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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 19 Recap

Xu Zheng explained the truth to Liu Xiaojie. He fell in love with Liu Xiaojie at first sight, and then carefully created many encounters. Liu Xiaojie was stunned. He didn’t expect Xu Zheng to follow her. Xu Zheng apologized to her again and again, and did not expect Liu Xiaojie to accept his feelings. As long as she silently accompanies Liu Xiaojie to protect her, before leaving, Xu Zheng also gave her a gift. Liu Xiaojie was moved by Xu Zheng’s true confession, shouted to stop Xu Zheng, agreed to date him, and the two went for a ride on a motorcycle.

Qian Feng persuaded Chen Zhuo to come out with him to go it alone, and he talked about the company’s development prospects. Chen Zhuo was immediately tempted, but now he has no time to think about it, and his mind is full of Jin Bo’s affairs. Jin Bo didn’t die for Liu Xiaomin, and the two lived under the same roof. Chen Zhuo was worried that Liu Xiaomin would change his mind. Qian Feng advised him not to interfere and let Liu Xiaomin solve it by himself. Qian Feng was in a bad mood and asked Chen Zhuo to accompany him for a drink.

Chen Zhuo went home after drinking, and Chen Jiajia couldn’t wait to offer to rent the old house to Jin Bo. Chen Zhuo found various excuses to shirk the blame. Chen Jiajia complained that he went back on his word. During Jin Jiajun’s study, Chen Jiajia couldn’t bear to let Chen Jiajia and Jin Bo squeeze into such a small house, and accidentally revealed that Jin Bo was going to get back with Liu Xiaomin, and Chen Zhuo promised to think about it.

Chen Zhuo thought about it again and again and decided to talk to Jin Bo in person. He called Jin Bo early in the morning. Jin Bo wanted to pick him up downstairs. Chen Zhuo wanted to take Jin Bo to see the house. They live at home, and their relationship is being repaired. Jin Bo invites Chen Zhuo to eat at home. Chen Zhuo also wants to check on the spot, so he goes home with him.

Jin Bo pretended to be the master and took Chen Zhuo around for a tour. Chen Zhuo saw Jin Bo laying a floor in Jin Jiajun’s room, but he was still brooding. Jin Bo warmly poured water for Chen Zhuo’s tea and persuaded him to find another person to start a family. Desperately showing off that he and Liu Xiaomin used to be a match made in heaven that everyone envied, Chen Zhuo couldn’t listen anymore and hurriedly made an excuse to leave.

Xu Zheng invited Liu Xiaojie’s female colleagues to a seafood dinner, and announced their relationship in public. Xu Zheng wanted to meet Liu Xiaojie’s family immediately. Liu Xiaojie promised to make arrangements as soon as possible. Xu Zheng wanted to meet Liu Xiaomin tonight, and Liu Xiaojie called on the spot. To Liu Xiaomin, and let her call Chen Zhuo, Liu Xiaomin agreed.

Qian Feng couldn’t eat because of his brokenheartedness, so he only bought a sandwich to satisfy his hunger. Chen Zhuo was also full of grievances, so he told about Jin Bo’s stalking and stalking Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaomin called Chen Zhuo to inform Chen Zhuo that Qian Feng was very upset when he learned that Liu Xiaojie and Xu Zheng had established a relationship, and Chen Zhuo agreed to help him find out the news.

Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin came to the appointment on time, Xu Zheng waited there early, and prepared a meeting ceremony for the two of them. Chen Zhuo inquired about Xu Zheng’s work and family situation in detail, and Xu Zheng answered truthfully.

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