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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 17 Recap

Jin Jiajun spent the whole day in the Internet cafe sparring and did not go to class. Chen Jiajia sent him his study notes after school, and also found a few rental houses for him to choose. Jin Jiajun felt that it was too expensive, and Chen Jiajia agreed to help him find it again. Jin Jiajun lay in bed and slept soundly because he was overworked and did not take off his clothes. Liu Xiaomin gave him vitamins and told him to take them on time.

Chen Zhuo excused that he had eaten too much dinner and walked around in various rooms. Chen Jiajia was so disturbed that he couldn’t calm down to paint. Chen Zhuo took the opportunity to ask Chen Jiajia about Jinbo’s current situation. Chen Jiajia answered truthfully. She found that Chen Zhuo was abnormal today. Chen Zhuo Looking for various excuses to cover up, he was worried that Jin Bolai would not leave at Liu Xiaomin’s house, and wanted to send a message to ask Jinbo for an interview, but he felt it was inappropriate.

In the middle of the night, Jin Jiajun received a message from the third brother and asked him to go online for sparring. Jin Jiajun dragged his tired body to turn on the computer and completed the game smoothly. Jin Bo was desperate and came to Liu Xiaomin’s house with his suitcase overnight. He couldn’t knock on the door, so he took out his sleeping bag and took a nap at the door of the house. Liu Xiaomin was fast asleep when she suddenly received a call from the property staff. She learned that Jin Bo was sleeping in front of her house. She hurried out to see what happened. Jin Jiajun heard the movement and hurriedly lay down and pretended to sleep.

Liu Xiaomin opened the door and saw Jin Bo, only then did he know that he was sleeping in the corridor, scaring the neighbors who were off the night shift. The neighbor complained to the property, Jin Bo repeatedly explained that the hotel had expired and he had no money to pay the room, so he wanted to stay at Liu Xiaomin’s house for one night. Liu Xiaomin was worried about affecting Jin Jiajun’s rest, and Jin Bo wanted to sleep on the sofa. Jin Jiajun heard the news and asked Jin Bo to sleep with him. Jin Jiajun went online and continued sparring, and Jin Bo stayed beside him because he was too sleepy and fell asleep beside the bed.

Liu Xiaomin prepared breakfast early in the morning, but Jin Jiajun didn’t get up late. Liu Xiaomin called him out to eat, and suddenly received an emergency from the hospital, and Liu Xiaomin hurried over. Jin Bo woke up in a daze and called Jin Jiajun up. The father and son brushed their teeth together. Jin Bo couldn’t help but think of the funny story of them brushing their teeth together in Jiujiang. Jin Jiajun was so sleepy that he couldn’t stand still, and Jin Bo didn’t know that he went to bed until five in the morning. Jin Jiajun transferred 3,000 yuan to Jin Bo, reminding him not to use it indiscriminately.

Jin Bo went to take a bath and told Jin Jiajun to keep the property certificate in the suitcase. Jin Jiajun saw the correspondence between Liu Xiaomin and Teacher Su in the suitcase, and the two discussed poetry and songs in the letter. Jin Bo came out of the shower and found that Jin Jiajun had left for school, so he sat on the sofa and watched TV leisurely.

During the English class, Jin Jiajun was sleepy on the table. Chen Jiajia took the opportunity to secretly photograph him. The teacher called Jin Jiajun up to answer the question. He and Jin Jiajun kept complaining and asked Chen Jiajia to listen to the class carefully. Chen Jiajia was so indifferent to her English foundation that she promised to help Jin Jiajun make up the class, and kept making faces at Jin Jiajun. Jin Jiajun was amused by her and couldn’t help laughing.

Li Ping came to do a pregnancy test and found out that the progesterone was too low and there was a risk of miscarriage. The doctor advised her to stay in bed to protect the miscarriage. Liu Xiaomin told her a lot of precautions. Li Ping asked Liu Xiaomin to do beauty care, and took the opportunity to chat about Chen Zhuo, Li Ping thinks that Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo are a good match, and they have complementary personalities.

Liu Xiaomin came home from get off work and saw Jin Bo cooking in the kitchen. She was very angry and urged Jin Bo to leave as soon as possible. Jin Bo repeatedly asked her for credit, claiming that he had done all the housework. Jin Bo quickly cooked a large table of dishes and warmly greeted Liu Xiaomin to have dinner together. Liu Xiaomin did not allow him to stay here. Jin Bo had to admit that he owed a large amount of foreign debt, and all the creditors went to the hotel. When she hit a wall everywhere, Liu Xiaomin learned that Jin Jiajun also knew about it, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

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