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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 16 Recap

Jin Bo claimed that he wanted to make more money, so that Jin Jiajun could have a better life when he went to college. As a result, he lost everything and owed a foreign debt. Jin Bo put all the blame on Liu Xiaomin, all because of Liu Xiaomin and Su The teacher engaged in extramarital affairs and abandoned their father and son, making him completely unable to raise his head in Jiujiang. Jin Bo wanted to make more money to save face, but the success fell short.

Jin Jiajun just wanted to know if the affair between Liu Xiaomin and Teacher Su was true. Jin Bo swears and swears that the matter is ironclad, and he also has a love letter between Liu Xiaomin and Teacher Su in his hand. Jin Jiajun thought about it again and again and decided to repay the debt for Jin Bo. He sent a message to the third brother overnight to be a sparring partner in professional competitions.

Liu Xiaomin stayed to accompany Liu Xiaojie, Liu Xiaojie spit out bitterness to her, regretted meeting Tong Bing, a mama boy, which made her fear marriage. She envied the love between Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo, but felt that the distance between them For something, Liu Xiaomin suddenly received a message that the hospital had an emergency, and she rushed back immediately.

In the middle of the night, Jin Bo accidentally fell off the sofa, and he went to sleep in Liu Xiaomin’s room in a daze. Liu Xiaomin didn’t go home until the early hours of the morning. When he entered the door, he saw Jin Bo’s shoes and the sofa was in a mess. Liu Xiaomin came to Jin Jiajun’s room and saw him sleeping alone, so he hurried back to his room and found Jin Bo lying on the bed. She was out of breath. Jin Jiajun came to hear the news and explained to Liu Xiaomin again and again.

Jin Jiajun woke up Jin Bo, Jin Bo took the initiative to admit that he wanted to live here, and tried his best to save Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaomin knew that Jin Jiajun and Jin Bo had a deep relationship, but it was really inconvenient for Jin Bo to live here. Jin Jiajun understood her difficulty. Liu Xiaomin got angry and changed all the sheets and quilts, and asked Jin Jiajun to sleep for a while, and promised Jin Bo to finish breakfast before leaving. .

During breakfast, Liu Xiaomin reminded Jin Bo to leave as soon as possible after eating, and then go back to the house to catch up on sleep. Jin Jiajun went to school, and Jin Bo went out with him. When Jin Bo saw the spare key at the door, he secretly hid it in his pocket. Jin Bo lied that he was looking for a job and asked Jin Jiajun to go to school by himself. The sky is clear today, Chen Zhuo drove Chen Jiajia to school early in the morning, Chen Jiajia opened the window, breathed in the breath of nature, and thought about going on a date with her beloved.

Chen Zhuo called and asked Liu Xiaomin to go out for a picnic. Liu Xiaomin was washing clothes and promised to rush over as soon as possible. Jin Bo had nothing to do, and was playing games with the children in the garden downstairs. He saw Liu Xiaomin going out from a distance, and hurriedly opened the door with the key to go home. He went to Liu Xiaomin’s bedroom for a walk, and finally returned to Jin Jiajun’s room to make up for his sleep.

Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin had lunch together in the car, which was unprecedentedly comfortable. Chen Zhuo casually talked about Qian Feng and Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaomin was very optimistic about Qian Feng, and Chen Zhuo also wanted to match Qian Feng and Liu Xiaojie together. Suddenly it rained heavily, Liu Xiaomin remembered that the window at home was open, and her freshly washed clothes were still hanging on the balcony. Chen Zhuo let her go back to work in peace, and promised to help close the window.

Chen Zhuo didn’t dare to delay, he rushed to Liu Xiaomin’s house as soon as possible, closed the window, and washed the clothes on the balcony again. Chen Zhuo came to Liu Xiaomin’s room, lay on her bed and took a deep breath, smelling the familiar smell of Liu Xiaomin . Jin Jiajun suddenly opened the door and went home.

Chen Zhuo was so frightened that he hurried to hide in the bathroom. Jin Jiajun went back to the house and took the earphones to sparring in the Internet cafe. The spare key, Jin Jiajun urged him to leave as soon as possible to avoid being discovered by Liu Xiaomin, Jin Bo did not dare to go back to the hotel, for fear of being blocked by the creditor, Jin Jiajun asked him to leave immediately, Jin Bo wanted to take a shower before leaving, but Jin Jiajun refused to do it and forcibly took him away , Chen Zhuo broke out in a cold sweat in the bathroom.

Chen Jiajia called Jin Jiajun and urged him to come to class as soon as possible. Jin Bo grabbed the phone and lied that Jin Jiajun would accompany him to see the house, but Chen Jiajia didn’t ask any more questions. Jin Jiajun is going to sparring in an Internet cafe, urging Jin Bo to find a job as soon as possible. Jin Jiajun came home very late, he was exhausted, Liu Xiaomin greeted him, Jin Jiajun made excuses to deal with it, Liu Xiaomin urged him to rest quickly. The third brother was very satisfied with Jin Jiajun’s performance today, and transferred him a deposit of 3,000 yuan overnight.

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