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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 21 Recap

Chen Jiajia was full of praise for Jin Bo’s cooking skills. She wanted to come to eat next time. Jin Bo couldn’t close her mouth happily. Chen Jiajia ordered a lot of dishes in one go. Jin Bo promised to cook the same for her. Chen Jiajia wanted to eat hot pot tomorrow. Jin Bo agreed.

Liu Xiaojie invited Qian Feng to dinner and told about her relationship with Xu Zheng. Qian Feng tried his best to hide his grievance and wished them both happiness. Liu Xiaojie repeatedly explained that although she and Qian Feng had known each other for ten years, they had always been good friends. Feng was distraught, and just kept his head down and poured himself a drink.

Liu Xiaojie learned from Liu Xiaomin that Qian Feng wanted to confess to her. She was surprised. Qian Feng admitted that he had long liked Liu Xiaojie, but Liu Xiaojie and Tong Bing got married. When Liu Xiaojie divorced, Xu Zheng took the lead again. Qian Feng felt that his fate was unfair. , he can only force a smile and promise to continue to be friends with Liu Xiaojie.

Jin Jiajun wanted to stay at Jinbo tonight. After finishing the last two sparring games, he sent a message to Liu Xiaomin to ask for leave, and Liu Xiaomin reminded him not to play any more games. The next day, Jin Jiajun didn’t come to class for a long time. Chen Jiajia helped him lie in front of the teacher. Li Ping came to the school to inspect and accidentally found that Chen Jiajia had skipped school and took a taxi. To her, Chen Jiajia lied that she was in class, and Li Ping didn’t ask any more, and asked the driver to continue to follow Chen Jiajia.

Jin Jiajun stayed up all day and night, and finally finished all the sparring sessions. Jin Jiajun called the third brother to urge the third brother to settle the bill for him as soon as possible. Crazy, rushed to prepare hot pot. Chen Jiajia took a taxi downstairs and sent a message to Jin Jiajun, who hurried down to pick her up. The driver lost Chen Jiajia when he was driving at the traffic light. Li Ping recognized that this was the way to the old house where she and Chen Zhuo lived, and asked the driver to drive there directly.

Li Ping knocked on the door and saw Jin Bo, only to know that Chen Zhuo rented the house to him. Jin Bo hid in the kitchen and sent a message to Jin Jiajun, but Jin Jiajun did not bring his mobile phone. Li Ping saw that Jin Bo prepared the hot pot, and mistakenly thought that their family of three had a reunion dinner, so they sat on the sofa and waited for Liu Xiaomin. Unexpectedly, Jin Jiajun and Chen Jiajia went home hand in hand. Li Ping was stunned. She insisted that Jin Jiajun would hook up with Chen Jiajia, and Chen Jiajia would go home. After repeatedly stating that she likes Jin Jiajun, Li Ping was so angry that she called and ordered Chen Zhuo to come to the old house immediately.

Li Ping sent a message to tell Liu Xiaomin about the relationship between Chen Jiajia and Jin Jiajun, and asked her to come over for an interview. Liu Xiaomin asked for leave to rush over. She met Chen Zhuo downstairs, and Chen Zhuo was also confused. He admitted that he rented the old house to Jin Bo. Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo went upstairs together. Li Ping forced Chen Jiajia and Jin Jiajun to break up and asked Chen Jiajia to study abroad as soon as possible, but Chen Jiajia resolutely refused.

Both Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo advised Li Ping to calm down. Chen Jiajia kept claiming that Jin Bo supported her in dating Jin Jiajun. Jin Bo tried his best to distance himself from the relationship. Li Ping believed that Liu Xiaomin knew about this beforehand, and angrily revealed the relationship between Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo. , Chen Jiajia couldn’t accept this fact, slammed the door in a fit of anger, and Chen Zhuo chased after him, and Li Ping had to leave angrily.

Jin Bo complained that Liu Xiaomin didn’t say it beforehand. Liu Xiaomin didn’t think it was necessary to confess to him, and explained that she and Chen Zhuo had been in a relationship for more than a year. When repaying the bill, Liu Xiaomin gritted his teeth in anger and scolded Jin Bo severely. Jin Bo sneered at her. Jin Jiajun admitted that he was willing to help Jin Bo repay the money, and Liu Xiaomin was not allowed to interfere with his life. Liu Xiaomin left in anger.

Li Ping’s abdominal pain was unbearable because of the sudden fire, and the driver hurriedly helped her to the car. Jin Jiajun and Jin Bo left the old house overnight and moved into the hotel. Jin Bo persuaded Jin Jiajun to explain it clearly to Li Ping tomorrow, and asked him to send a message to apologize to Liu Xiaomin. Jin Jiajun did not want to go home, but Jin Bo persuaded him to study with peace of mind, and became a chef in a nursing home on the Internet. work. Chen Zhuo had been unable to contact Chen Jiajia, so he had to ask Jin Jiajun for help. Jin Jiajun quickly found Chen Jiajia, and he sent a message to Chen Zhuo as soon as possible.

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