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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 15 Recap

Chen Zhuo revealed that Qian Feng was going to confess to Liu Xiaojie tonight. Liu Xiaomin also saw that Qian Feng liked Liu Xiaojie, but he didn’t understand why he said it today. To Liu Xiaojie, lied that she and Chen Zhuo were temporarily unable to make an appointment.

Today is a Q&A class. Jin Jiajun asked the teacher to ask questions. Chen Jiajia kept waiting for him to finish and wanted to have dinner with him. Unexpectedly, Jin Bo suddenly came to Jin Jiajun and offered to invite them both to dinner. During the meal, Qian Feng helped Liu Xiaojie peel the shrimp, Xu Zheng was very dissatisfied, Liu Xiaojie asked Xu Zheng to eat shrimp with her, Qian Feng felt sour. The owner of the restaurant invited customers to sing on stage.

Qian Feng took the initiative to sing a song, which he wanted to give to a friend he had known for more than ten years. Finally, Qian Feng brought a rose and wanted to confess to Liu Xiaojie. Xu Zheng deliberately put the shrimp juice. When it splashed into his eyes, Liu Xiaojie wiped it for him. Seeing this scene, Qian Feng had to bite the bullet and finish the song.

Xu Zheng saw that Qian Feng wanted to confess to Liu Xiaojie, and hurriedly admitted that he liked Liu Xiaojie. Qian Feng just wanted to stay by Liu Xiaojie’s side silently, so that she could be freed from her failed marriage as soon as possible. Xu Zheng claimed that he could heal Liu Xiaojie’s pain. Feng felt ashamed and had to make concessions, he gave the flower to Liu Xiaojie.

After the meal, Xu Zheng sent Liu Xiaojie home and apologized for his abrupt confession today. Liu Xiaojie had not come out of the previous marriage and did not want to start a new relationship. Xu Zheng promised to wait for her. Liu Xiaomin came to see Liu Xiaojie, Xu Zheng hurriedly found an excuse to leave, and promised to pick up Liu Xiaojie for work tomorrow morning. Liu Xiaojie insisted on taking a taxi by himself, and Xu Zheng had to give up.

Liu Xiaomin revealed that Qian Feng was going to confess to Liu Xiaojie tonight, and that the girlfriends that Qian Feng said were fake, Liu Xiaojie suddenly realized. Xu Zheng asked the courier to bring Liu Xiaojie a late-night snack and a large bouquet of roses. Liu Xiaomin curiously asked about their relationship. Liu Xiaojie felt that she and Xu Zheng were five years apart in age, and she had just divorced, so she really didn’t want to fall in love for the time being. Liu Xiaojie was in a mess. , wanted Liu Xiaomin to stay and have a good chat with her, Liu Xiaomin agreed.

At the same time, Qian Feng came to Chen Zhuo to complain. He witnessed Xu Zheng confessing to Liu Xiaojie, and felt that he was completely out of the game. Chen Zhuo came out and said, taking his pursuit of Liu Xiaomin as an example, and encouraged Qian Feng to come out as soon as possible to find more The girl who suits him, Qian Feng looked for Liu Xiaojie, Chen Zhuo encouraged him to cry, but why couldn’t he cry.

Chen Jiajia heard that Jin Bo was still living in a hotel and offered to help him find a house. Liu Xiaomin suddenly called Jin Jiajun. Jin Bo learned that Liu Xiaomin would not be back tonight and would stay to take care of Liu Xiaojie for a few days. He immediately moved Xiao Jiujiu. Chen Jiajia took a taxi home, and Jin Jiajun reluctantly said goodbye to her. Jin Bo saw that Chen Jiajia and Jin Jiajun were dating, and Jin Jiajun begged him not to tell Liu Xiaomin about it.

Jin Bo wanted to go home and be with Jin Jiajun, but Jin Jiajun could not be the master. Jin Bo excused himself not to leave the property certificate in the hotel and asked Jin Jiajun to follow him to get it. Chen Jiajia went home happily and saw Qian Feng borrowing wine at her house because of his lovelorn. Chen Jiajia heard that Qian Feng had made a lot of girlfriends, so she asked him for the secrets of love, and Qian Feng asked her what kind of man the girl liked. ,

Chen Jiajia listed the criteria that girls like one by one, and encouraged Qian Feng to boldly pursue the girl he liked. Chen Zhuo didn’t want to listen to Chen Jiajia’s rhetoric, and asked her to go back to the house to study.

Jin Bo followed Jin Jiajun home and collapsed on the sofa. Jin Jiajun was in a hurry to do the test paper, so he had to let him rest for a while. Jin Bo saw Liu Xiaomin drinking the remaining half of the bottle of wine and wanted to drink it, but Jin Jiajun firmly refused. Chen Zhuo sent Qian Feng away, and came back to find Chen Jiajia’s theory, suspecting that she was in love, Chen Jiajia wanted to rent the old house to a friend, but Chen Zhuo did not agree to rent it to an acquaintance, worried that it would bring a lot of trouble, Chen Jiajia had to give up.

Jin Jiajun came out of the bath and saw that Jin Bo had finished drinking the bottle of wine. He was very angry. Jin Bo also asked Jin Jiajun to accompany him to drink the last cup. Jin Jiajun found it hard to swallow. , He wanted to stay overnight for the night, but Jin Jiajun was entangled but had to agree to let him leave early tomorrow, so as not to be discovered by Liu Xiaomin, Jin Bo drank two glasses of medicinal wine in one breath.

Jin Bo vomited bitterness to Jin Jiajun through the wine, afraid of not paying off the foreign debts, Jin Jiajun promised to go to work tomorrow, Jin Bo apologized to him again and again, but Jin Jiajun comforted him instead.

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