he really didn’t have the courage to go back ashamed.

Listening to Niu Mancang’s words, Zhang Fei was deeply saddened. He turned to find Song Jianshe to apply for retirement and use his place to keep the two recruits. The ideas of Lu Pingfan and Zhang Fei coincided, which made Song Jianshe a dilemma until Zhang Fei truthfully confessed that Xia Lin had dumbed during the exercise. He immediately realized the seriousness of the matter and hurried to the division to report the situation. .

At the same time, Xia Lin walked out of the division gate refreshingly, and happened to meet Gu Yiye who came to look for the teacher. However, Gu Yiye had neither a document nor a report to the duty office of the headquarters in advance, so he was stopped outside by soldiers on duty. In the Office of the Military Affairs Section, Song Jianshe and Lu Pingfan were scolded by Section Chief Zhang with bloody heads, which almost ran out of favor.

After Section Chief Zhang hurriedly left, the two found through the window that Gu Yiye was standing at the entrance of the division, believing that he could stand within half an hour. From early morning to sunset, for several hours, Gu Yiye’s whole body was wet with sweat, his legs trembled uncontrollably, his face was pale and haggard, and he fainted quickly.

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